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This is awfully specific but I really like how you write the girls’ upbringing. With VM being very hands-on parents with them (obviously they would be), but also how they read books and play outside and such. Where I work, I see families all the time and parents will just give kids a tablet to distract them. Today I literally saw a baby with an iPhone. I’m not a grandma who frowns on tech or anything and I’m not shaming these people of course, but I like how you don’t have them doing that.

I didn’t intentionally write them that way, but I also did notice! It’s cause their parents aren’t too technologically savy (esp their father), so they didn’t grow up that way. But of course they still have a social media life later on, like Maddie with her instagram.


In a few weeks, Noah is going to be a five and a half. Where did time go? I go back and forth of wanting them to stay young forever, and also enjoying the things we can do now that they are getting older. The kids are about two years and 3 months apart, and they are at the point where they pretty much want to do everything together. 

Yesterday it became official. With a bunk bed built last night, they now get to share a room. Noah usually ends up in our bed after he wakes up in the middle night to go to the bathroom. Last night, he told me it was OK. That he wanted to go back into his room because it is super cool and Maddie was in there. 

I wanted to put this down on my little corner of the internet, because I want to remind Noah and Maddie of the time in their lives when each other was their whole world. They are going to go on and have their own lives, but I hope they always can come back to their first best friend. With every victory, and even bump in the road, they always know they have each other. 

Heartbreaker. ( I )

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Pairing: Billy x reader

Warning: cussing because i have a natural foul mouth… sorry.


* present day= 1980s/ stranger things time

*Italics are memories (i.e 13 years old BACK TO NORMAL TEXT.)

*Bolds are exaggerated words or expressions


Present day

You were furious with him. Billy had finally came back to California for good, and the only thing you wanted to do most was spend time with him. You missed your bestfriend and would kill to see him, but all he wanted to do was party, fuck, and fight. This Billy was not the Billy you knew, and honestly you were disgusted. 

“Billy, what girl hurt you this bad to cause you to just break hearts and take name, and treat them like shit?! This is not the Billy Hargrove I knew.” You raise your voice, the argument was getting heated and this time you demanded an answer instead of him just ignoring you.

You kept prying him for an answer until he finally snapped. “IT WAS YOU DAMMIT. YOU CAUSED THIS. YOU BROKE MY HEART OVER AND OVER AND I STILL WENT AFTER YOU. SO FUCKING PATHETIC.” He yelled, tears threatening to spill from his electric blue eyes.

You took a step back, surprised by his answer. How could any of this be your fault? You didn’t do anything to him. “You think it’s my fault?! How in the hell have I broken your heart numerous times when we were never a thing?”

“Oh, shall I go back in time from day one?” He asks rhetorically. “All the way from when I first met you at 13?” You couldn’t believe he had gone that far back. To you this was petty and he was just looking for lame excuses to justify why he blamed you.

“Please enlighten me, William.” You call him by his legal name and throw your hands into the air.


13 years old

“So you like queen?” Billy asks you, as the both of you sat on the green grass of his front lawn. You knew you should’ve been helping your parents and Billy’s parents with the boxes and furniture for your new house, but your mom told you to “go become friends with the nice boy next door”.

You were new in the neighborhood, but Billy already knew you from 3rd period english. He had the sweetest crush on you, and you were completely oblivious to it. He thought the way your (y/h/c) locks made your eyes stand out was just to die for. Then again, at 13 everyone’s hormones were developing so they couldn’t tell the difference between what was cute and what was just… weird.

“Yeah, mom listens to them all the time. Dad doesn’t care for them as much. He’s more of an Elvis guy…” you say and take a pause, causing an awkward silence. Billy didn’t really know how to make conversation with you, he was trying to find something to say that might impress you, then it finally came to him.

“Hey, come inside. I got something to show you.” He says and jumps up quickly, dusting the grass off of his legs. Billy held out a hand to help you up and the minute your small soft hand touched his, his heart leaped. The two of you look at each other and yank each others hands away quickly.

