Facts About the Editors I Gathered From Their Twitters and Reddit AMAs

Larry Matovina

Kent Cook

Neal Werle

  • Has strong political opinions
  • Best twerker, according to Larry
  • Has a roommate that has a cat
  • Is Jeremy’s choice if he had to bang an editor
  • I don’t know much about him to be honest

Ashley Dillard

  • Pretty
  • Went skydiving
  • Loves horror games
  • Has a cat
  • Didn’t have a justifiable reason for opening Larry’s loot boxes
  • Likes baseball (specifically the Cubs)
  • Likes Game of Thrones
  • Likes Gorillaz

The three moods:
- I love season 3 because Lena Luthor built a lesbian statue of the love of her life
- I love season 2 because Lena Luthor was there
- I love season 1 because Supergirl was about Supergirl and her iconic acts of bravery and friendship and being a great sister because she, in season one, had a great relationship with her sister named Alex Danvers

My main gal ocs

Juniper is a crime kingpin operating under the pseudonym ‘the mortician’, she is a gritty realist who is calculated and hates it when things don’t get carried out to her standards. she has a great lack of empathy and only does things for her own benefit.

Viv is a kind optimistic model who absolutely loves life, she is a natural born Adrenalin junkie and always strays from the group when travelling for modelling. she has been modelling professionally since she was 10. she is dating Doe on the down low and often drags her along on her misadventures.

Doe is a cautious, often judgmental model who finds it hard to trust anyone, despite her efforts to put up a wall blocking people out, she truly loves Viv. she has only been modelling for about 2 years but fame came relatively quickly. she and Viv are under the same management and because of their chemistry in and out of shoots, they often travel together. without Viv’s kind encouragement, Doe’s social anxiety would stop her from trying most things.

Angel is a wild card, she often acts before she thinks and doesnt care much for her own safety. she is a weapons expert who works under The Mortician. much to the mortician’s dismay, she often goes off plan, but she will go to extreme lengths to get the job done, making her invaluable. she tries to come off as suave, but the minute you mention something she likes, shell talk your ear off. 

Dad Gum taking his boys out to eat after all of this. They’re all covered in bandages, but they’re okay. Gum is happy for this time together with them. He begins to tell them how proud he is of them. Kirishima has tears in his eyes and Tamaki’s hiding his blush. Afterwards the trio shares a group hug although not too tight.

Literally sat here still in utter shock that Chester is gone. 

I was such a huge fan of Linkin Park when I was a teenager and even though I don’t listen to them anywhere near as much nowadays, I still have a few of their songs as a go-to when I need them. 

Heck, even on the train today I listened to One Step Closer and Papercut. 

When I saw the news earlier I just didn’t want to believe it. 

I’m so sorry that life didn’t love you the way you deserved it to Chester. You deserved so much more but I hope you knew somewhere deep down that the love millions of people have for you is real and that you truly touched so many lives. 

Listening to your songs will take on a whole new meaning now but I know that you wanted them to be a source of inspiration and to help people find a way out of the struggles that you yourself dealt with daily. 

Thank you for everything Chester Bennington. 

Rest in peace.