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“How about we have a normal dinner, just you and me, no parents, no code words, no pretense?”

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btw have I told y'all how my uncle told my that Moritz is doing well in University and it took me some time to remember that my cousin is called Moritz and that he wasn’t talking about Moritz Stiefel? bcus that happened

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But Noct's kid, even if they're older, they still have their odd napping habits just because they find adulting so hard, lmao. Like, when they need to make important life decisions, they'll just go, "Wait a sec, I need to sleep on this first. Literally." just so they can consult with Papa Noctis. 🙃

Their mom just looks on as the kid walks into the house and flops down face-first on the couch. She hears snores and already knows what’s up.

#2JaBt1 (Jughead Week, Day 3)

Hi all. This would be my somewhat unusual attempt at a coming out scene, in which we see Jughead Jones coming out as aro-ace to… himself? What’s going on?

As some of you may have gathered, this is an excerpt from chapter 2 of my (somewhat crack-y) Riverdale crossover fic, Two Jugheads are Better than One, in which the comic book version of Jughead encounters the TV show version of himself. Needless to say, they are not quite sure what to make of each other at first.

This chapter is told from comic!Jughead’s POV.

Read the rest of the story here on Ao3, where I will be posting the other chapters very soon. Enjoy!

Jughead couldn’t help but wonder what was bothering this guy, who was just sitting there, a mere three feet away from him with the beanie pulled down over his ears, but it seemed more like a million miles. He also hadn’t eaten any of the fries Jughead had offered him, which was practically a travesty.

“So,” he said to keep the conversation going. “I’ve been going into all the other timelines to stop myself from making terrible mistakes.”

“Uh huh. So, kind of like Sliders, but without all the awful dystopias?” the other Jughead asked, seemingly intrigued, but failing to hide his boredom.

“I dunno,” said Jughead. “Have you even seen the world you’re living in? There is a murderer on the loose in Riverdale. Everyone here looks miserable. Heck, even the sky looks darker. Totally a dystopia.”

“Come on, man. We’ve had like, one murder.”

“Yeah, and it’s one murder too many.”

“So is that what you’ve been doing in all the other worlds? Solving murders?”

“No, but that would be awesome. So far it’s just been things like when in one timeline, I stopped myself joining the football team. And in another case, I intervened to save the Jones family from a fate worse than death…” Jughead paused for emphasis. “Living in Ohio.”

“That does sound terrifying,” the other Jughead said, and he still didn’t sound like he really meant it.

Something had to be troubling him if it was making him act this distant. Why is it so hard to get through to someone who is literally me? Jughead thought.

“Listen man, is something wrong?” he said to his other self.

“Nah, it just… what you’re saying sounds fascinating and all. But, is there any way you can prove if you really are me?”

It was a diversion tactic on the part of his double, but Jughead decided to go ahead and indulge him.

“Oh, that’s easy,” he said. “I’ll just tell you anything and everything I know about Jughead Jones.”

“I guess this could be interesting,” said the other one, who was at last beginning to ease out of his gloominess.

Jughead checked that he had the full attention of his double. Then he began.

“Okay, well for starters, your— I mean our full name is Forsythe Pendleton Jo—”

“Shhh! Not so loud! People can hear you.”

“You really hate it that much?”

“I don’t hate it,” said the other Jughead. “It just reminds me too much of my dad.”

“Why? What did he do, Juggie?”

“Lots of things. Doesn’t matter? And what’s with you suddenly calling me Juggie?”

“It’s a thing of beauty,” Jughead explained. “Juggie - the nickname of a nickname. And since I don’t often refer to myself in third person, I almost never get the chance to use it.”

“I know but… no one calls me that except Mom and…”

He trailed off. Jughead was sure the next word out of his mouth was going to be Dad, but instead he saw the other boy mouthing the name Betty. That made very little sense to him. Why would Betty have semi-exclusive access to the nickname? He could worry about that later, perhaps. For now he just decided to ignore it and carry on.

“Anyway, you act real dumb in class, but your IQ is 117.”

“A lucky guess.”

“Your Gmail password is JanuaryMcAndrew5. You have no idea why you chose it. It came to you in a dream.”

“Not even close.”

Somehow his other self was still not buying it. So Jughead decided to bring out the big guns.

“Okay, so before moving to Riverdale, you were kinda, sorta in love with Joanie Jumpp. Y’know, from kindergarten? But you were like, four.”

The other Jughead squinted at him.

“Who told you that?”

“As you got older however, the more you learned about girls and boys and dating and… romance, the more you realized you want absolutely nothing to do with it. And most other kids didn’t get that, but you swear you’ve been aromantic since before you knew there was a word for it. You’re also pretty sure you’re also asexual as well.”

Jughead realized his heart was pounding far more than it should, like he was 12 again and having this conversation with his parents. It only then occurred to him that it was perhaps the strangest coming out talk in his entire life.

“Wait, back up a sec. I’m a what?”

“Asexual,” Jughead began to explain. “It means you don’t experience sexual attrac— WAIT, you mean to tell me you don’t know?!”

“No-no, that other word you used.”

“Oh, aromantic. That’s where you don’t experience romantic attract— WAIT, you mean you didn’t know about that one either?!?”


Jughead didn’t answer, but his wide-eyed expression was making look even more comical than he usually looked. His other self spoke again.

“Why is this such a big deal?”

“I dunno, man. Being aromantic is just such a Jughead thing. I kinda figure it would be a constant in every universe, like Archie being a redhead, or burgers being delicious.”

The other Jughead stared right on past him. The full reality of that word he’d said was just beginning to sink in.

If you liked this work, why not read the entire first chapter on Ao3? I’ll also be posting something else to @jugheadweek in the next day or so.