what if parties in real life were like the sims when socializing isn’t really a priority so the only people you know that you can invite are your boss, the kid that brings the newspaper, the fireman you met when you burnt your macaroni, and some guy named jeff

i just slept 22h so literally slept thru our most recent hair drama but i just wanna say this. no one expects a community like this one that’s made up from ppl of so wildly different backgrounds to share politics. that said, video games aren’t created or played in a cultural vacuum and that’s smth that goes for all game genres, let alone life simulation ones like the sims. this community, which has had this exact same conversation countless times, with black players saying stuff like this reflects real world attitudes that affect them daily, is now yet again collectively rushing to yell ‘it’s just a game!’. the real killer here is that anyone who disagrees is getting dismissed as an ‘sjw’ or w/e other dog whistle term is currently in vogue, while we’re all hilariously still acting like the issue isn’t about politics at all. 

the minute things get slightly uncomfortable bc the ‘real world’ invades our magical remote game-time we all run to this delusion that the ways we entertain ourselves are somehow above all criticism bc ‘it’s not real’, even tho the fact that we’re having the conversation in the first place would suggest otherwise. im not trying to attack anyone or call anyone out, i just wanna point out this counterproductive community-wide attitude about shit like that. everything is political, everything is informed by real world social conditions, and real world social conditions are fucked up. pretending that’s not the case and depoliticizing the conversation by saying ‘it’s just a game!’ is not only dishonest, it’s also very ugly.

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1.) UM!!! THERE ARE A LOT OF BBYS I NEED IN MY LIFE? like @sandy-sims & @our-dazed-sims bc you’re both saints, @kismet-sims & @bratsims bc you’re both babes and you make me smile a shit ton thank u for exsisting, @mummasim @witch-hammers @cupidjuice @mysimblruniverse @thecactus bc i live for your content and u seem bomb, and @maxvillareal @simtrovart @sim-bubble bc you are lil angels from above ok.

there a 10/10 chance i have missed ppl honestly i love you all

3.) the last text i sent was this gif w/out context you’re welcome

I’ve said this before, but I really wish some other company would make a decent “life simulator” game like The Sims, because EA is so lazy / cash-grabbing with it.

Your thoughts do not define who you are. Thoughts are generated by what we see, hear, do and by subconscious messages from our Higher Self that help aid us in self growth. Thoughts are like clouds on a sky. They are always forming, moving on. Be like the sky and don’t hold attachment to any one thought. And if you do, and it hurts, cry and release your tears like rain. And like the rain does for the ground, your tears will help you heal and grow.

Having “bad” thoughts, I.e thoughts that make you judge yourself, is normal. It does not mean you are a bad person because you think of things that you or anyone else would judge you for.

Please, place your hand over your heart and take a few deep breaths. Smile. Then smile deeper, it’s ok. Feel a sense of Joy wash over you. It takes time. Practice. This will help you stop judging yourself. First, stop affirming to yourself things about you that you dislike. Retrain your mind. Every time you shame yourself, judge yourself or say/think anything not nice about you or another I want you to stop. Say “cancel that.” Then take what you said and say the opposite. Take that judgment, that doubt, that fear, that anger, that shame out and replace it with kind words. Our minds fall into patterns or habits and with diligent work can be “retrained”, for lack of a better word. Do not affirm negative things about you or another. Take those words instead and make them compassionate. Start first with yourself and then give that compassion to others. Breathe. There is nothing wrong with you. You are simply learning, experiencing how to be You. You already Know who You Are, it’s about Remembering.

Inside us there are two voices, the loud painful one that if we allow ourselves to, we can get trapped listening to. And the quiet one in the back of our minds, that knows what’s right for us and that we might ignore sometimes because the loud one hurts to not listen to. Well let me tell you this. It fucking sucks to not listen to your Ego mind. But each time you don’t listen, it grows quieter. Each time you trust your Intuition, it grows louder. Your intuition is YOU. It’s who YOU ARE. You are not your body or your mind, you are Inside your Heart. You exist outside this All, Infinitely. You are literally One with All & the All. Get it? You’re so much bigger than all of this. So take it, take that You that’s bigger than this and Live through it. Bring it down here to your Now, to every moment you are in and BE You. Being You means slowly stripping away all that you put on yourself, all that you accepted when others and the world placed labels and definitions on you, all the labels and dogmas, and just Be who you are underneath it. Bring the Soul into full Consciousness inside your Body. Live as a Harmonious HUEman. Don’t be afraid of your Feelings. Yes, some are scary. Some hurt A LOT. I don’t go out of my way anymore to read things or see things that make me sad. My purpose here isn’t as an activist or warrior. I’m here more as an Anchor for Love. I am not Loves warriors, Bless them All so dearly. I Am Loves Anchor. I simply hold a frequency for Higher Light Frequrncies, everything in the Universe is a series of frequencies and geometric patterns. And so so much more than our human Self can grasp currently. But I still do get sad and upset and anxious. I just use it differently now. I have stopped hating myself for how I feel, or for being me or making mistakes and have instead begun taking care of myself and being kind to myself when I am struggling. We don’t struggle for no reason. It’s all a part of us growing, always growing in Love & Compassion. So when I feel sad or lonely or anxious or bad or scared, I send Love to myself and to everyone else. I just send the feeling of Love, out to me and everything. I no longer let myself entertain thoughts I know aren’t true. I don’t double guess them anymore and think, “what if?” I did that for years and I suffered so much. I realized that it’s the thoughts that make me feel good that define me, that are part of my Truth. It’s the ones that feel good that I’m meant to follow. So, while painful or scary or sad thoughts still enter my mind, I observe them now. Do they hold a purpose for my growth? If so, I figure it out and release it with Love and I heal and grow. If not, I release it with Love and I grow. It isn’t about stopping the thoughts, it’s about Observing them without attaching who you Are and how you Feel into the ones you do not like.