“Thanks,” you mutter and tuck a strand of hair behind your ear. “Now, what’s this thing you have to show me?” You remind him and he snaps back into reality.

“Oh yeah, follow me.” He says and slides the glass door to his house open, guiding you in. The sound of flip flops clacking against the floor signaled to his mom that they were inside.

“Billy, is that you?” His mom asked as she walked into the living room. Her apron was tied to her body, blond curly hair flew everywhere from the heat, and her blue eyes seemed so welcoming to you. You could definitley tell which parent Billy most favored. “Billy, do you want to introduce me to your friend here?” She asks him and smiled at you shooting you a quick wink.

“Oh yeah, this is y/n. She’s new next door and you already met her parents.” He poorly greeted you. His mom just smiled at you and introduced herself to you.

“I’m sorry, I’m Janet, Billy’s mother. I was just trying to get Billy to be more manerable around our new guest.” She says to you and sends a quick eyebrow raise to Billy. You just laugh slightly and tell her that you understood.

Billy stood nervous and tapped his feet on the ground. “So what are you kiddos up to?” She asks and pours the two of you a cold glass of lemonade. You politely take the glass and held it with two hands, careful not to spill it on their nice clean carpet.

“Well, I was just going to show y/n my birthday present that you guys got me. She actually likes the same music that I do, so I thought she’d might be interested.” He explains and pointed to his bedroom down the hall.

“That’s fine, just make sure not to keep running in and out of the house. I’m trying to keep it cool in here.” She says and fans herself from the summer heat beating through the windows.

Before she could even finish her sentence Billy yelled a “thanks mom” and ran down the hall to his room, you followed in suit. Janet laughed at the two of you and continued to help with the moving process.

“So this is what I wanted to show you.” Billy said and carefully displayed his beautiful black 1970 Gibson Les Paul. You gazed at it in awe and went to touch it but gave billy a look of confirmation first. He nodded and smiled as you sat on the bed with it, as if you were holding an infant.

Billy sat next to you and showed you where to place your fingers and how to hold it properly. “So you really know how to play this thing, Hargrove?” You asked and looked over to him.

“Yeah, I’m learning some stuff here and there.” He said and shrugged humbly. Billy was actually very good at guitar but he was shy when it came to showing people his talent.

“Well, you have to show me what you got someday.” You say and smile at him. His blue eyes beamed and the happiness radiated between the two of you. The both of you had finally found a friend in each other.

It had been a couple of months since that day and you two had become the best of friends. But Billy’s crush on you had only grown more. Sure you guys were only 13, but he just thought you were so pretty. He also hadn’t had his first kiss yet, and he really wanted that kiss to be you.

Zee, Billy’s friend since kindergarten kept telling him to grow a pair and for him to tell you how he felt already, but Billy couldn’t find the nerve. He just became your friend and he didn’t want things to be different between the two of you.

“Dude, you’ve got to tell her. I heard Ryder was going to ask her out soon. You’ve gotta make a move.” Zeke pep talked Billy. Ryder Taylor was the best basketball player at you guys’ middle school and he knew that you’d fall for him.

“Dude, if Ryder already-” Billy starts to down himself but zeke snapped him out of it.

“Billy, I’ve got the perfect idea. You guys like the same music right? Why don’t you play her a song on your guitar? She’d love it.” Zee says and Billy gave him the biggest high five ever.

“Thats brilliant. I’ve gotta get home now!” Billy said and rushed to his bike in the school parking lot and raced home.

Riffs echoed in Billy’s room and his mom took this as the perfect opportunity to make another home video.

“So its october 11th, 1979 and Billy is in his room practicing his guitar that we got him for his birthday last year.” Janet smiled and focused the camera in on him.

“Mom?!” Billy jumped and turned red. He always got nervous when the spotlight was on him. He quickly put away his guitar and Janet turned the camera off.

“Why’d you stop? It was sounding great. I haven’t heard you play that thing in almost a year, why all of a sudden did you decide to pick it up again?” She asked and sat next to Billy.

