What made me smile this week:

Sunday: Anna arrived this evening with two surprises for me: buffalo chicken mac and cheese and chocolate raspberry iced coffee. Her kindness made me smile.

Monday: I’m wearing a new pair of jeans today. I hate winter with an intense passion, but every year I have a few days of excitement about wearing long pants again. It made me smile, but give it a month and I’ll be begging for shorts weather.

Tuesday: My cat, Roxy, brought a dead bird to the back door today, causing Sarah to have an existential crisis about the meaning of life.

Wednesday: On our way home from a speaking engagement near Harrisburg, Erinn and Sarah miraculously held a conversation for the entire two hour drive, discussing nothing more than recipes they wanted to try someday. It amazed (and bored) me, and it made me smile.

Thursday: FOOTBALL IS BACK! So much smiling.

Friday: My neighbor, for no other reason than because he’s the coolest guy ever, brought me a few Adult Beverages to sample this afternoon. It made me smile.

Saturday: I came down with some kind of bug last night. Tiny fever. Coughing up phlegm. The kind of thing that could develop into a very bad illness for me. I went to the doctor this morning, and was pleased to hear her say my lungs sounded clear. It made me smile, and hopefully these antibiotics will clear up anything that may have been developing inside of me.

What made you smile this week?