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When did you start writing novels? I'm 23 and I've had at least some interest in writing for most of my life. I've gone off and on it, throughout middle school it diminished a bit but I've always had his urge to write at the back of my mind. But being 23 now I'm a bit worried that I won't be successful as I don't have a job at the moment so people might just think I'm a loser who's freeloading through life.

Easy solution: get a job, and write the book. 99% of writers start off working a full-time job while they write after work/on the weekends. So do that. Problem solved. 

8 things to give up

1. Self rejection
2. Negative self talk
3. Criticizing others
4. Being a people pleaser
5. Fear of failure
6. Holding onto grudges
7. Procrastination
8. Expecting perfection

Can she have learned that like… if she sacrifices her powers to the stone, then she relinquishes her longer witch-lifespan, but then gets to live a shorter, (but still fuller) life as a human? Please.



So I have ALWAYS had super oily skin, and I have been struggling with small pimples and occasional breakouts on my T-zone for all of high school.


The summer before my junior year, I went to Boston, MA for two weeks in July (I live in Northern California, which is the same foggy/slightly warm weather all year round ok). THAT SHIT FUCKED ME UP.

The fucking heat and humidity made me so damn oily that I thought to myself, “Hey! If I’m so damn oily, why do I have to use moisturizer? LMAO I’M GONNA STOP USING IT.” Wrong fucking decision, wise ass. When you stop using moisturizer, your face compensates by creating more oil. So I came back from Boston with fucking pimple colonies every fucking where (I also went to NYC later in the summer for a week which was super humid which fucked me up more!!!!!! WOO!).

K so I started junior year looking like a fucking wreck. I felt really insecure and constantly embarrassed about my acne. I would look around and see all of the girls in my town with spotless faces and I would feel so ugly. I tried to cover it with makeup, and it made it SOOOO much worse. It got to the point where my mom (who isn’t the most sensitive woman to begin with) would comment on it whenever she saw a picture of me and be like “OOOH LOOK AT THE ACNE HOW GROSS”. It fucking wrecked my self-esteem and I felt so disgusting.

SO THEN after talking to my mom about it for a while, we decided to go to my dermatologist (who I had bc I froze off a wart one time lmao) and talk to her about medication. KEEP IN MIND: this is not an option for everyone and I understand that. If you have really good medical insurance that doesn’t count acne shit as cosmetic, then you’re very lucky. We do not, but my mom was super willing to pay for it bc she thought I looked super ugly with acne which is fucked up but HEY at least I got some meds out of it. So in short, if you have the money to pay for it or if you have good medical insurance then this is for you. I truly understand that this isn’t always an option.*

Here is me in the waiting room at my first appointment, when my acne was at its worst:

So I was prescribed an oral pill, which I took 2 times a day, called Cephalexin, a morning gel-cream sort of thing that is super light called Bercadin, and a night-time heavier cream called Tretinoin. In addition to this, I having facials once every six weeks. Facials at a good place usually cost around $60, and I always had the specific “acne clearing” facial which basically pops all your pimples and hurts like a bitch but in 48 hours you look perfect.

Here is a pic of me 24 hours after my first facial, the same week I was prescribed the meds. Huge difference, right?

Week by week my acne was going away SO FUCKING FAST. Here are some comparison pics:

So, for almost a year I’ve been doing this combination of facials, oral meds, and creams. I also wash my face twice a day just to get rid of all the oily bullshit my skin puts me through. Now, I am being weaned off the oral meds, and my skin is slowly getting used to not having acne and is doing it ALL BY ITSELF!! YAY!

Here’s me NOW:

(As you can see, I still have lil baby bumps on my forehead and nose from time to time, so it isn’t 100% face clearing, per se. But it is a hell of an improvement.)

This is how I got rid of my acne. These meds–especially the oral–do NOT work on every skin type. If you are struggling with one type of acne pill, I suggest switching meds until you find what works for you.

*Something much cheaper and more simple that I do believe can clear skin is using WITCH HAZEL. You can get a bottle on Amazon or at your local pharmacy for like $8. Just use it as a toner; it kinda stinks, but it works for a lot of my friends. Also a good face wash that really brightens and exfoliates your skin is the LUSH Ocean Salt Face & Body Scrub. Best shit EVER plus it smells like a margarita. Use it 2x a day and you’re ballin’. You’re welcome.