What’s the rule for Week in Review after Labor Day?

Celebrate good times, c’mon:

(Ships) Following the penultimate episode of The Bold Type, Kadena (Kat Edison and Adena El-Amin) is up to No. 5.
(TV) Twin Peaks is back at No. 13 after the final episode of The Return.
(Video Games) The prequel to Life is Strange, Life is Strange: Before the Storm, debuts at No. 12.
(Movies) The aptly titled Carmilla movie, The Carmilla Movie, debuts at No. 4.
(Web Stuff) Elijah Daniel debuts at No. 11 after becoming the mayor of Hell, Michigan for a day.

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What a nightmare, Charlie Brown!

(Music) Demi Lovato falls eight, barely hanging in there at No. 20.
(Web Stuff) My Brother, My Brother and Me are good boys having a bad day at No. 17.
(Celebs) Dylan O'Brien is cryin’ after tumbling six to No. 15.
(Movies) Death Note falls eight to No. 19. You can only smack talk a movie for so long.
(Video Games) The Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild is falling, falling, falling to No. 17.

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Eight Months.

The one where it’s been eight months since y/n and Harry have split.

Even eight months after your horrific, publicly talked about break up, Harry still felt the overwhelming urge to regularly check up on you and your life. He would often review your social media accounts, your posts serving him a few times a week and he would experience the agonising torture of your updates whilst he was in bed supposedly sleeping according to the rest of the world but those lonely times were when you crossed his mind even more so. It felt naughty, wrong in a way, after all, it was him who had ended your two year relationship together.

“It’s never going to change, Harry!” you had shouted at him in the midst of the argument. “Things will always be the same! You forgot my birthday and conveniently spent the day with Kendall instead. You forgot our date night and accompanied Cara to an event instead.” Tears streamed down your face, your unhappiness in the long term relationship finally exposed to your boyfriend. “I know it’s what the media want and expect from you, Harry, and I know management want you to do this, but I think you want to as well” you sigh, the words you had held for so long in your mouth now finally spilling out.

“Yeh joking, right? Tha’ was a joke, yeah?” he asks rhetorically before scoffing. “You seriously think I want t’ spend any spare time I ‘ave with Kendall or Cara over you? Management need me to do this y/n! If I don’t, I can kiss goodbye t’ my pay cheque! Yeh know, the one I get and spend on you!” he shouts. “How the fuck else would you get the latest handbags and purses?” he exclaims. “Who else is going to pay for your education? Because I sure as hell don’t see you or your family offering to cough up!” he spits almost bitterly.

You gasp in shock at his hurtful words as they stab into your chest, shattering your heart. He knew your insecurities regarding his money - the fans and the media having slated you on numerous occasions and often referring to you as a ‘gold digger.’ Hell, Harry had always been the one to hold you in his arms whilst you sobbed through the night at their cruel accusations, reassuring you that he knows you love him for the person he is, not because of his net worth.

Harry was also familiar with your financial situation and with your future chosen career path acquiring specific qualifications, Harry had offered to pay for your education, wanting you to only be happy with the person you were set to become.

“Really, Harry? That’s really how you feel? You think I’m only with you for the money?” you ask him, fresh tears spilling down your cheeks. “I don’t give a damn about the money! I love you because you’re my boyfriend and I see myself living the rest of my life with you. I don’t love you because you’re rich and famous!” you spit back, and whilst your words are harsh, they’re truthful.

“I’ve heard that one before” he tells you, his eyes averting to the floor.

“So now you’ve got trust issues with me?” you ask him in disbelief. “Other girls may have treated you like that in the past, but I’m not like other girls, Harry. Two fucking years we’ve been together and you really think that of me?” you ask him.

When you get no response, Harry’s eyes fixated on the tiled flooring, you continue.

“When you guys broke up as a band and you didn’t know what was going to happen to your music career, who was the one sitting up with you every night holding you whilst you cried? Other girls would have run a mile because of the uncertainty of your future. I love you even if you have nothing!” you shout at him.

Harry shrugs his shoulders and bites his lip, taking in your saddened features. “Look, it’s not even just the money causing arguments anymore. We’ve been arguing for such a long time y/n. Maybe having female friends like Kendall and Cara is something you can’t handle?” he asks in suggestion. “But I can’t live my life like this anymore. I’m done arguing with you all the time” he tells you softly.

“You make it sound like I don’t want you having female friends” you begin, “which isn’t true. I want you to put me first, like you did at the start of our relationship. You would have done anything back then for me, Harry. I hate arguing with you too” you whisper sadly. “Maybe we j=need some time away” you suggest, “just the two of us?”

Harry shakes his head. “I think it’s too little too late, y/n.”

You frown, your bottom lip beginning to quiver as you ask the dreaded question that you never imagined you’d ever have to. Not with him, not with Harry. “Are you breaking up with me?” Your voice is soft, sweet almost, but broken.

Harry’s eyes avert to the floor once more and the silence between you both speaks more volumes than words ever could.

Your Instagram account had been almost inactive for the first month after the break up, with only the occasional photos of new make-up purchases and Starbucks coffee cups. There were no selfies that indicated any happiness in your life, only the bog-standard materials your pay cheque could afford as a full time student.

After three months, your social media accounts portrayed some happiness returning to your life as you took selfies with college friends on regular nights out at the weekend but Harry knew as well as anyone that social media is a cover up for reality. Were you really actually happy? Were you living or were you just alive?

It seemed to him that your life continued to appear happier than it had been previously but after four months of opening the app, Harry noticed someone else by your side. Someone of the opposite sex. Another boy. A friend? Perhaps a boyfriend? But of course, Harry had forgotten that he no longer had the right to know.

Photograph after photograph, upload after upload, this other young boy would be stood next to you. You had a side when taking photos with Harry, but now somebody else was standing on Harry’s side, taking his place, standing where he should be standing.

Soon, tagging each other on Twitter began taking place. Simple things such as “coffee dates” and memes that reminded one of you of the other. It soon emerged that this boy had a name; Tom. Whilst Harry had taken it upon himself to unhealthily stalk the young boy, he wasn’t as active on social media, seemingly preferring a quieter and more private life.

Five months after yours and Harry’s messy break up, he sighted a picture of you and Tom sharing a kiss. “Y/N and her New Beau?” it had been publicised by the media and Harry had wanted to tear out the pages of the intimate act from every newspaper article and magazine available, but of course, not all things were possible. Your lips were on his, no doubt his tongue down your throat and Harry wanted to vomit.

Whilst the media had left you personally alone after the break up, only nagging Harry, who of course refused to ever share any intimate details between the two of you, the tabloids couldn’t resist the opportunity to share the sleazy photograph of the kiss, which had been taken outside a nightclub, and it sparked controversy between One Direction fans and Harry girls.

Upon reaching seven months, Harry noticed another dramatic change on your social media accounts. You were becoming more inactive by the day, rarely replying to tweets and the photographs posted suddenly reduced. Anybody else easily assumed you were too busy trying to juggle life - full-time studying, a part time job, and social interactions with loved ones - but Harry knew how much you had loved engaging with your social media followers and so something didn’t sit quite right with him.

But as quickly as the negative thoughts had entered his head, he quickly removed them, suddenly remembering that he’s not yours and you’re not his, and you have someone else taking care of you now.

