Izuku: Heartbreaker

[this was from a prompt given to me by  @pornosophical . it was originally two prompts but i turned it into one. the idea is fake dating + prostitute/client relationship. enjoy this motherfucker]

It started with a simple question.

Izuku pauses in pulling up his pants. They hang open around his hips, the charcoal grey of them somehow darker against the bright red of his underwear beneath. He reaches up, brushes slightly damp hair away from his forehead and says, “Hey, are you free this Thursday?”

“No,” Katsuki said immediately. He didn’t even look up from his phone. There was an ekans that had spawned in the next room and he was six candies from evolving the one he’d been raising for three weeks.

He can feel Izuku roll his eyes. “Do you want to make a couple hundred dollars Thursday night?”

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Scully: “Dressing up like high-tech warriors to play a futuristic version of cowboys and Indians? What kind of moron gets his ya-yas out like that?”
Mulder: ᕦ( ᐛ )
– The X-Files: Season 7, Episode 13, “First Person Shooter”

In which I have wholly surrendered to the fact that no matter how much like Scully I strive to be, I will always be Mulder.


“But you see, Iron Bull is mid-to late 30s and Dorian Pavus is 30 so really it is abusive because it’s too high an age difference! Iron Bull is preying on Dorian Pavus,” the fan cries, taking a break from writing fanfics about their 18-year old OC Inquisitor who is in a relationship with a man who claims he is 40 but is actually god knows how old because he’s actually a god. 

Unexpected  Part Seven

Chris Evans x Reader
Summary : You and your best friends decide to spend the day in Disneyland, and you bump into the one and only Chris Evans.
A/N : I know, its SUPER short! and its SUPER LATE. i AM SORRY. i AM A FAILURE. 
Word Count : 1K+
Warnings : Language. Thats about it.

Unexpected Masterlist

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anonymous asked:

i would like to respectfully ask u to consider!! Punk!Mike making out hardcore with power-metal!Chuck. just putting that out there. to consider.


here’s a punk and and a nerdy power-metal nerd being gross

“…Mr. Chilton.”

<3 <3 <3


((four periods later))


“yeah and also chuckles is embarrassed about it for some reason.”