Billy’s head hung low, immediatley answering her question. He didn’t want to admit to his mom that he had a crush on you, but to be honest… she knew the day that you moved in that he had a crush on you. She just decided to stay quiet about it and let it run its course.

She saw how you brought out Billy’s ambitious side. How you made him smile more. He wasn’t as shy as he used to be. Maybe having you as a friend was the best thing Billy could have received.

“I see. Well, I think you should go show her now before it’s too late.” She said and nudged his shoulder. Billy looked up at his mom and smiled, grabbing his guitar back up and wrapping it around his shoulder.

“I’ll be back.” He said and ran next door. He could hear the ring of the doorbell echo in your house when he pressed the button. He was greeted by your mother who had bobby pins and hair ties in her hands.

“Is y/n around?” He asked and rubbed the back of his neck nervously.

“Yeah, I’ll tell her you’re here.” Your mom said and called for you. When you arrive at your front door, you see Billy with his guitar, that you loved so much, wrapped around him and his hopeful eyes locked with your (y/e/c) ones.

“Hey, B.” You smiled and closed the front door behind you. You could see the nervousness spread amongst his rosy cheeks. He looked at you in awe. You had a pretty orange dress on and your hair was braided back. Billy had never seen you in a dress before so this was new to him, the tomboy best friend he had acquired was wearing a dress and for the first time he didn’t see you as pretty, he saw you as beautiful. “Billy?” You asked and snapped him out of his trance.

“Sorry. I just wanted to play for you. I remember you told me that you wanted to hear me play someday so… I guess today is that day.” He said nervously, retreving the guitar that hung on his back and placed his fingers on the right chords.

You smiled at him as he played one of your favorite Fleetwood Mac songs. You always knew that Billy was talented but you never knew just how talented he was. His voice was smooth like waves in the ocean, his confidence beamed out of him when he hit that guitar solo between the choruses, and you, you had pride in him greater than any other.

“Billy, that was amazing!” You clapped and hugged him, wrapping your arms around his neck. Billy smiled and rested his chin on your head as you squeezed him tight.

“So you really liked it?” He asked looking down at you as you pulled away from the hug. You nodded and repeated how great he was over and over like a broken record. “Y/n, I was wondering-” he starts but was interrupted by your mother calling for you, telling you that if you didn’t hurry, you were going to be late.

“Where are you going?” Billy asked and knit his eyebrows in confusion. His heart thudded out of his chest preparing to hear the words he’d never wanted to hear that week.

“My dad is taking Ryder and I to the movies tonight. We’re going to see that new action movie um- oh what’s the name of it.” You said trying to recall the title of the movie.

Billy’s heart sank to his feet and the lump grew in his throat. Ryder beat him to it, he beat him to the girl he wanted most and at 13 that felt like a tidal wave of emotions crashing down, leaving all of the debris in its path. “Mad Max.” He said lowly, trying to hide his heartbreak.

“Yeah that one. Thanks. Now what were you trying to tell me?” You remind him and try to hurry back to your dad.

“I forgot. But hey, go have fun I don’t want to make you late.” He lied to you, trying to sound cheerful. He didn’t want to occupy your thoughts the whole time you were with Ryder. He knew that if anything, you’d want him to be happy for you, and as a friend he was going to stick to that duty.

“I’ll tell you all about it tomorrow, alright?” You say and wave goodbye to him as you ran back into your house, leaving a heartbroken Billy standing on your front lawn.

Billy walked back into his house with his head hung low and tears forming in his eyes. He kept comparing himself to Ryder in his head and seeing that Ryder had no competition compared to him, it made him feel shitty. Real shitty.

“So how’d it go? Did she like it? Did you tell her how you felt?” His mom came into his room quietly and placed his guitar on the stand next to his desk. Billy laid on his bed and turned his body away from her to face the window. Billy didn’t like to cry and he definitley didn’t like it when people saw him cry. His father always reminded him that “boys don’t cry” so he truly tried hard not to, but this was his first heartbreak and it was earth shattering to him.