Eight months since the breakdown of your relationship and Harry still had you on his mind every minute of every day. He would awake in the morning with the help of his alarm but your hair wasn’t sprawled across the pillows as he hoped. He no longer bothered eating breakfast in the mornings; gone are the days when he used keep something warm on the stove for you for when you awoke, ensuring you had something warm for your hungry tummy in the mornings. He had nobody to send a morning text to either, his phone barely touched throughout the day. His routine was completely out of sync and nothing anyone could do for him over the last few months made life without you any easier.

Harry would come home every evening to an empty apartment. He had nobody to cook dinner for. He had nobody to talk to about his day. He had nobody to snuggle up to at night. He had nobody to kiss. He had nobody to love and he had nobody to love him.

Some nights would be simple for him. Harry would climb into bed and flick on the television, watching a favourite classic film in which he no longer got pleasure out of. He’d briefly check his own social media accounts, lurking in the comments section before stalking yours in depth. He would then set his alarm and toss and turn for what seems like ages before finally succumbing to the darkness around him, his dreams of you haunting him throughout the night.

Other nights he’d yearn for you. He loved you, still loves you, and wants nothing more than to hold you whilst you sleep and keep you safe in his embrace, allowing no harm to come to you. But he would yearn for you in other ways too, awakening in the night from happy dreams of you, his cock hard with it’s pre-come smothering the tip, all for you. He would lay awake between the crisp white sheets, grinding his hips into the mattress and pumping his shaft vigorously as he imagined being inside of you. He would let himself go completely when he could imagine the moans that would leave your lips, the breathlessness you would encounter, and it was as though he could almost feel you come around him.

He hadn’t been in another relationship since the split but there had been a couple of one night stands. To help him come to terms with losing you, he would fuck others that had similar traits to you. The same hair colour, the same laugh, the same smile. But no other girl could ever be you. He didn’t really want them, it was because of their love of celebrities, paired with Harry’s excessive alcohol consumption, that they just happened. After two girls that he mindlessly fucked, he stopped. He wasn’t sure if it was because of the reality of the situation that he soon came to terms with or if it was the violent slap he received one night.

The music that was pounding against the speaker had no desire to stop anytime soon. DJ’s were giving shoutouts, mostly for people’s birthday’s and other celebrations, music echoed through the speakers, bartenders were leaning over the wood that separate them and their customers in an attempt to actually hear what alcoholic liquid was being ordered in the club, the dance floor was sticky, and everyone was cramped together like sardines, but it didn’t stop anyone from moving to the beat of the music.

Everyone was having fun. Everyone except Harry, that was.

Whilst he occasionally shuffled his feet in an attempt to dance, a bottle of beer in hand, he felt so lost without you there. His wandering eyes eventually confirmed you weren’t in the club and he didn’t have a duty to fulfil. Normally he would have a watchful pair of eyes on you, keeping you safe on the dance floor and ensuring that no drunken men took advantage of you. He wasn’t just your boyfriend, he was also your protector, someone who was there to fight away anyone who dared even to try and hurt you.

“What’s your name?” a young blonde suddenly asks from in front of him. She grinds her arse into his crotch to the rhythm of the music played and Harry’s not too sure if she was just acting oblivious to the fact that was the most famous person in the club, or whether she was just so drunk that she barely knew her own name, let alone his.

“Harry” he had told her loudly, almost shouting into her ear as he places his hand on the small of her back, pulling her closer so as they could hear each other’s spoken words over the thumping music.

The girl nods. “Louise” she tells him. “Fancy getting out of here?” she asks, her voice filled with confidence and it’s obvious what the intention of them both attending the club was. Harry nods, not once hesitating as he feels himself harden in his pants, the previous grinding sensation setting off a spark within him. He immediately realises she’s not as drunk as he thought she was but taking in her features, she looked a few years older than him. Maybe she really didn’t know who he was.

“Mine or yours?” she asks as they stumble out of the nightclub and onto the streets of London.

Louise quickly raises her hand to hail a taxi as Harry breathlessly replies, “yours.”

His own place seems more appealing, not having to leave so awkwardly afterwards following the no strings attached sex, but Harry doesn’t want to take her, or anyone else, to his bed. Only you got that privilege. He hasn’t fucked anyone else in his bed since you began dating and he wasn’t prepared to break the ritual with a random stranger tonight. He didn’t want anyone else to come in the crisp white sheets of his bed besides the two of you - both coming together and for each other.

The taxi ride back to the blonde’s was soon over and both her and Harry staggered through the front door or her apartment, their eyes closed, lips locked together, and hands greedily roaming each other’s clothes bodies.

In the meantime, all Harry can think about is you - kissing you, caressing you, touching you, undressing you, coming for you, and loving you.

Harry breathlessly pulls aways as he lifts up Louise’s skirt, barely covering her, which makes it only too easy for him to gain access to what he’s craving. They both quickly realise that their sexual encounter will begin, and most likely end, against the wall.

The blonde grabs at his belt, fumbling to unbuckle it before quickly unzipping his trousers, his hardened length exposed to her. He’s quick to reach into his back pocket before letting his trousers drop. Taking the small square package between his fingers, he tears it open with his teeth before covering his manhood with the latex before pushing himself inside of her. Louise winces slightly, and with Harry barely giving her time to adjust to his size, his thrusts begin as he quickly moves.

They’ve both been drinking and Harry knows his performance will be affected, so he’s not surprised when he comes inside of her faster than he normally would, moaning her name against her lips. She audibly gasps and he withdraws from her. Before even getting the chance to dress himself, her hand harshly collides with his cheek.

“Louise! I told you my name is Louise!” she yells at him angrily.

And in that moment, he realises that he moaned your name when he came.

Harry had arrived home from the London studio and continued his evening rituals. Thankfully, no work the following day meant he could have a later night than usual and whilst he was glad to be able to sleep in later and not have the demands of work, he knew from experience that a day where he lacked a busy schedule would be one of which of you on his mind more than ever.

The night passes with Harry doing nothing more than eating his evening meal and lounging around in front of the television, flicking through channels to find something to entertain him, even if only for a few hours. He occasionally reaches for the bottle of whiskey, pouring himself small measures each time. Whilst the drinking had become a regular habit a few months back, Harry had quickly realised that drowning his problems each night with alcohol helped nobody, not even himself, and he kicked the habit almost as quickly as it had started. No amount of alcohol got you out of his head.

The comedy shows provided him with some laughs, some real and some forced. Harry couldn’t remember the last time he laughed properly, though, as he flicks off the television set. Tapping his watch with a yawn, he checks the time before picking his body up from the position he had been in for hours.

As he switches off the big light, leaving only the lamp on in the corner of the room to project any brightness, a loud and repeated knock on the door makes him jump. The banging quickly gets harder and more frantic and he can only wonder who would be calling in on him at this unthinkable and unsociable hour.

“Alright, I’m coming!” he yells in frustration.

Heading into the hallway, he pulls back the safety chain to unlock the door, pouting his lips to express his emotion and to make sure his unwanted visitor on the other side of the door knows he’s angry at being disturbed.

“What’s s’ important it couldn’t wait ’til…” he begins as he swings the door open.

