life: gpoy


I was tagged by @unofficeleriac and @pos to post 7 selfies! Sorry my lazy ass took like a week to post 😊

I’m not sure who has/hasn’t done it so anybody feel free to post and tag me.


Still lying here after playing some dead by Daylight. Still waiting for my dream man to come defeat me in combat so that he has the right to request a date from me. Still showing off one of the things not currently in my life in the last picture that make me happy. (I got free VIP tickets to Ed Sheeran and my friend and I were showing off.)

Still thicc, still working through the days till I go to Vancouver to see my best friend for 9 days.

The fabulous @lovelikesummer tagged me for SDS. I may have taken it a bit too literally as I just got home from work and bjj training. Sooo many omo-platas tonight 👊. But so le tired 😴. Onwards however to start making up the mural for state conference though so no sleep for Jarred just yet 😥.
We’ll tag the usuals of the Australian educhum gang for funsies @dwendog @hwenfayre @harmonymelody @hisnamewasbeanni