“She liked it…. but I can’t tell her. She has a date tonight.” He said and sniffles escaped his nose here and there. 

“Oh, honey, It’ll be alright. She’s still your friend right?” Janet asked pulling Billy into her side, him laying his head on her shoulder. 

“Yeah she is.” He said, but he knew that wasn’t going to heal the piece that was just ripped from his heart. 


Present Day

“and that’s where it all started.” Billy exclaimed. 

You pinched the bridge of your nose and sighed. “Billy, we were 13 and I only had one date with him.” You argued trying to stop the case before it started. You were 13, things were harmless back then. It’s not like that was the moment you found the love of your life or anything. At least for you it wasn’t.

Billy looked into your eyes and didn’t care if other families visiting the beach at night heard you guys. You two were here for hours, you came here to talk this out and you weren’t leaving until you were finished.  

“Yeah, well that one date was my first heartbreak and it set the path for me, y/n. remember when we were 16?” He asked starting his next story. 

My Story...

Do you guys see the hearts in the corner of my shirt? That’s Maddie. Maddie Grace Potts. She was a girl in my grade, and a very inspirational young woman. She was captain of the lacrosse team, co-captain of the soccer team, she ran track and on top of that she was an incredible artist. On September 23, 2017, she died on the soccer field she loved so much. She was revived and rushed to Woman and Infants hospital in Providence, RI. At 12:21 September 24, 2017, she passed away due to an unexpected brain aneurism. Everyone left the hospital believing she was okay. This was the most unexpected death that I have ever seen. Months later, our entire senior class is still shaking at this tragedy. Maddie was not only one of the best athletes, but she was also one of the kindest souls at Chariho High School. It’s hard to see someone so perfect pass away at such a young age. When I was a little girl, I watched my uncle hang himself. My father was an alcoholic and would hit, burn and drown me when I was disobedient, on top of sexual abuse I still can’t talk about today. I quickly learned how to fend for myself, and was cooking by the age of 5. I was kidnapped February 16, 2006 and was not reunited with my mom until days later when she flew all the way out to Florida with my uncle to bring me home. When I tell people that it was my father who kidnapped me, they shrug it off and think nothing of it. But it was the scariest moment of my life. I not only was in a car with the man I feared, but was also faced with some of the scariest life or death moments of my life. Between driving on the wrong side of the road on the freeway, to having my head hung out the window of the truck, to my father trying to run cops off the road I was relieved when he was caught. But I was also terrified. Would he blame me? Would he be gone for good or would he come back and harm me further? I watched a cop pull a gun to my fathers head, and I swear to God I almost broke down then and there. I was in a “safe home” for a few days. But that house was not very safe. The only nice person there was a brother, whose name I cannot remember. Then when I came back, I lived with my mom and her boyfriend, who was the world’s biggest dick. He still is. He would take the license plates off my mom’s car, would lock up food for himself, and when my younger brother and sister were born (they’re twins) he told me I was not to touch their toys, because I would poison them… I was 5. He left, and years later my mother met my step father. He was in the Army, and suffered unimaginable