I found the exact pair of shoes I’ve been looking for for a really long time at platos closet the other day and I went back today to get them and they were still there I am so happy and I had the best chocolate shake I’ve ever tasted today (albeit I ate until I was uncomfortably full and got sick and now my family expects me to eat dinner or they’ll think something is wrong with me) and my mom said she would give me gas money tomorrow for renewing my dad’s tags for her (since I had to put the rest of my money in my tank just to make it up there and it was just enough to get there and back) so that’s cool even though I’m broke so it’s not like I could do anything anyway but my nana and aunt come home tomorrow from their trip so I’m excited to see them and then the next day I have PT again and I’m hanging out w my pal (and I have to take an exam :///) and I didn’t have a severe breakdown today so hey there’s that (I don’t think I did yesterday either I don’t really remember) but yeah do what you will with all this information.

I haven’t posted anything extensive in a while so

Life Update, Tumblr:

  • I graduated! It was kind of anti-climactic, actually. It was really awesome because I graduated with my boyfriend and people that are close to me were there, and it is definitely nice to be done. I haven’t gotten to enjoy it as much as I’d like because
  • I’m job hunting. I’ve been applying to things since right before graduation, but so far I haven’t gotten any interviews. I’ve got my internship for a while longer and it’s paying my bills fine, but it’s not leaving me with money to save and it’s not a long term thing. I’m also watching my other friends interview and get offers while I haven’t even made it that far. The boyfriend and I keep getting caught in a feedback loop about job hunting anxieties, but we are also reading each other’s cover letters, sending each other job postings, and generally being super supportive and encouraging for one another, which is nice.
  • My boyfriend and I are moving in together. Lots of people who talk to me in real life know that this is a big deal. It’s been a lot of back and forth between the two of us about whether or not we would even be staying in the same country, much less in the same house, but we finally decided about a month ago that we’ll move in together once our leases are over. I just need to find a job by then so I can pay my half of the rent and have some stability, otherwise I’ll spend all my time being stressed out about that too much to enjoy us taking this new step together. I’m excited but also a little nervous, but at the end of the day I really think living together is going to be really, really great.
  • I’m in a billion weddings. Okay, only two, but they have taken up all of my time this month between the bachelorette parties and the showers and the actual ceremonies. I missed both DC pride weekend AND the SCOTUS decision because I was out of town doing my bridesmaidenly duties. I’m super happy for the couples involved but still considering refusing straight marriage invitations for next year during June.

That’s really all the excitement going on in my life currently. I’m trying to have more adventures/explore DC now that it’s summer and I only have one full time thing, but I also don’t have a lot of money and still spend a lot of my free time in the cycle of Applying and Crying (Job Hunting). My life has the standard levels of money/future/family stress, but once you separate that noise I am pretty content most of the time.

Oh boy, it’s been a looong time since you guys last heard from me, so here’s a short update:

I finished my project report last week and allowed myself a much needed break over the weekend. However, that only marks the beginning of my exams, of which I have one a week for the next three weeks (last one on June 18).

After that is over, my plans are as follows (in order of priority):
- catching up on lost sleep
- finishing chapter 11 of Treehouse
- getting supporter rewards done
- getting pending commissions done
- resuming regular work on Treehouse

Can’t wait to get back in the game again!

I made up with my dad. Shitty things occur in this world every day, and I would never have forgiven myself if something happened while we were at odds. We’re very much alike regarding the destructive aspects of our personalities which doesn’t always make for great communication. But it’s a huge weight off my shoulders to actually mean it when I say “Happy Father’s Day” this year.

sorry for clogging your dash…i try to avoid posts like this as much as possible….. But I just graduated with my BFA and i’m officially done with art school! Less deadlines for school means more art for you guys while I stumble headfirst into a world full of adults who probably know what they are doing a lot better than I do.

Hope everyone’s been doing well! take it easy; more art coming your way soon along with my senior thesis film which i’ve been chugging along to finish asap!


life update: jude edition

Giant Baby is 13 and a half months old now (when do we stop counting in months?) and is such a riot.  here’s what he’s up to.

  • throwing everything away.  we literally have to check the garbage before we throw it out to make sure there’s nothing we need in there.  it’s also a good place to look when you can’t find the remote.
  • pointing to his nose.  moving up to the toddler classroom has been amazing for Jude.  he’s learned so much so quickly!
  • watching birds.  Chris put two bird feeders outside our window and Jude and the cat stand there and stare and clap and watch for (what seems like) hours (but is really only like 3 minutes).
  • blowing kisses.  …another thing i didn’t teach him but delight in.  seriously, every other day i pick him up he’s learned something new.
  • hooting like an owl.  he got an owl book for his birthday and it instantly became his new favorite.  whooooooo…
  • lifting up a lid and then smashing his thumbs when he closes it.  i’m talking the toilet seat, the trash can, his toys…
  • eating everything.  he’s always been a good eater, but this boy’s appetite has grown a ton in the past few weeks.  oh, and he gets hangry.  i mean, i’m not pleasant when i’m hungry, but when he is and there’s no food in his hand, hide yo kids hide yo wife for real.
  • throwing and eating rocks.  he’s too small for most of the stuff, but we go to the playground a few times a week and this is basically his favorite activity.  the swing is hit or miss, the slide is meh, but he does like to climb up and down the stairs (as best as he can with handfuls of rocks).
  • signing.  i didn’t think we were going to teach Jude signs, but just kind of did and it’s kind of awesome to be able to communicate, even a little.  he signs to us when he’s finished eating and when he wants more of something, and he shakes his finger and head at us when we say no (as we try not to laugh and wonder which one of us he picked that up from).

i guess none of these things is remarkable in itself, but i’m a mushy parent and it is incredible to see him learn and change and grow every day.  i swear, sometimes i feel like i can actually tell when he’s watching something and it clicks in his little head.  

he is hilarious and so good-tempered and is so much fun to be around and tickle and make laugh and snuggle with.  he still loves to be held, to give kisses, to climb all over us.  he walks all over, is curious about everything, loves, his cat, and has to put everything in his mouth (just to make sure it’s real).  

he’s the best.