But Harry’s words are quickly cut off as he gasps in shock, taking in the demeanour of the person standing in front of him. The sight makes him feel physically sick, almost killing him, as bile rises in his stomach, nausea washes over his body, his knees become weak underneath his upper body and his heart lurches.

“Y/N?” he breathes out softly.

But all you can do is collapse into him as he catches you in his strong, protective arms.

[ part two ]

you hesitated when you said
I love you
and that’s how I knew you lied

I did not have to think
when I told you
I loved you

my mouth just opened,
my heart just sang,
and out poured my soul.

—  hesitation by shelby leigh

Ear Defenders Review.

My new ear defenders came in time for my holiday!! I decided to do a review to help out those who are thinking of buying some new ear defenders. These ones I bought are everything I was looking for, they’re not too bulky, they cancel out loads of noise and they’re stylish!

Where did you buy them?

I got them on Amazon UK here.

But you can also get them on the worldwide Amazon site here.

Do they work?

They work brilliantly! They block out loads of noise but not too much that you can’t hear anything. You can still hear people talking to you and some background noises but it’s a lot quieter and much more peaceful. They’re perfect if you’re feeling overloaded and want to be shut out from the world.

Are they good quality?

For such a low price you get some amazing ear defenders! They are really good quality and they do their job well.

How much did they cost?

They were £10.95 ($14.83) with free shipping! On the worldwide Amazon site they are $11.98.

What colours do they come in?

They come in pink (what I have), light blue, dark blue, green, purple and red.

Are they comfortable?

The padding is super soft and comfy. Although they are tight on your ears so if you don’t like that tight sensation then these are not for you. I personally like that sensation because it makes me feel calm and safe.

Are these only for kids?

Nope! They advertise them as “kids ear defenders” but they fit perfectly on me and they even fit my dad!

Do you recommend them?

Yes, if you’re looking for discreet, comfy, cheap, stylish, noise cancelling ear defenders then these are for you!

I’m rewatching Catdog since I haven’t watched the whole series in over 10 years. But you know how usually you end up hating jerks when you’re younger and then end up realizing you understand them more when you’re older?

Yeah, no, I think I hate Winslow more now than i did as a kid. He’s a freeloading jerk that’s constantly taking advantage of Catdog and causing drama just so he can laugh about it. He is literally a pest and I wish him nothing put the worst.

This mouse has no soul.

I hope one day
you will regret
pushing me so hard
that you fell backward
from your own force.

(you are the cause of your demise.)

—  by shelby leigh
I came to realize...

I feel really lost lately.

I don’t really know what to do with myself and that I have put my well-being in the hands of someone who is even more lost and really not that communicative. I feel like I tired people out of their minds with this conversation as well. And I am really tired of the mood and mind swings. I’m trying to get out of this and to get over loveliness and the fear of rejection. Because this all brings a lot of memories from the past and tarnishes the view of reality.

I also came to realize that, because of this crisis I don’t really know myself and what makes me happy anymore. I got away from most, if not all, my hobbies. And this includes Tumblr.

I have been reflecting about what brings me joy and what is worth my time. And I really don’t know if there is any use in all of this…? Most of it feels like a waste of time. So I decided to erase things to open space for new ones. This includes my otome game side blogs. I really want to pursue what brings light to my life, not what makes me feel miserable and like a waste…I don’t know what it is yet. But I’m trying to figure it out.

Books with well-written, canonically autistic characters

If you’re autistic, you’re probably tired of the only representation you see being a four-year-old little brother, or mysterious eccentric savant. I know I am, and that’s why I’ve decided to compile this list of three-dimensional autistic people in books. This was originally intended to be a masterpost, but there aren’t really enough for a masterpost, so feel free to add on if you’d like!

On the Edge of Gone- Corinne Duyvis

     Book Description- January 29, 2035. That’s the day the comet is scheduled to hit—the big one.

 Denise and her mother and sister, Iris, have been assigned to a temporary shelter near their hometown of Amsterdam to wait out the blast, but Iris is nowhere to be found, and at the rate Denise’s addicted mother is going, they’ll never reach the shelter in time.Then a last-minute encounter leads them to something better than a temporary shelter: a generation ship that’s scheduled to leave Earth behind and colonize new worlds after the comet hits.

 But each passenger must have a practical skill to contribute. Denise is autistic and fears that she’ll never be allowed to stay. Can she obtain a spot before the ship takes flight? What about her mother and sister?

When the future of the human race is at stake, whose lives matter most?

     My Review- I really, really, love this book. I’ve recommended it to everyone I know. Denise is Black, making this the first book I’ve found, and possibly the only book so far, to have a Black autistic character. Her autism is never seen as something that makes her lesser, and it’s a part of her she firmly refuses to apologize for, and even something that helps her out a few times. She’s also unquestionably a hero- putting her lives at risk to save others, and defying authority to do so. Her sister is trans, and it’s addressed very respectfully- she’s her own person, and an extraordinary one at that. It’s not a huge deal, and you never even find out her deadname, which is super nice. As an added bonus, the author herself is autistic! I would rip out my own heart for a sequel. 

In the Absence of Light- Adrienne Wilder

 Book Description-  For years Grant Kessler has smuggled goods from one end of the world to the next. When business turns in a direction Grant isn’t willing to follow he decides to retire and by all appearances he settles down in a nowhere town called Durstrand. But his real plan is to wait a few years and let the FBI lose interest, then move on to the distant coastal life he’s always dreamed of.

Severely autistic, Morgan cannot look people in the eye, tell left from right, and has uncontrolled tics. Yet he’s beaten every obstacle life has thrown his way. And when Grant Kessler moves into town Morgan isn’t a bit shy in letting the man know how much he wants him.

While the attraction is mutual, Grant pushes Morgan away. Like the rest of the world he can’t see past Morgan’s odd behaviors.

Then Morgan shows Grant how light lets you see but it also leaves you blind. And once Grant opens his eyes, he loses his heart to the beautiful enigma of a man who changes the course of his life.

 My Review- This book was really refreshing. I can’t put into words how much it means to me to have an autistic character, especially a high-support one, written as a love interest. The book is told from Grant’s point of view, not Morgan’s, and he holds some really ableist viewpoints earlier on, but Morgan doesn’t hesitate to put him (or anyone else) in their places. I loved his snark and how he plays off people’s assumptions to put them in their places. Warnings for graphic descriptions of past abuse, and ableism from the characters and some unintentional ableist language (i.e. “severely autistic”) from the author.

Anything But Typical- Nora Baskin

 Book Description- Jason Blake is an autistic 12-year-old living in a neurotypical world. Most days it’s just a matter of time before something goes wrong. But Jason finds a glimmer of understanding when he comes across PhoenixBird, who posts stories to the same online site as he does.

Jason can be himself when he writes and he thinks that PhoneixBird-her name is Rebecca-could be his first real friend. But as desperate as Jason is to met her, he’s terrified that if they do meet, Rebecca will only see his autism and not who Jason really is.

My Review- I was a little wary going in, expecting it to be an inaccurate and dismal portrayal of autism, but I was pleasantly surprised! Jason is well-written and really resonated with me- I’m not sure if the author herself is autistic, but she definitely did her homework. It’s nice to see an autistic character portrayed as creative, and the book also addresses issues with ‘cure’ mentality and pressure put on autistic people to act more socially acceptable.