horror. He had ran over a bomb in an oil truck and the truck exploded. He suffered 2nd and 3rd degree burns, traumatic brain injury as well as a severe case of PTSD. But he didn’t let that stop him. Until Good Friday of 2011. He was on his way to work on his new motorcycle, his first day, when he was hit with a truck. The only thing holding his leg on was the muscle and skin. He had only ¼ of his kneecap left, 18 ½ inches of titanium steel put in his leg, and when his leg healed, not only could he not bend it, but it was ½ inch shorter than the other. He had multiple surgeries, including rebreaking the knee and it being in a machine that bent it for him, taking the steel out of his knee, to having MRCA removed from a huge portion of his knee. He eventually went to the VA hospital in Providence, RI and had the leg amputated. Now i’m not new to knee problems. I have a bone spur in my knee due to various injuries, and no surgery can be done (on top of being anemic and having dislocated tendons in my right arm). So I know what he was thinking when he had it taken off. My mother was by his side throughout the whole surgery. But she was by his side so much that she put him before us. At age 14 I was kicked out until I was “allowed” back in the house, and this was because I was scared to go home one day and DCYF came to the house. Then one day, he left. July 7, 2015, he went to work and didn’t come home. It tore my family almost in two. It caused so much stress on my mother that she became verbally abusive. She still is at times, but we have grown from it a bit. She works 60+ hours a week doing numerous jobs including CNA and home cleaning, and is in college to be an RN. So i’m home with my siblings. My sister, Naomi is epileptic and has ADHD. My brother suffers from severe anxiety that is crippling to his home life. They are literally little cyclones. They make huge messes and do not clean them. So I have to. On top of dishes, making food, doing laundry and taking care of our 3 goats, 3 chickens, two bunnies, two birds a cat and a dog. So as you can imagine, I have a lot to do. But on top of that, i’m an honor roll student in honors classes, in school to be an EMT, taking a college level English class, and have my CNA and CPR/AED license. I do not work anymore because I have so much home responsibility. So as you can hopefully imagine, there is a lot of stress in my life. But when Maddie died, it sent me over the edge. I didn’t talk, I didn’t eat, I didn’t drink. I was at a point so low in my life that I wanted nothing to do with anyone. I had contemplated suicide multiple times, and was actually in the midst of planning my departure. But I got a YouTube notification that changed my life. The twins had uploaded their Road Trip video, and I decided I wanted to watch that last video before I died. That video saved my life. It sounds cliche but that video gave me the will to live. I wanted to be someone Grayson and Ethan would be proud of. And to this day, whenever I feel overwhelmed with life, or I find myself thinking about Maddie, I watch that video. Maddie has and always will be my guardian angel. It’s like she was looking down and went “are you dumb? you can’t die” and made me watch the video. it sounds weird I know, and sometimes I doubt it myself. But it gave me the strength to keep fighting. And here I am today, still fighting. Thanks to not only Maddie, but most importantly, Grayson and Ethan. I know they won’t see this post, and that’s alright. But I just wanted to show my appreciation for these two goofballs and hope that everyone knows just how special they really are. Thank you Gray and E. You saved my life. 💞💞💞