In just a couple weeks it’ll be exactly two years since I was fired from my job of six years at GameStop. I was fired because a deposit was mishandled by the bank, but because they have insufficient security equipment at their dropbox, I was held responsible. This caused my financial situation to spiral out of control, I was rarely able to pay my bills. It was only with the help of God’s grace, that help was extended to me in more ways than I could explain lightly. 

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I’ve been away for a while and it’s time for me to return to Tumblr and to get in touch with all of you amazing people! And what’s a better way to give you a life update than through participating in Selfie Sunday? I also got tagged a while back by thecurvaceousvegan, lizzieslifestyle and anna-learns-to-love-herself to post selfies so here you go ❤️

1- Getting my graduation ring :) This was a particularly bad body image day for me but with my lovely friend’s support, she convinced me to attend the ring ceremony. And I am so glad that I went!

2- Me showing off my “You know nothing Jon Snow” tshirt that my best friend got me from London

3- Graduation day with my roommate, my previous roommate and best friend, and my best friend. Those girls mean the world to me and it was so good having them there by my side on my graduation.

4- Graduating with pride! After 4 years, I graduated with high distinction with a bachelors degree of nutrition and dietetics 😊

5- A selfie taken today promising myself to work harder on loving myself, to make the best out of my remaining time in Lebanon and to become more active on Tumblr!

also a little life update:

-my birthday is in 21 days

-i’ll be turning 18

-i’m gonna be getting a camera since i foolishly dropped mine in a swimming pool

-i’m addicted to happy pet story (a cute little game for the phone)

-depression is really bad right now but that’s alright, im trying to stay positive

-i’m going to be buying more little plant friends 

-it was 97 degrees today and it was super hot

-i was gonna go to warped tour on the 3rd, but i’m not sure if i’ll be able to


that’s all i can think of right now

Life Update

-Just received my Associates for IT👏👏👏
-Getting ready for my big move to Miami to start Fashion school .
-Currently seeing a VERY generous splenda POT with a lot in common and is a complete sweetheart. Going to a EDM concert with him and his Philanthropist group of friends (watch out😈) at the end of the week.
-Mr. Arab is complete head over heels for me it’s crazy. He’s throwing random amounts of cash into my account to save up (so sweet) and it’s like serious amounts of money.
-Currently talking to a Whale daddy (I’ll update you guys later on this one)
-Life’s good


Daily #880! This is what my schedule is like now. (I don’t get up unnecessarily early by choice; that’s a result of the whole having one car for two people thing.) So if I miss a couple days, it’s probably because I’m completely exhausted. @-@ I’m working on a few freelance gigs–which is awesome!–but it gives me less time to draw these. So…just FYI. :)

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Figures when I decided to attempt challenges work decides to drown me with over time :( So I’m behind already. Life is fun like that sometimes.

And i’m also currently in the process of moving! So much going on ugh @_@ So it might take a while before I can get the rest of my photos on here but these are the 2 current ones I had on my phone so far.

The first is May Flowers and the second one is Rebirth and Renewal.

Life Update: Exams!

Well some of you may have heard I was scheduled today to take this state exam to be a licensed insurance rep in the state of VA. The results are in…

I failed by 4%

A mere 6 questions if I had gotten right would’ve given me enough for a passing grade!

C’est la Vie 

I went ahead and informed my future manager/employer of my situation and after a short talk and me explaining to him what was on the test we both came to a realization. I took the wrong exam!

You see, according to my employer in Virginia they have it so health and life can be taken together or separated… I took them combined which made for a harder test!

So in essence… I did far better then what was expected of me. He wants me to retake it again and make sure they make no mistake on which exam I’m taking. Which is great! … But the tests cost me roughly $55.00 each time and I won’t be reimbursed for them by the testing center… And no before you ask my employer won’t reimburse me either until after I’ve passed and finished my on-the-job training.

But really thats alright… I still have a few favors people owe me and a little bit in my savings but after this? I’ll be bone dry until I get my next meager paycheck.

I’m not expecting any of you to do this but a few of you asked me if there was a way they can help. Well frankly, helping me guarantee coverage over some of my micro recurring bills would be a boon.

If you’re feeling generous? My paypal account is the same as my e-mail found on my contacts page.

Realistically I know some of you may not be able too but even a small donation of $5 or $10 can help me reimburse myself so I can take the correct exam all that much more faster and get this job!

Either way, thank you everyone for hearing me out and allowing me to dump all this frustration here. With any luck? My next go-around with this test will be a passing grade. After all! It’s not a perfect score I’m after, it’s a passable one so I can get on with my life and get the REAL training to be a successful agent.

I have a bed! this may seem silly but I haven’t had a real bed that wasn’t a futon on the floor for…..years like since I was 15 but now I have a real mattress made for sleeping! it’s v comfy and I love it ovo