When I saw this article I was like this is what happens when you build something in the Sims for the first time but don’t quite have a grasp of the scale. You start with a big box and fill it with rooms. Then you move a Sim in and it takes them two hours to go from the front door to the refrigerator.


Elsa 2.0

A more complete, hopefully-more-accurate version! :)

She comes with a lot of CC; you can pick and choose how much you want or install all via her sims3pack.

Genetics + Makeup


^ I have been unable to find the page/creator of this skirt. If anyone knows it, please link me and I will update the post! x

I use MasterController to disable clothing filters for swimwear & outerwear.

Sliders: I have included the sliders used for ease and to ensure she looks as shown. All credit goes to creators. <3

Download .sim

Download .sims3pack

Download sliders

Any questions or issues, please let me know! 

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I love sims cuz like even though your sims are doing completely regular things and just living their simulated life just like any other sim they have backstories, sure they’re mostly made up in your head and when they happen in game they really don’t mean anything to your sims but for real it’s like a crazy movie plot or something. like right now I have a sim who has an infant daughter, she traveled to the future after her boyfriend denied the baby was his and now she’s raising her daughter in the future, and when the daughter is an adult she’s going to find out that she’s really from the past and be angry that her mother has lied to her her entire life, in a fit of rage she’ll travel back in time and find that living in the past isn’t quite what she thought it would be. she’ll realize her mom lied to her for her own good, so she’ll go back to the future but the future will be different, something will have changed and it will be dystopian, she won’t be able to find her mom. realizing she made a horrible mistake she’ll go back to the past and try to make things right, but will it work? see, none of this matters to the sims but in my head that is what’s happening and I think that is really cool, with sims you’re basically actively writing your own video game plot in the most boring way possible.


Yes, another WIP. I have issues, I know but I needed these soo….I’m just going to blame annachibisims & Orangemittens sims4studioofficial

I will probably upload these tomorrow because right now I feel like binge watching PLL with the other half. If you have any feedback on these before I upload then do let me know so I can make changes

Edit: I just realised these could  actually be my 400+ followers gift so that’s now obviously the reason I made them, not because I have issues. That’s my story & I’m sticking to it.