Look: I’m not going to say that I believe the story that Former President Of The United States Of America And Texas Rangers Co-Owner George W. Bush said “That was some weird shit” at Don’s inauguration. But if he did, I will credit him with giving the entirety of 2016 its post-partum and inarguably underwhelming slogan. Actually, forget just 2016. Life itself now has a slogan, if it didn’t already have one. Think about this right here:

Charon: Hey hey, welcome to the River Styx, making all stops to Hell. Got a ticket?

Me: Yeah dog, I’m dead as dead here.

Charon: Sweet. Yeah, so how was life? 

Me: Life? Man, that was some weird shit.

Charon: Yeah, I get that all the time.

astrakiseki  asked:

My general assumption of your life is 'this is what happens when the lines between small town and city blur' with a heaping dose of North American Great Plains weirdness.

That’s actually remarkably close to the truth. Regina’s a community that’s somehow managed to grow to a quarter-million people (including the metro area) without ever losing that provincial small town atmosphere. It’s like the sort of place you expect to have a population of maybe six thousand, except it just… keeps… going.