Life Begets Life: Arrow 5x23 Review (Lian Yu)

“Lian Yu” a summary:

I love the journey we take on stories.  I particularly love the journey we take with television. There’s really no medium like this. The experience is over in a couple hours with a movie.  We can control how quickly we read a book (even if we have to wait for additional sequels). But television? Television is a week to week story that spans years. Or at least it is if you watch live from start to finish. Television can be a long and arduous journey. Full of ups and downs. Great episodes and horribly bad ones.  We walk the road with the characters in real time. It’s a serious time investment and the hope is the story eventually connects. That the threads the writers weave come together in the end and we can see the full picture.  "Lian Yu" is one of those rare storytelling gifts that repays all the many years of patience.  

We started this journey with Oliver Queen five years ago. We have walked each step with him. We’ve rejoiced with Oliver in his moments of triumph. 

We’ve grieved with him. 

We threw things at him with every maddening step backward.

Step by step, we’ve watched Oliver come back to life. 

It hurt and he fought it for a long time, but slowly Oliver began to learn how to live again. Instead of shutting himself off, he chose to build a life filled with purpose





and love. 

He’s clawed his way out of the dark and into the light that was always there, deep inside.  

It was all leading somewhere. A destination, a choice, Oliver had to make. No matter how far Oliver has come there is always a piece of him that remains on the island… and on the boat.  Oliver had to return to Lian Yu, one last time, so he could finally let it go. So he could finally come home.

A hero’s story is fraught with triumph and tragedy. There is both in “Lian Yu.” The great tragedy is once Oliver decides who he is, and is ready for all that entails, he’s faced with an impossible choice and loses what he’s spent years building.

Or did he? Adrian Chase is the master chess player. He was always ten moves ahead, even in the final moments, but perhaps there was a move Chase couldn’t foresee. One Oliver set in motion years ago, in a moment where he clung to the light and held to Diggle and Felicity’s faith in him. A moment where Oliver kept a promise.

Let’s dig in…

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‘Because This Is My First Life’ - A Review

This K-Drama was the clear winner of fall 2017 dramas (at least by all of the tumblr peeps I follow) so here’s my review of the show that stole everyone’s hearts.

About This Drama:
‘Because This is My First Life’ follows the unique relationship between a house-poor, emotionally closed off man and a female tenant. This drama is a slice-of-life romance that explores what it’s like to work, live, date and marry with today’s societal and economic pressures. 

Spoilers ahead!

The Good Stuff:

FEMINISM, FEMINISM, FEMINISM: Unlike the majority of K-dramas, there are so many strong female characters in this drama. As I watched, I became more and more impressed with the writers ability to dig deep into the female characters and explore all of the feminist topics that are normally passed over AND allow them to have supportive and mature relationships with EACH OTHER!

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  • Soo Ji: She is everything I’ve ever wanted in a female kdrama character!!! She’s powerful and a leader. She is sensitive AND strong. Her character tackles what it’s like to work in a male dominated field and the pressures that come along with having to deal with verbal and physical sexual harassment in work and dating. I felt everything and could relate to it ALL.
  • Nam Se Hee is a feminist ally: He always respects Ji Ho’s feelings and asks for CONSENT for skin ship and decisions. I think this is the first show to ever have a character like him? I will point out though (cause I saw a ton of people DYING to date his character) that as someone who is married to a person who acts almost the same as Nam Se Hee, it’s actually fairly unromantic in some ways when you’re always stating and asking what you’re about to do relationship/contract wise ;-) I mean it’s awesome - I’ve been married for 15 years - but it’s also very um…straightforward and predictable if that makes any sense? I do think females SHOULD want this kind of equality in a relationship though so…
  • Portrayal of sexual harassment: Ji Ho is almost raped and her bosses try to get her to forgive her coworker over tea. This might seem far fetched but from experience i can tell you that many of us ladies have been told to just let stuff like that go and to “not cause trouble.” Ji Ho stands up for herself, quits her job and shows them all! Same with Si Joo’s office harassment. She gets her revenge and I LOVE watching it!
  • Supportive female friendships: I love a BFF trio and Ji Ho, Soo Ji and Ho Rang were particularly special because all three had completely different life goals and personalities and yet, their friendship always came first. Nam Se Hee’s wife was AMAZING. Everyone knows Ji Ho is Bi for her right? 

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THE KITTY: This cat SLAYS! She’s super adorable with tons of floofs and even when she’s in the background she’s doing funny awesome stuff.

The Bad(ish) Stuff:

Just to be clear, the “bad” stuff I’m listing is just a few things that I feel is up for debate and not necessarily bad.

Ji Ho leaving Nam Se Hee toward the end: I’m not saying she shouldn’t have left, but the show makes it seem like she’s leaving, just so that Se Hee can realize he needs to show her some emotional range so they can be together. It felt a little contrived, especially since she doesn’t really explain herself and takes off without any contact (though I LOVED their emotional conversation in bed (I was dying!) afterwards so maybe it was worth it??

Originally posted by captainjoongki

Soo Ji finding her passion but not all of the way: I loved that Soo Ji hated wearing bras and ended up coming up with her own business model around that so she could leave her job and all of the stupid men she worked with. I do wish the show had allowed to her to actually see some success that we could enjoy, like her getting her first office or hiring employees or something. I wanted her to succeed ALL of the way, beyond just her romance story-line.

Ho Rang and Won Seok: Honestly, I don’t have a problem that these two ended up together but SO many other people did so I’m listing it. They didn’t have the same vision or values but loved each other hard, and had a rough time staying together. In the end, Ho Rang gave up her “managing a home” dream in order for Won Seok and her to stay together but I’m ok with that. Why? Because life isn’t super clean and not every couple is the perfect match. It did seem a little like tying up loose ends by putting them back together but I’m cool with it.

Slow tone of show: I actually LOVE slower paced, quieter slice-of-life shows (see my review for The Package) but some of you might not. If you like tropes, villains, heirs and messy rich people problems the best (I like these too!), you might not be into this show. I 100% was, but I’m just saying.

In conclusion: This show was almost perfect and a total delight. If you like slice of life romances with non traditional characters, this one is for you. AND if it doesn’t sound like it’s for you, you should STILL watch it!

- Shana

If Kookmin was an actual real-life ship (passenger review)

Disclaimer: Fictional, but I hope the metaphors are clear.

If Kookmin was a an actual ship, I feel like Jimin would be its Captain and Jungkook would be its Chief Mate. It was a small but fast and state-of-the-art ship at the beginning, and Jimin himself managed it quite well by himself. But over time, the Captain with all his charm and charisma, successfully recruited the best Chief Mate in the business to join him, and they slowly upgraded their ship to a luxury cruiser together.

The entertainment and food on board is great. But the Captain is very selective with his passengers, and not only did he not sell tickets publicly, the cruiser’s whereabouts and when it docks for supplies are also a mystery to the world. He leave clues, so only the ones who find said clues will be able to find and board the cruiser during the short duration when it docks… I think the Captain is one who valued quality over quantity.

The Captain is not always aboard the cruiser; he sometimes goes on other ships (Minjoon, Jihope, Vmin, etc.), and freelance a bit, to help out his friends, whom he loves, and to also help out their company who owns all the ships.

