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I work in a food shop, and a lady brought in her service dog. I asked her if it was a service dog, and she got snippy saying it was illegal to ask if her dog was a service dog. I know she was wrong, but there any situation where it is illegal to ask?

Not in the US. You are legally allowed to ask two questions: Is it a service dog, and what job does it do. Those two are federally protected. 

lifeandconfessionsofanerd  asked:

Do you know how to get your section to stop seeing you as their friend for one hour? Since it's my first year as section leader, and I've tried everything. I try to take sectionals seriously, because our last section leader was 1st chair in everything life(band, all-county, college) so everyone saw her as a section leader first before friend, or they they at least respected her. I love my section very much, but I want to cry every night thinking that I never be seen as section leader to them.

I really don’t know how to help, unfortunately. In marching band I was never section leader, and when I was first chair in a concert band one year in high school it was because I was a senior and the rest of the flute section was all sophomores and freshmen that I had never met before.

What worked for our marching band section leader one year was just getting down and being really tough (unfortunately this kind of forced her to cast herself in a mean light when in fact she was one of the sweetest people I knew).

Hopefully the followers might have some advice, I hope people can chime in with some of their own comments.