Lines EVERYONE remembers from The Suite Life of Zack and Cody

Cody: The box said it would be a honey mist auburn!
Zack: Well, honey, you missed auburn big time.


London: When you stay at the… The…
Mr. Moseby: It’s your name!
London: Oh! When you stay at the London!


Mr. Moseby: How do you lose a woman?!
Cody: You forget to cherish her.


Cody: What role are you hoping to get?
Maddie: Sharpay. You know, a lot of people tell me I look just like the girl who plays her.
Cody: Really? I don’t see it.

Zack: So Maddie, what part are you trying out for?
Maddie: Hello?! Sharpay! People say I look just like her!
Zack: Really? I don’t see it.

Director: Good job, Cody. You know, you even kind of look like Zac Efron?
Maddie: And I don’t look like Ashley Tisdale? You people are all crazy!




Joshua Phillips was convicted in July 1999 of murdering his 8-year-old neighbor, Maddie Clifton in November 1998, when he was only 14 years old.  After he accidentally hit her with a baseball while they were playing, Joshua repeatedly hit her with a baseball bat and stabbed her with a knife until she was dead because he was afraid of getting in trouble. He then stuffed her under his waterbed. His mother soon discovered her body and reported it to police. Joshua was sentenced to life without parole. 

‏@conniebritton: Thank you Rayna Jaymes. For your magic and your dignity. And thank you to all the creators of Rayna Jaymes, for there were many. Callie Khouri, who gave her life. Deacon, Maddie, Daphne, who shaped her as her family. Teddy, Tandy, Lamar too. Juliette, Scarlett, Bucky and the ones who crafted her into a business woman. Along with countless other compatriots and combatants. And then of course the crew of “Nashville" who brought her to life, every crew member in every department who made Rayna live each week.
  And then there’s the music. T Bone, Buddy, Tim, Frankie and all the brilliant songwriters who gave Rayna a voice. There was no music, and no Rayna, without you.
  But finally and most importantly, the fans. You made Rayna. You supported her and loved her and gave her inspiration just as she was able to inspire you. You were the energy source, the power behind her heart and soul and life. Rayna lived for you. And, from the depths of my heart, I thank you, for her and for me. It has been an honor to be a part of that creation. And as I know she would want it, the show must, and will go on. Long live Rayna Jaymes. #RIPRayna #NashvilleCMT

You basically hit the nail on the head- honestly, I couldn’t care much about her dating Thomas- cause like, its their dating life, do what they want- but heres the thing: Dove’s love life came into Liv and Maddie before- as when Miggie reunited in a really unhealthy way, Dove was with Diggies actor then- meaning it felt like Dove cant let her characters be characters.

But D2 came along and confirmed Bal was true love, plus D1 confirmed Mal never had a boyfriend and doesn’t know what its like- meaning Huma was ready to set sail with Harrys and Umas history and chemistry lighting the way- but then of course…..Dove made a headcannon that not only did Mal and Harry date before the incident on Uma but that Harry joined Uma cause of being heartbroken, and not cause he was Umas oldest friend- she also said they had tattoos together and essentially said they had chemistry and tension in D2…..I mean, if you think Harry threatening Mal with a hook is sexual tension…..

Like…..heres the problems of Dove saying this: her stans followed and started shipping Marry, and in the process trashed Uma and Huma in favour of not only Mal but also the white ship of Harry X Mal- Uma X Harry would not only be good because it makes sense but also cause its a interracial ship, we need more of those then ever nowadays, but people literally would rather white ship 2.0 over this just because a actress made a headcannon- basically what TheThings was doing in there ‘we need a excuse to trash Uma and praise Mal for the little things’ video.

Canon problems: the incident was when they were KIDS- Harry would not be hung over a relationship at the age of late teens currently that he had as a kid, Harry is Uma’s oldest friend confirmed and was there for her throughout her bullying and harassment, Harry is Uma’s first mate, Mal confirmed she never had a boyfriend in D1 alone and Harry wouldn’t be on the crew if he dated Mal- Uma wouldn’t allow that.

Essentially, as much as I wanna just leave this alone cause we all make headcannons…..there is a huge problem with this one now not only due to it pushing Uma away from Harry and saying Huma cant happen- but also cause of her stans and their treatment of Uma and Huma with Marry.

Plus the headcanon just brought the racists out anyway considering how marry’s were chill with Bal despite it meaning Mal isn’t dating Harry but suddenly trashed Huma cause Harry can only be with Mal apparently and not Uma.

We Love You

Summary: Dean shows up at Clara’s hurt from a hunt and seeing it scares Maddie.

A/N- Part of my Dating with Children series. It will make sense if you haven’t read the others, but I suggest checking them out.

Disclaimer- I don’t own the Supernatural universe or the images/gifs used, they were found on Google.

Dating with Children Masterlist


Clara was cleaning up after dinner, when there was a pounding on the front door. She pulled the door open to reveal a beaten Dean standing on the other side. He was covered in blood and barely seemed to be able to stand up right anymore.

“Dean!” Clara exclaimed, reaching out to grab her boyfriend and keep him upright. Dean’s body sagged against her, and Clara felt the panic start to set in. “What happened?”

When Dean spoke his voice was low and shallow, “Not… simple… and burn… closer than bunker”

“Mommy?” Maddie’s scared voice altered the two adults to the child cowering in the doorway. When Maddie had heard Dean’s name she came running, excited to see one of her new favorite people. Now the sight in front of her was terrifying. Dean was covered in blood and clearly hurt. “Mommy, what happened to Dean?”

Clara wanted to hug her daughter and tell her everything would be alright, but she need to patch up Dean before he lost any more blood. “He got hurt Maddie, I need to help him before he loses more blood, okay? I’ll explain more than. Stay here, I’ll come get you once I help Dean.”

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