When the Captain is absent, the Chief Mate takes over. Jungkook did not seem to care much about the number of passengers in the previous years, but recently, he probably thought it a waste that such a luxury cruiser remains mostly hidden from view, so when he gets the chance to take control, he drives the cruiser directly to port, blasts the music at full volume, and even hands out discount vouchers to as many as he can find, so people who had been paying attentions to the clues but had failed to find the vessel, AND people who previous had no idea of the existence of the cruiser can have an opportunity to board. The latter group of people would obviously be very critical and wonder if it’s all a hoax…

It was a rainy afternoon on 8 Nov 2017. And I was just wandering at port when I was attracted by Kookmin’s ad campaign “G.C.F in Tokyo”, it looked really good, so good that I could not pass the chance by, and so I boarded… And I think it’s about time I gave a review:

I need to report that I am still kinda stuck on this cruiser with good food, brilliant entertainment, great company, but I feel like both the Captain and the Chief Mate had no destination in mind just at present. They simply lure new passengers onto the cruiser, give them everything they need and want… BUT WE ARE JUST FLOATING AT SEA~~~~

Yeah, so, my only complaint is that I am confused why they are kidnaping us like this… Other than that, everything is beyond great. And if you don’t mind just enjoying the ride, do consider boarding. Either follow the trail left by Jimin, or get on board when Jungkook docks next.

Verdict: 💙💛💙💛💟 (four hearts and a half)

Disability/Chronic Illness Pity Porn in Life is Strange

(Spoilers ahead)

The entire alternate universe arc in Episode 4 where Chloe is wheelchair bound is very troubling, to say the least. The reveal of Chloe’s fate at the end of Episode 3 uses her wheelchair as a way to add shock value, and the rest of that arc is stuffed with pity porn serving only to guilt Max to ultimately decide that this is the worst-case-scenario.

The New Chloe is a living stereotype of people with a disability or chronic illness that able-bodied people fear. She loses all her personality and her punky hair color, she says over and over how she can’t be or have fun anymore, she has no hope for adaptation or change, and everyone including Chloe frames her as a huge burden. Without being able-bodied and well, New Chloe isn’t allowed, in this portrayal, to be fun, quirky, reckless, cool, or lively. This is also framed as a devastating loss for Max, who ultimately has no choice but to abandon this timeline.

People living with disabilities or chronic illnesses are full people with a wide range of expression and personality and interests. They don’t exist to burden those around them, and they definitely deserve to see endings that are more than just assisted suicide versus abandonment.

5 reasons you MUST read The Subtle Art of Not Giving a F*ck by Mark Manson

1. You feel like you don’t have any mentor or somebody to guide you

Originally posted by deceptivelips

Rarely, if you’re lucky, you come across a teacher or a senior who greatly impacts your life by changing your ideas and perspectives about everything and by imparting wisdom and knowledge you know you won’t find easily or never at all if it wasn’t for them. This book is just that. 

2.  You are at a turning point in life

Whether it is graduating school/college, shifting jobs/countries, making a life changing decision, or having a life crisis, this book will equip you with a mindset that will prove to be highly beneficial. 

3. You have recently failed at something and are unable to deal with that or a past failure

Failure is daunting and while we know it is important and forms stepping stones to eventual success, it’s still hard to deal with it and take it in our stride. This book helps with just that. 

4.  You feel highly demotivated and uninspired

You may come across uncountable inspirational quotes and posts online which you hope may help but in all honesty they never do, or at least they never have any lasting impact. This book, because of it’s fresh and solid content helps in ways you would not imagine a book could.

Originally posted by parliamentarysovereigntyvsduguit

5. You want to define words like happiness, success and purpose for yourself by yourself and deeply care about personal values. 

The Subtle Art of Not Giving a F*CK will tell you why your value system is important. It will tell you how to use that to build your ideas of happiness and success. It will explain why these two concepts are something most humans merely chase but never achieve. 

Life (2017) Review

For all of you thinking that this is a ‘Venom’ prequel, you can bugger off! For everyone else, enjoy my review! *wink wink*

Plot: A team of scientists aboard the International Space Station discover a rapidly evolving life form, that caused extinction on Mars, and now threatens the crew and all life on Earth.

A mixture of ‘Alien’ and ‘Gravity’, ‘Life’ is about the survival against the unknown, which can be connected to our modern world, with Brexit and Trump’s America going on, we are currently at the stage of the unknown; we don’t know what happens next. So time wise this movie have been released at the right stage, however at the same time you can say that it was released at the wrong time, since this being an ‘Alien’-rip-off (that’s what it is, no point arguing), it’s strange that it comes out 2 months away from an actual ‘Alien’ film (’Alien: Covenant’). From a box office profit perspective, not the best marketing ploy. They should have either released this last year or in 2018. But hey, that doesn’t matter now, let’s talk about the movie itself.

Not going to lie, I kind of dug this film. It did a great job at developing characters and making you care for them before gruesomely killing them off. In other words it was a massive ‘f*** you’ from the writers to the audience everytime someone died. The visuals in this film were actually very decent, and the alien itself was done in a very cool way. Usually in films like this, the alien creature goes on a massive murderous massacre for the sport of it, however in this film the alien fights the human character more out of survival purposes, as it’s woken up in this new place, and it’s natural instinct is to defend itself. However by the end of the film, yes, the alien becomes a massive prick, killing people left and right like it just doesn’t care!

Performances are all great here, however I can’t say that it was thanks to the actors that these characters were so good, but more like the characters were really well written and the actors happened to perfectly fit their roles. Jake Gyllenhaal, an actor who always brings his A-game as evidenced by ‘Nightcrawler’, ‘Prisoners’, ‘Donnie Darko’, ‘Enemy’, ‘Nocturnal Animals’…you catch my drift, brings yet again a good performance here, however I have to admit, he was probably the weaker character compared to his fellow crew members, and that might be due to the fact that he doesn’t really do much at the beginning of the film, so you don’t end up caring for his character that much. I mean, you’re only rooting for the guy because he is Jake Gyllenhaal, and not that he is this space astronaut. Rebecca Ferguson continues her strong act from ‘Mission Impossible: Rogue Nation’ by giving one of the stand out performances of the film as this person who’s soul duty is to to not let anything dangerous get down to Earth, and she really did a good job at showing her determination and motivation in this. Ryan Reynolds also happens to be in this, possibly having one of the most strongest and powerful scenes in the entire film, and, mind I say, possibly steals the whole show. Ariyon Bakare, who you might know from the ‘Life’ trailers as the guy who’s hand gets screwed over by the alien, has a very prominent role in this film, and I have to say that you should look out for him more in future films, as this guy definitely has talent. And his character was generally very interesting, as he plays someone who has a disability with his legs, and the way the film deals with this by always having all the characters float with no gravity, it was a nice and interesting contrast to his character. Hiroyuki Sanada plays a Japanese astronaut, and I just happened to feel sorry for him when it got to the end of the film, as he sort of gets himself into a slight pickle at the end of the movie and kind of messes up the entire thing causing some innocent deaths, even though all he was trying to do was escape from that bastard of an alien. Olga Dihovichnaya plays the space station captain, and yes, she happens to be Russian (I feel really patriotic right now!), and I really liked her character, as she always acted very professional and intelligent during the film, even during the most critical hours, and the way her character progresses in the end, you can’t help but have respect for her.

