“We are excited to see the announcement of the Nintendo Switch. We are more than happy to support the promising game system and enhance our ongoing partnership with Nintendo. We look forward to sharing more about our commitment to Nintendo Switch in the near future.” -Square Enix

Can I get to 2,000 subscribers in 3 days??

Hey there guys!!

Was just wondering if I could get a signal boost for my Youtube channel? (: Any reblogs are appreciated!

As 2016 is coming to a close, I’ve grown so much in terms of Youtube and I have so much planned guys for 2017 like you have no idea! :D So it would be awesome to hit 2K subscribers before the New Year starts 

My Youtube Channel is called ImNotAnAceTrainer and it’s basically a gaming/reaction channel! I have mostly been playing Pokemon games, but recently (Thanks to Twitch) I’ve been playing lots of other games as well! (Undertale and Life is Strange are good examples)

I also react to Pokemon news and other gaming content that I’m interested in!

As of 2017 I have lots of games planned that I really want to play, as well as Nuzlocke’s for Pokemon and of course if there’s any news regarding Nintendo or other things I will be reacting to it as well (: I’m so excited for next year and I hope you guys will be around to enjoy it! A goal to start off the New Year would be 2K subscribers, so if you’re interested in my content then PLEASE by all means subscribe! I upload every weekday for the most part! (: If not, even a reblog to signal boost my channel would mean a lot!

Ayyyy so I just mass unfollowed inactive blogs and I’d like to make more mutuals for the coming year!!! So like/reblog this if you frequently post

  • Puella Magi Madoka Magica
  • Pokemon
  • Fire Emblem
  • Life is Strange
  • Earthbound/Mother 3
  • Nintendo basically that’s good shit right there
  • Oneshot (game)
  • AESTHETIC, I’M DESPERATELY IN NEED OF AESTHETIC BLOGS (ocean, pastel, scenery, etc.)
  • Wadanohara and the Great Blue Sea
  • Touhou, for the love of God there isn’t enough on my dash
  • Yume Nikki and other horror RPG maker games

you don’t need to follow back if you don’t want to, though!!! if you follow first then I will reciprocate as soon as I am able to!!! if you are a nsfw blog tho, I might not follow, sorry!! ;_;

Need to follow more people!! Please reblog if you post:

-marvel or dc
-anything video game related!! Specifically Nintendo, life is strange, overwatch, etc
-tv shows like breaking bad, parks and Rec, the office, game of thrones
-lord of the rings and star wars
-youtubers like achievement hunter, markiplier, jack septiceye
-steven universe