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Washington: Is there anyone here who’s actually straight?

Hercules: *slowly raises his hand*

Lafayette: *pulls Hercules hand down*

I’m still waiting for the “lol you suckers actually thought this was it? Hell no, see you in the fall” post from Julie.
And I think it’ll be a long waiting.

I realize that this is just a venting blog right now and that I’m just a little hormonal so everything is pissing me off, but honestly, the only thing worse than listening to my mom tell the same stories over and over is having to listen to my sister complain to me about those stories.

but what even is the point of defenders if colleen doesn’t spend the whole time constantly pissing matt off by fussing at everything about his fighting style

i refuse to believe that colleen wing, Dedicated Sensei, wouldn’t be absolutely horrified by the way matt butchers actual technique in favor of this boxing/throwing his weight around/vague martial arts mashup

rt if u wanna scream

Haikyuu on a field trip... idek
  • Sugamama: WHERE'S YAMAGUCHI?!
  • Everyone: *searches*
  • Tanaka: *nudges Tsukishima*
  • Tsukishima: *sigh* i'm so worthless
  • Sugamama: oh there he is

My favorite otayuri headcanon is Yuri “Has Zero Chill and Also Doesn’t Know How Friendship Works” Plisetsky believing every coupley thing he and Otabek do is “ because they’re friends.”

Like, Otabek’s like, why are you putting another straw in my smoothie and Yuri’s like YOU WON’T DRINK OUT OF THE SAME CUP AS ME AT THE SAME TIME? AND YOU CALL YOURSELF MY FRIEND??

Otayuri are holding hands. “Why wouldn’t I hold his hand when he’s my friend??”

Yuri sitting on Otabek’s lap in first class. Flight attendant is like um, we’re in turbulence, you need to return to your seat. “WE HAVE TO WATCH THE MOVIE TOGETHER BECAUSE WE’RE FRIENDS.”

I’m talking like, the two of them could be sharing a one-bedroom apartment, sleeping in the same bed every night, and Yuri would still think it’s “because he has a friend.”

And Otabek thinks it’s so cute that he doesn’t even point it out until they’re like, engaged or something