you have moments where you think that your life couldn’t be better, and then you have moment where you cry on the bathroom floor wondering why life is so hard

“When you are transitioning to a new season of life, the people and situations that no longer fit you will fall away.” - Mandy Hale

After soon a year into my transition, I find myself looking back to see how far I’ve came.
Physically not much has changed over the last 2 Months or so but I live a purer life now.
I said goodbye to people who weren’t good to me without me recognising. I fight against my mental health problems and learn to live with them instead of trying and forcing myself to get rid of this part of my identity.
As a botanist I can say: There are flowers which need not only months and years but decades to bloom, so will you. Take your time, grow, get stronger and when it’s your time to shine, you’ll be the most beautiful flower in your own little garden of life.

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Dear soulmate,

I only saw you once.
One time, in Normandy, France.
Last summer.
You walked by,
Singing a song for your little sister
I stood there in a yellow raincoat,
Our eyes met.
And I felt it.
For the first time in my life I felt true love.
And you felt it too.
I knew that, deep in my heart I knew it.
And then you went around the corner
I got in the car,
Driving back to Holland,
And never saw you again.


Ps. I’m still waiting for you

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It’s wired, I feel closer than ever to Taylor because I feel like I’ve arrived at a similar place in life to her and I love the album. But at the same time we just SEE less of her so it feels like a long distance friendship.

That makes sense to me! So connected on sort of a personal life level, but disconnected on a more personal level?