As I was saying earlier, the visuals are very strong in this film, and so is the cinematography. There is an entire 7 minute long one-shot tracking sequence at the beginning of the film that shows the crew at work as they try to capture the space capsule that’s travelling to Earth from Mars, that’s very impressive to look at. Daniel Espinosa, the director of the film, is definitely the star here, as even though this isn’t the most original concept, he tries to make something fresh and new out of it. And the way the film ended I found to be more than satisfying, and I feel like ‘Alien: Covenant’ has to do something amazing to make me prefer it to ‘Life’ as I really liked this film. Probably my favourite thing about the film as a whole is the use of sound, with the eery score always giving subtle hints and suggestions by the drastic tone changes, and in terms of building suspense and tension, it was perfect. Talk about a horror film done well!

Overall score: 8/10

TOP MOVIE QUOTE: “I miss my f****** dog. Goodnight!”

GOT7 Fan-fic. Rec.

 So, since I’ve read like 80% of fics in the Got7 fandom, I though I’d do a fic rec, to help you (potential reader) and so that I finally can have a list of my favorite fics. These are not all the fics I’ve read, just the first ones that came to my mind. Also most of it consist of JJP, but I will add more pairings as I go! This list is not yet complete, I’m working on completing it, it just takes a lot of time to search for these fics. None of these fics are mine, all credits go to the amazing authors! The only things that are mine, are the little reviews after each fic! Good read! :)

M = Mature / Explicit
W = Trigger Warning
♡ = fave

                                           !still under editing!

Jaebum / Jinyoung

* M - Anteroom by minhyukie

Summary: How do you act around your ex with your child in the other room? It’s been almost a year and a half, and Jinyoung has yet to figure it out.

Review: soooo goood!! It’s extremely angsty but its so worth it! The growth of the character is portrayed really well, the side characters are awesome and such an important part of everything, I loved it so much! Also kid!yugyeom is always a plus! ♡♡♡♡♡♡♡♡♡♡♡♡♡♡♡♡

*M - Jaebum’s Color Theory by pepijr

Summary: Jinyoung is a film studies professor trying to get promoted and Jaebum does his best to help.

Review: Alright, in this one Jaebum is the cutest but dumbest human being. Like he’s really dense but it’s so on point and it’s so lovable it’s unreal. Everything is perfect about this one.♡♡♡♡♡♡♡♡♡♡♡♡♡♡♡♡♡♡ 

*M - Meet The Parents by pepijr

Summary: Jinyoung loves Jaebum, and Jaebum loves him back, but a single note makes him question everything.

Review: It’s a continuation of Jaebum’s Color Theory, thank god the author has decided to bless us with more of this universe! It’s still ongoing but it’s just as good as the first one if not better! ♡♡♡♡♡♡

*M - The Park Family Recipe by pepijr

Summary: Jaebum and Jinyoung meet after six years with a lot more baggage than they remember.

Review: Another single dad!Jinyoung au (well kinda, Hyunjin is his little brother but he takes care of him). Jinyoung has a lot of problems but orphan!Jaebum is ready to fight for the family he choose. 

*M - bdsm quiz by okjb

Summary: jjp take a bdsm quiz and come to some interesting self-discoveries

Review: this one is pure smut lol

*M - Nora’s Dairies by pepijr

Summary: In which Nora makes sure that Jinyoung and Jaebum meet in every life.

Review: ♡♡♡♡♡♡♡♡

*M - Take All Of Me by fishcake

Summary: It has bothered Jaebum since the day he could comprehend it.

Review: We need more omega!Jaebum in our life. ♡♡

* M - bloom by subsequence

Summary: Jaebum may have learned to accept his role as future king, but accepting this new role — the thought makes him sick to his stomach.If he could have, Jaebum would have chosen any other way to present as an omega.(Or: Omegaverse Arranged Marriage AU featuring Princes!JJP and a cast of loudmouth extras.)

Review: So good???? Like this one is right up my ally, I just fucking love everything about this one. Seriously, do yourself a favor and read it. ♡♡♡♡♡♡♡♡♡♡♡♡♡♡♡♡♡♡♡♡♡♡♡♡♡♡♡♡

* M - Playboy by comingbacktoyou

Summary: Jaebum’s intentions are obvious. Jinyoung doesn’t get the hint.

Review: HOLY HOLY OH MY. Jaebum is a producer who’s desperate for dick, Jinyoung is a new artist acting all prude bUT JUST WAIT FOR IT. Cute Markson in the bg. ♡♡♡♡♡♡♡

* M - The Tiger and the Duke by foxxing

Summary: Im Jaebum is the richest man in the country under forty, content to mess around and skirt the headlines as a cutthroat businessman and casual playboy. Park Jinyoung is a graduated English Literature major, content with (in Jackson’s words) his boring life working at a restaurant and writing poetry. When their worlds collide over a spilled cup of coffee, Jinyoung learns there’s a lot more to life than the secrets of his past and the safety of library books.

Review: This one is literally a JJP classic. Long af but sooo worth the read. The characters really just grow on you, even if they are dumb af sometimes :( also GREAT SMUT

* M - Wilder by Sugarbowl

Summary: Newly graduated, Jinyoung is determined to try new things. New parties, new boys, and when Mark asks for a favor, even volunteering as a counselor at summer camp. But new experiences can get complicated, and he quickly finds himself a little out of his depth.

Review: Another classic. I live for the sex scene in at the end. Jaebum is confused and doesn’t know how to stand up for himself and Jinyoung is jealous af but also kind of insecure. But they make a great pair together :’). ALSO great smut (!), awesome Markson and cute af Yugbam plus a bunch of great Kpop cross overs (!!).

* M - Charade by Sugarbowl

Summary: Jaebum and Jinyoung walk parallel paths in many ways, but Jaebum isn’t interested in their intersection. Jaebum struggles to support his young son on his own, while everything seems to come easy for wealthy, charming Jinyoung. But when they’re forced to partner for a project, Jaebum finds himself a bit more willing, and much more in need.

Review: Another great fic by Sugarbowl. It’s still ongoing but this fic is so beautiful. Both Jaebum’s and Jinyoung’s feelings are portrayed extremely well and the way they come together is beautiful. Plus kid!Yugyeom is adorable. ♡♡

* M - Citation by KingJackson

Summary: When the one book he needs for an important term paper has to remain in the campus library, Jinyoung catches the eye of Jaebum, a library assistant.

Review: Another classic. Jinyoung is dumb af in this fic, I literally was on the verge of screaming while reading this. But luckily Jaebum is soft af, so everything works out in the end :DD Great smut is always a plus! ♡

* M - Flux by foxxing

Summary: Jinyoung doesn’t love him back.

an AU where jaebum and jinyoung have been best friends for their entire lives, and where jaebum has always been irrevocably in love with him but somehow, jinyoung just doesn’t seem to get it.

Review: Another fic that makes me scream. LIKE SERIOUSlY WTF. My heart ached so much during this fic :( But as always everything works out but man, this was an emotional ride for me. ♡

* M - Compas Calling by Sugarbowl

Summary: Prince Jinyoung is destined for a lifetime of luxury, until he’s shoved in a trunk and accidentally abducted. Im Jaebum clawed his way out of poverty to captain a pirate ship and… not much else, actually. Jinyoung could be his first real treasure, if Jaebum could just figure out how holding someone for ransom actually works.


