So I’m watching Prisoner of Azkaban with my sister, and Hagrid is introducing the hippogriffs. She looks at me and says “a hypocrite?” Now all I can hear is Hagrid saying hypocrite.

First thing you want to know ‘bout hypocrites is they’re very proud creatures. Very easily offended. You do not want to insult a hypocrite. It may just be the last thing you ever do.”

I am going Hogwarts on his ass

So, part of my job is to interview clients about how they use our services, and then write a glowing press release about how great we are. Pretty straightforward. I send it to the client before posting it, mostly as a courtesy. This one client, Antonio, e-mailed me a week and a half after I sent it to him (and had subsequently posted it on our website because, srsly, can’t wait forever buddy) and he was like, “Oh, I hope you didn’t post this, I need to have all of these comments cleared with my superiors, I do not speak on behalf of the company.”

Really? Really? Because when I came to your office, I was like “Tell me these things and then I’ll put it into a press release.” That’s why I was there.

So I took it down and waited for his approval. That was almost three weeks ago. I called him three times last week and left voicemails, and I’ve emailed him a few times, and heard NOTHING. I am officially going Hogwarts-letter on his ass. I am calling and e-mailing every. single. goddamn. day. until he gets back to me. Antonio, do not Dursley me and try to pretend I don’t exist and I’ll go away if you ignore me. Not happening. At this point I am taking it personally that you refuse to get back to me. Do not cross me. You have been warned.

One of my favorite things about Hermione is that she is a perfect example that you don’t need to be happy or confident with a man by your side. She went all those years liking Ron and having to put up with him being an ass and being with Lavender… and she never let any of that get to her. 

Other than the time she sent an angry pack of birds on Ron, but I think we can all agree that he deserved that.