We all play our role in this Earth game we call Life. This life is but a sinducation reality, a virtual reality game your Soul and many other Souls play to grow. You truly are bigger than you know. You have and are Living so many different Lives, some you can barely imagine. And you have set the stage for it. Prior to being born you created your Avatar, you and your Soul Family decided who would play what role in your Earth Life. You chose certain experiences to have and experiences you needed to Expand. In short, Life on Earth is like Sims to your Soul. It’s so funny, it’s always As Above, So Below.

You are Love, experiencing itself as the Universe. You are the Universe experiencing itself as You. And You and everyone else are all Love, you are all Source, simply experiencing itSelf in a myriad of ways. So we are truly One. Yet we are still Is and Unique. We are a Consciousness Collective. As we each dive within to heal and Love ourselves, we expand in Light Consciousness. As we each heal, we expand in Light. We Become who we Are Meant to Be. Who we Truly Are.

You have a purpose in this Life that transcends this Life alone and is part of who You Are. Focus on Renembering You. Focus on healing You. On being Love. Be Love.

I Am Love. The most powerful affirmation.

I Am Love.

I Am Light.

I am Divine Light

I Am That I Am.

It begins inside. Turn within. Allow your Higher Self to begin guiding you on your Journey. You are all So Love.

I love you.

We Love You.

You are more than you have chosen to accept yourself as. Choose to Feel, to Be, to Live Higher. Dive forward into Yourself, and Take charge of Your Life. Be Everything You want to Be.

And if you don’t know where to start, simply begin asking yourself. Talk to your intuition, to your Angels, your Guides, your Higher Self, Your Soul, your Subconscious, Source (God). Whichever. Start asking the questions and watch for the answers. If you Look closely, you will See.


Help me build a village! Village Monsters is live on Kickstarter

Oh, hello! Big news!

The Village Monsters Kickstarter is now live!

If you enjoy life sim games like Animal Crossing or Stardew Valley then Village Monsters is absolutely the game for you. Please check it out!

okay but no could you imagine getting high with all the boys like youre just hanging out with them and michael pulls out a pipe and a bag of weed and goes lady and gents I have the narcotics and you all just laugh at how dumb he is and he packs it and looks around the circle and goes who wants to take the first hit and he stops at you and dramatically hands you the pipe and goes YOU ARE THE CHOSEN ONE and you make some crack about him already being high but you take the lighter and pipe and take a hit and pass it and by the time you guys finish youre all high as fuck and youre laying on your back staring at the ceiling which has glow in the dark stars plastered on it and luke says something really dumb like what if our life is actually like sims and someone is controlling us and everyone starts laughing and ashton cant stop giggling and calum is just making witty remarks at everyone and michael is laughing to the point of crying and luke is laughing so hard hes silent and youre just enjoying yourself and calum just yells WAIT LETS GO GET FROYO so you all walk down the street to the frozen yogurt place and all of you would have red eyes and everyone working there would know you guys were high but who the hell cares and youd all be so loud and obnoxious on the walk back and you guys would end up passing out on the floor cause when youre high it feels hella comfortable youd wake up and luke would have his arms wrapped around you and calum would have his head on your stomach and ashton would have his head right by yours and michael would have his legs slung over yours and wOW CAN I PLEASE GET HIGH WITH THE BOYS

Imagine your OTP playing a life simulation game (like The Sims). Person A makes and controls a character based on Person B, and vice versa. (OT3 Bonus: A plays as B, B plays as C, C plays as A).

Bonus if your OTP is the same sex: They want their characters to be married, but the game won’t allow same-sex marriage. They argue over who will be the bride and who will be the groom.

Why can’t life be more like The Sims? You want some pizza? Sell your god damn window. You wanna date some dude? Go for it. You wanna date some girl? Go for it. You wanna cheat death? Tell the Grim Reaper a joke 14 times. Need money? Just put in a cheat code. Don’t wanna go to school? Place a fucking plant in front of the door.

I love sims cuz like even though your sims are doing completely regular things and just living their simulated life just like any other sim they have backstories, sure they’re mostly made up in your head and when they happen in game they really don’t mean anything to your sims but for real it’s like a crazy movie plot or something. like right now I have a sim who has an infant daughter, she traveled to the future after her boyfriend denied the baby was his and now she’s raising her daughter in the future, and when the daughter is an adult she’s going to find out that she’s really from the past and be angry that her mother has lied to her her entire life, in a fit of rage she’ll travel back in time and find that living in the past isn’t quite what she thought it would be. she’ll realize her mom lied to her for her own good, so she’ll go back to the future but the future will be different, something will have changed and it will be dystopian, she won’t be able to find her mom. realizing she made a horrible mistake she’ll go back to the past and try to make things right, but will it work? see, none of this matters to the sims but in my head that is what’s happening and I think that is really cool, with sims you’re basically actively writing your own video game plot in the most boring way possible.