* M - A certain Romance by foxxing

Summary: By day, he’s a top-rated babysitter. By weekends he’s an x-rated escort. These things are generally kept separate, until the day his weekend regular gets his phone number by recommendation and calls for an emergency babysitter. The problem is that Jaebum doesn’t know that Junior the escort is also Jinyoung the babysitter.

In which Jaebum and Jinyoung know each other in the biblical sense but maybe want to get to know each other, too.

Review: okay this fic is like really hot and kid!yugyeom is back at it with being adorable :’)♡♡

* Unless by gotchick

Summary: jaebum had always been mark’s best friend, while jinyoung was mark’s kid brother. (high school au)

Review: Really cute au, the progress of growing up is portrayed well and realistically. (Spoiler! Honestly I live for the scene where JB throws a pillow on Jinyoung’s surprise boner to save him :‘DD )

* M - Wildcat by foxxing

Summary: No one really talks about it, but it’s a well known secret that Jaebum’s real vice is racing cars. Dangerous and incredibly illegal, street racing is the one thing Jaebum is good at (besides being the nation’s first pain in the ass) and has never been caught for. How he does it, nobody knows: Jaebum’s been caught for drugs, for stealing, for fighting, but it seems like the one thing the police can never pin him down for is the one thing he loves the most.

He represents everything that Jinyoung can’t stand, and Jinyoung hates him.

Review: this is some A+++++ smut right here. ♡

* W - the grandfather paradox by symmetrophobic

Summary: Jaebum locks himself in a cyclic normalcy of work, home, life, and the two people he now loves most in the world- his husband Jinyoung and six-year-old son Yugyeom. So when a mysterious teenager shows up in his life and messes all that up, to say that he’s just a little displeased by the change would be an understatement. But Jaebum soon discovers there’s more to this quiet, truthful boy than meets the eye, and knows that he has just about four days to find out why.

Review: Amazing fic, but my heart hurts so bad :(((((((((

* M - Prove it by Got7hearts

Summary: For as long as he can remember Jaebum has always been there, protecting him and taking care of him like the big brother he never had so what happens when Jaebum is pronounced an alpha and Jinyoung an omega and the air between the two suddenly shifts.

Review: Great A/B/O fic and hot af smut!

* Of duchebags and pretty boys by schoetheisrealaf

Summary:  "Dear Dog Biscuit,
Since you seem unable to understand the sign that clearly indicates that this parking space is to be exclusively used by the staff of this facility, I’ll kindly explain it to you again:
Until you’re an employee of the state who works his ass off for society only to get shit wages and the worst working hours you CAN’T USE THIS PARKING LOT, SO FUCK OFF!
Apart from that, have a nice day.
PS.: I hope you don’t have sex for a year. :)“


You steal my parking spot all the time and I was just heading out to leave a strongly worded note under your windshield wiper but oh no you’re hot AU
Starring Jinyoung the kindergarten teacher and Jaebum the (arrogant yet dorky) business man


* M - lagoon by gotchick

Summary: in elegant terms, jaebum is jinyoung’s sponsor. in inelegant terms, he’s jinyoung’s sugar daddy.

* M - Walls of Glass by hakka is_shadow, katamari

Summary: The city’s social structure is firm and unyielding–Alphas at the top, Betas in the middle, and Omegas as pliant, broken servants to the Alphas. When Im Jaebum, the heir of an old Alpha family suddenly finds his social position flipped, he’s thrown into a world of intrigue, deceit, and as the very unwilling servant to an even more unwilling Park Jinyoung.


* Come Soflty (to Me) 
by Sugarbowl

Summary: Jinyoung is new in town, and Jaebum is trouble. 50’s AU

* M - Spoor by maledict

Summary: It wasn’t odd, to present so late, but that wasn’t the problem.

Review: I don’t like to read canon fics, but this one was a great one.

* an apple a day by moonlikeyou

Summary: Doctor Park Jinyoung, star of Seoul Medical Centre’s paediatric department, is used to being treated by nothing less than starry-eyed adoration and respect. So, its no surprise that when Im Jaebum, a surgeon with maddeningly pretty twin moles, kicks him out of "his” operating room, Jinyoung gets a little mad.

Okay, maybe more than a little mad. But it’s all Im Jaebum’s fault anyway.


* M - Taint Me by Got7hearts

Summary: Jinyoung is seventeen when he falls in love with Jaebum, who is eight years older than him.

Review: Jaebum with piercing. That’s it. ♡♡

*M - This Christmas (I’ll give you my heart) by schoetheisrealaf

Summary: Jaebum and Jinyoung have a fight at the supermarket in the morning.
Jaebum and Jinyoung find out they’re arranged to be married in the evening.
Jaebum and Jinyoung fall in love, but only in time.


Shouting match over the last Christmas goose at the grocery store AU

Review: This is super cute. Best while listening to Confession. :'3

* M - Smoke and Mirrors by hakkais_shadow

Summary: This was not the birthday present that Im Jaebum was expecting…

Review: Mafia au and hot af smut… ♡♡

* M - I Don’t Fucking Care (At All) by wonwoozi

Summary: “Your boyfriend’s hot when he plays.” Jackson mumbles to him as he slips an arm behind Jinyoung, hand finding purchase on the edge of the wooden bartop, his fingers gripping the ribbed edge.

“He’s not my boyfriend.” Jinyoung replies instinctively and gives Jackson a routine jab to the ribs. “And that’s my line, by the way.” He adds as his eyes trail over to Mark, sat behind the drumkit with his face trained into a concentrated smirk, smashing every beat perfectly, hair positively dripping with sweat.

“Not my boyfriend either.”

* M - keep me warm by subsequence

Summary: The problem is that Jaebum…isn’t a cat. At least, not entirely. God, sometimes Jinyoung wishes it were that easy, wishes he could just leave out a bowl of food and water and maybe get his laptop keyboard used as a napping spot when he was supposed to be working and have a simple owner-pet relationship.Instead, Jinyoung has a romantic entanglement bordering on codependency and the worst case of blue balls he’s ever had.And Mark had said that getting a cat hybrid would be good for his blood pressure. What a joke.

Review: Another amazing work from subsequence. Every time I read the part where Jaebum swats at Jinyoung’s dick, I just can’t stop laughing. :’DD♡♡♡♡

*M - Human Nature by cutiepiemarkeu

Summary: Jaebum accidentally summons an incubus and his boyfriend Jinyoung walks in on the two of them almost getting their freak on. Arguments ensue and JJProject are stuck with an incubus they can’t get rid of - but how do they deal with his attractiveness and the overwhelming urge to have sex with him?

Review: This is a 3-some featuring Mark. But the smut is so good, honestly. Really worth the read. ♡♡♡♡♡

Mark / Jackson

* The Prince Who Never Laughed by seitsemannen

Summary: Once upon a time, in a kingdom far, far away, lived a beautiful and kind prince named Mark, who after his mother’s loss never laughed again. That was until he met the brightly smiling apprentice of a glassblower, Jackson Wang.

Review: Such a great and quality fic! Honestly, this was such a good read I can only recommend it! ♡♡♡♡♡♡♡

* Twist by KingJackson

Summary: Mark knows Jinyoung. Jinyoung knows Jackson. Jackson hooks up with Jinyoung who also hooks up with Mark. Mark goes to hook up with Jinyoung and ends up also sleeping with Jackson. Jackson sometimes hooks up with Jaebum, but that isn’t important right now.

