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risky asks; 1 and 3!

1.) UM!!! THERE ARE A LOT OF BBYS I NEED IN MY LIFE? like @sandy-sims & @our-dazed-sims bc you’re both saints, @kismet-sims & @bratsims bc you’re both babes and you make me smile a shit ton thank u for exsisting, @mummasim @witch-hammers @cupidjuice @mysimblruniverse @thecactus bc i live for your content and u seem bomb, and @maxvillareal @simtrovart @sim-bubble bc you are lil angels from above ok.

there a 10/10 chance i have missed ppl honestly i love you all

3.) the last text i sent was this gif w/out context you’re welcome

I’ve said this before, but I really wish some other company would make a decent “life simulator” game like The Sims, because EA is so lazy / cash-grabbing with it.

sooo since i made some mario kart headcanons i made some more house stark  video games headcanons with the help of @shiranuii

  • Starks are overall a Nintendo family cause games are made for several players so they can easily take turns
  • However Robb, Jon and Arya also like Playstation games while Bran is the indie pc games gamer and Rickon goes nowhere without his 3DS
  • There’s an ongoing agreement that xbox sucks but Theon says he wants one to be edgy. But he doesn’t get enough pocket money. Jon neither
  • Sansa isn’t a hardcore player but put her in front of beautiful games and you can be sure to not see her for hours
  •  As well for life simulator games like the sims or animal crossing
  • Sansa would play dating simulators all day. The ones where you have a horse farm and there’s 5 hot guys and one has blue hair and they are all the same but she cries at the end of the story
  • Jon, Arya and Rickon share their love for horror games (to Cat’s terror and attempts to keep the lil baby away from them) and test how long the other members of the family can last playing them
  •  surprisingly or not Cat is the one who usually manages to play the longest and even finishes games
  • when a jumpscare happens she is mostly confused
  • Cat : ‘umm so who’s that can i talk to them? or do i have to fight them?’
  • Kids in the background : YES MUM AHHH YOU HAVE TO FIGHT THEM
  • and she’d make comments like 'oh, that wasn’t very nice, young man!’ when a zombie tears her character’s arm off
  • and you’d always think she is gonna die cause she’s so clueless
  • but then for some miraculous reason she aims super perfectly all the headshots just in time
  • Everyone :*stressed shaking and sweating after super close and creepy battle
  • Cat: ok so did i win? do i have enough money to buy the fire gun now?
  • Arya: you finished the game mum
  • Cat: What!? I wanted to buy that firethrower
  • everyone: …

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Imagine your OTP playing a life simulation game (like The Sims). Person A makes and controls a character based on Person B, and vice versa. (OT3 Bonus: A plays as B, B plays as C, C plays as A).

Bonus if your OTP is the same sex: They want their characters to be married, but the game won’t allow same-sex marriage. They argue over who will be the bride and who will be the groom.

Why can’t life be more like The Sims? You want some pizza? Sell your god damn window. You wanna date some dude? Go for it. You wanna date some girl? Go for it. You wanna cheat death? Tell the Grim Reaper a joke 14 times. Need money? Just put in a cheat code. Don’t wanna go to school? Place a fucking plant in front of the door.

I love sims cuz like even though your sims are doing completely regular things and just living their simulated life just like any other sim they have backstories, sure they’re mostly made up in your head and when they happen in game they really don’t mean anything to your sims but for real it’s like a crazy movie plot or something. like right now I have a sim who has an infant daughter, she traveled to the future after her boyfriend denied the baby was his and now she’s raising her daughter in the future, and when the daughter is an adult she’s going to find out that she’s really from the past and be angry that her mother has lied to her her entire life, in a fit of rage she’ll travel back in time and find that living in the past isn’t quite what she thought it would be. she’ll realize her mom lied to her for her own good, so she’ll go back to the future but the future will be different, something will have changed and it will be dystopian, she won’t be able to find her mom. realizing she made a horrible mistake she’ll go back to the past and try to make things right, but will it work? see, none of this matters to the sims but in my head that is what’s happening and I think that is really cool, with sims you’re basically actively writing your own video game plot in the most boring way possible.