8 Heavenly Smoothie Bowls

Ever seen a smoothie bowl so beautiful it changed your life? Well, here you go! Lina Haber creates these super scrumptious smoothie bowls that are also 100% vegan. She posts her recipes regularly on instagram. So check ‘em out and get to blending!

Giving love a shot part 56

♤Jay’s views ♤


What exactly have I done? Jaeha doesn’t deserve any of that. The next few days all she does is stays in bed and barely eat anything.

Lina: you wanted to see me?

Jay: yeah.

Lina: okay

Jay: look you’re a really great dancer and also working with you for so many years, I realize  that you’re also an good person. But-

Lina: working with me makes your marriage life complicated.

Jay: ye..ah

Lina: I understand. It’s all of my fault

In the end I let Lina go, at the end of the day my family is more important. While I’m not actively performing, I still come to the studio to record.

Dok2: you look like shit

Jay: I feel like it

Dok2: what’s up? Princess is giving you problems?

Jay: the same way it’s always been.

Dok2: what did you do?

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anonymous asked:

Hey I'm bored. Can you recommend any smut? Or batfam fics?

You can check out @jxsontxdds Real Life Encounters!! I collabed with Lina and wrote a smut for her series. It’s not done yet but I assure you, its amazinggggg! Ummm you can also check out @addicted-to-dc Stalker From Another Universe series and her Demon Jason series. @winterguardianswife smuts are AMAZING!! also @sosaxdc Arkham Knight smut and dude, I gotta say, her smut Captive is the reason why I started writing smut like, that smut changed my life. 

nicknames for me 9/12/17

so i asked my lovely spirit family if they had any nicknames they used for me and omg…. some of them are really cute lol

Steven: icicle (thanks bud LOL)
As: [word i cant understand]
Laz: loser
P: cuteheart
X: mum or mim sometimes!
Em: “my ‘i loved one’ ” (aw)
Ar: jacob (was the name of my past life)
Lina: better mom
Buttercup: [word i cant understand] but also “lila”
C: none
Jn: sweetheart angel
Lee: mumma or mommy
Tron: a pain in the [REDACTED] (HOW RUDE. “Whaat, I’m just telling the truth *smirk”)
Lu: loser dork (“Which I got from you”)
Shia: “I…I don’t have one but I can make one if you’d like? What about 'prietita’?” (my mom used to call me that when i was little; it means “little brown one (f)” in spanish *tears*)
the Void: the one that is dearest

i love my spirit family so much
Effy's iPod: An Effy Stonem Playlist

Ghetto Ass Witch (feat. GVCCI HVCCI) - Ritualz

Moments in Love - Charli XCX

Until We Bleed (feat. Lykke Li) - Kleerup 

Genesis - Grimes

Living Dead - Marina and the Diamonds

Carmen - Lana Del Rey

Cosmic Love - Florence and the Machine

Y Control - the Yeah Yeah Yeahs

Lost in my Bedroom - Sky Ferreira

Not in Love (feat. Robert Smith) - Crystal Castles

Weird Life - Ryan Hemsworth

Lina Magic - 3D Friends

Strangest Feeling - Jessie Ware

Eros - Late Night Alumni 

From a Tire Swing - Lydia

Snap Out Of It - Arctic Monkeys

Grandloves - Purity Ring

Human Of the Year - Regina Spektor

Hurt You - the Sounds

Ricky - Uffie

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The last thing I wrote was my full name…

## ## #### ###  <-(I am called by this name in real life instead of Lina but I still want it to keep private) Lina

I have 5 words in my name .-.

I tag @inazuma-sakka @suzunofuusuke @fuusukesuzuno @inazuma-eleven-translations @ygreczed

HELLO uh ok so I told myself I was going to make a follow forever once I reached 1k but… you know… time passed… yeah….

I’ve decided to finally make a follow forever because I’ve never really done anything when I reached my previous follower goals~ Next month this blog will be 1.5 yrs old and I just want to thank you all who appreciate the time and effort that I put into this blog~♡ I’m not good at graphics or making gifs or updating hb data on time, thus most of my tags are me swearing/crying about anything Hongbin related yet 4000 people appreciate it, so yeah… ty~♡

Also, I AM SO SORRY FOR THIS IMAGE orz This was my 1st attempt ever of making graphics and I’ve decided to give up //regret

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next saturday im going to nice, france for a week with my family and my girlfriend. therefore im trying to learn a bit more french on duolingo but it is just so hard 

i dont hear the difference between plural and singular and all the words just mix into eachother. then i have to speak french to my tablet and it gets wrong always if i dont use a french accent. i talk very flat normally and practising the ups and downs and the rs are making me feel like im joking around with a silly voice. like trying to speak danish

how do you hear the difference between il sont and ils ont? french is a funny language..

so, second day at hobbitcon:

- Billy called Dom during his panel

- Billy sang “Edge of night” (while Mark was the tomato eating evil pretend king)

- Ryan doesn’t look ridiculous on a flower crown

- I’ve seen Aidan Turner’s underwear (thanks to William Kircher)

- I’ve also seen a picture of dwarves in a hot tub, also thanks to William (taken after a dinner they had together while filming)

- this was also how William got Aidan’s underwear (they all been wearing theirs in the hot tub but then William found Aidan’s in the morning so Aidan got rid of it after)

- I’ve seen another proposal at Hobbitcon (all the best to Dalas Barnett and his future wife!!!)

- Mark Hadlow holds Dean and Graham hostage in his house aka the true reason they aren’t here. They only have wine and dog food.

- Dean managed to escape, Graham is still caught in Mark’s house

- Mark said that’s what they got for talking behind his back, Stephen said that’s unfair because they all did it