And they say romance is dead.

Review: All right so this fic is one hell of a mess, but a mess sent straight from heaven! The main pairing is Markson and Markjin (it’s complicated) but there’s end game Markson and JJP, plus Jackson is an angel sent from heaven in this one! Don’t let the pairing discourage from reading this gem! ♡

* Private Show by Got7hearts

Summary: Mark likes to put on a show and Jackson loves to watch until he’s been caught.

Review: A+ smut.

* M - lapis lazuli by gotchick

Summary: in which mark is a businessman and jackson is a fencer.

Review: great fic with rich kinda arrogant but kinda insecure mark plus lots of smut!

* M - Playhouse by seitsemannen

Summary: All sorts of rumours surround the handsome Wang heir and the good-looking servants of his household, but no one seemed to know for sure, as no matter the price, the members were not willing to give the secrets of their Master up.

Mark doesn’t care for celebrities or rumours, except the one that says the Wang household pays several times more than the usual servant’s salary, so when there’s a job opening at the House, he goes for it. In the days and weeks spent at the House, Mark gets to know the members and finds out what of the ludicrous rumours were true and what weren’t. What he did not know to expect, however, is how good friends he would become with the other members of the House, and what’s worse, that he would fall in love with Jackson Wang.

Review: THE BEST. Multiple pairing but mostly Markson. Still ongoing but sooooo worth the read. also, long af. ♡♡♡♡♡♡♡♡♡♡

* never felt clean, your timing was perfect by jflawless

Summary: i.
jackson is five years old when he’s convinced he’s discovered the secret to love. it’s not much of a secret, he thinks, watching his parents exchange blatant “i love you”s only to quietly prove it later in subtle actions.

you like someone. you’re nice to them. they like you too. it’s the simplest thing he’ll ever do, he thinks, falling in love. a lot easier than tying his shoes or adding double digits or reading without his mom there to pronounce the really long words.

Jaebum / Jackson

* Just Smile Again by riots

Summary: Jackson’s been lowkey nursing this crush for years, but he never meant for Jaebum to ever find out. Mark and Jinyoung have other ideas. Also, they’re terrible friends.

* Face by jibootyjimin

Summary: @defsoul has started following @jiaerwang

(or an Instagram au in which famous Chinese rapper Jackson Wang acts like a complete fanboy over idol singer Im Jaebum)

Review: ♡♡

*Secret Little Rendezvous by seikou

Summary: “It’s all fun and games until your favorite idol notices you.”

(or: Im Jaebum is an Idol and Jackson Wang is a Fanboy.)

Review: ♡♡

* Fluffy Tales by wildandsexy

Summary: Jackson Wang’s Definitive List of Things Im Jaebum, Roommate, Cat Hybrid and Grump Extraordinaire Does and Does Not Like:

• Hoodies
• The one table on the library’s second floor by the big window (direct sunlight all morning) (it’s basically heaven on Earth)
• Nap time (usually at 11am) (and 12pm) (and 1pm) (and 2pm) (and 3pm)…

• Waking up
• Being awake in general
• Not being asleep
• Jackson Wang

Jackson Wang’s new roommate doesn’t even hate him. He 'nothings’ him. And that’s just something that Jackson can’t live with.


Past Life Readings and Other Readings by Willow!

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Please message me or send me a submission about these readings with your email, type of reading and what type of deck you wish for me to use (tarot, oracle or clow).

  • 5 Card Reading ($5.00): Early Life, Teenage Life, Young Adult Life, Adult Life, and Late Life.
  • 10 Card Reading ($8.00): All of the 5 card with additional How People Saw You, How you saw yourself in this life, purpose in life, if you met one of your soulmates and how this past life effects you in your current life
  • 13 Card Reading ($10.00): All of the previous 10 with additional General Time, General Place and Social appearance/stance in this life
  • 15 Card Reading ($11.50): All 13 cards previously with the addition of a Dream/Hope and Fear from this past life and what it meant

Past Life Reviews:

Energy Reading

My Energy Readings:

My energy readings are not the same as aura readings, I will read your energy via what visions I get, imagery, sounds, smells, tastes and feelings. I type out my readings while I experience them (likely with my eyes closed) and will go back through to correct spelling errors before sending. Sometimes these readings delve into divination other times they don’t. I will then take what I see, feel and witness and interpret it more deeply for you and send that.

Reading Price:

Each reading will be $6.50 via paypal

Tarot Readings

  • One Card Reading ($1.00): I will draw a single card from my deck and use it to interpret your question accordingly. I will attach an image of the card you got along with my reading.
  • Three Card Reading ($2.50): I will draw three cards usually pertaining to Past, Present, and Future but you may choose a more specific three if you wish according to your question. I will attach an image of the cards in the spread along with the reading.
  • Five Card Reading ($5.00): This reading will be based off of the basic cross reading spread layout. I will interpret your past, present, future, hidden factors and a possible outcome from the present pertaining to your question. I will send you an image of the spread with the reading.
  • Ten Card Reading ($8.75): This reading will be using the Celtic Ten/Celtic Cross spread: The Present, Immediate Challenge, Distant Past, Recent Past, Best Possible Outcome, Immediate Future, Hidden Factors or Emotions, External Influences, Hopes and Fears, and Final Outcome. I will send you an image of the spread with the reading.
  • Custom or Chosen Spread: You may IM me on this one to determine what other spread options I have that may work or relate better to your question and then we can discuss price.
  • Communication Spread: You may IM on this so we can discuss what entity you wish to communicate better with (guide, guardian, angel, entity, deity, etc) what questions you have for them, what spread options I have, how long it may take, other necessary items that may be needed, and then we will discuss a price.
  • Additional Cards: I can add additional cards to a reading, spread or even do a second spread for you but this will be an additional price. You may IM me to discuss the price of additional cards, spreads and questions.

Colormancy Reading

  • One Card ($1.00): I will use my colormancy cards and draw one card from the deck to use the color of it to interpret your question accordingly. I will attach an image of the colored card with the reading.
  • Two Card ($1.50): I will draw two colored cards, one for the current situation/cause and the second for the solution to approach it. I will attach an image of the colored cards with the reading.
  • Three Card ($2.00): I will draw three colored cards from my deck and interpret them as: past and cause, current situation, solution/immediate future. I will attach an image of the cards with the reading.

Crystal Throwing

How the reading will work:

I will receive your question(s) and then using them as a guide will throw the crystals I draw onto my grid. I will interpret the patter, placement and the crystals correspondences to give you a detailed reading. I will also take a picture of the grid and the crystals upon it.


The price for a standard crystal reading will be $5.00 and for every additional throwing or question you would like to add is another $2.00.

I also have an option for if you want a Large Throwing consisting of answering 5 questions and taking the use of many more crystals than a standard throwing it is $11.50.

Pendulum Readings

  • One Question = $1.00
  • Each additional Question = $1.00
  • 5 Question Bundle = $4.50
  • 10 Question Bundle = $9.00
  • Spirit or Entity Communication = IM me to discuss possible price depending on entity/spirit, length of reading and number of questions

Dream Interpretation 

IM me for details