Diving into Past Lives

This post is going to be really long. I made this on another blog over a year ago, though it never got attention. So I updated it and decided to share it over on this blog. For those of you interested in past lives and looking into them this is the post for you.


I would like to lead off with a little warning. Past lives are fun to know about. Its interesting and intriguing to see if we have lived before and as whom. However going in and understanding past lives is not all sunshine and roses. When you open the door to past lives you are opening an inner door to yourself. Within yourself are all the locked emotions and experiences from the past. Not all these emotions will be happy and joyful. There will be hurt and pain. Do not ignore these emotions. You can set them aside and work on understanding and healing these when its easiest for you. Sweeping them under the rug to be forgotten will cause them to come back up at unexpected moments.

Also do not let yourself be ruled by your past lives. You are a current being leading your current life. Learning about past lives is meant to be a healing experience to help you live in the present. If you feel yourself being absorbed by the past, please stop. I have seen too many old friends let their past lives rule them. They lost their way and sadly have not come back to the present. Do not let this frighten you though. Understanding and learning about your past lives can be a very rewarding experience. It can help you understand why you fear something. It can mend that and help you fight your fear. It can also heal a part of your soul and move you forth in life.


Do lots of reading about ways to learn about your past lives! I have a few books on this topic. Some were whim buys that did not turn out to help me. Here are some good books to read:

  • Discovering Your Past Lives: The Best Book on Reincarnation You’ll Ever Read… in This Lifetime!” by Gloria Chadwick. (The title is kind of cheesy but it is amazing.) Though there is one book that helped me a lot. It is a little outdated and in spots a bit hard to read, yet it has great meditations and some awesome exercises in it.
  • Many Live, Many Masters” by Brain Weiss. Its more of a story about a psychologist who started doing past life regressions. Its a great book in seeing it from a person, who never believed in reincarnation. It shows the healing process we can go through when delving into this.
  • How to Uncover Your Past Lives” by Ted Andrews. Its an easier read than the other books and has some good ways to looking into your other lifetimes.


If you have a deck of tarot cards you can use those in helping you find out past lives. Here are some spreads that are great for past lives:


Meditation is great for unlocking past life memories. Recalling past lives through meditation is difficult and should be done once you gave a hang on meditation in general. The first book I recommended above has some great meditations in it. However there are two meditations I use when trying to recall memories (I also get memories not just this way, which I will mention later):

The first is actually recalling a memory:

I’ll get deep into my relaxed, protected state. I have a specific door that is for my unconscious mind. The unconscious mind is where our knowledge of our past lives is hidden. We only have knowledge of them when we need to understand and learn a lesson that parallels that life. So once that door is in front of me I say something along the lines of “I am here to learn and understand myself from before this lifetime. Show me the doors to gain this knowledge.” Then I open the door, before me is usually a hall of doors (many…. many… many… doors). Mine usually have names and dates written upon them of who I was. Some of them are blurred or in another language. I take this as lifetimes I am not ready to know about yet, because once I do they will become clear or I will understand the language written.

As I walk down this hall of doors I look at each of them. Most times I’ll head to one I was currently working on understanding. If you are just starting out I would walk to one that you are most drawn too, or one that might be slightly open. Do not feel like something is wrong when a door is slightly open. That just means there is a lesson in that life time that you are going through in your current. You can go to that door if you want as well.

Once at the door I would like to get a memory for I will state, “Please call forth a memory that will help me heal and understand myself. I am not currently living the memory I am about to see. That was me once upon a time, but I am different and only a specter now.” Then I open the door and let the memory play before me. Sometimes I will actually be in my body of that time. Others I will be viewing it as a third party. It just depends on how I need to learn and understand it.

I usually let the memory play out and once done I will be before the door again. I will sort of thank my unconscious for granting me this knowledge of myself, before leaving.  The door to the past life will always be open now. For once you open a door you really can never close it. You may try but the ones I have visited before are always slightly ajar. I do however close the door to my unconscious mind. I want to keep my present life separate from my past. This way I can deal with it at my own pace.

The second meditation is in a memory form:

I am a very visual person and like to understand myself, from every event to every scar… to even my hair color and stature. I like to draw all this too in a picture just for my own reference. So the second meditation goes like this:

Once in that relaxed, protected state again I will visualize a full length mirror instead of a door. If I just want to see my face then it will be a hand mirror. I stand in front of the mirror. At first it will usually just be my metaphysical body (astral body), which is usually slightly different than my physical body. The difference is usually I have elf ears. Anyways…. I look into my own eyes and say “I am here to see myself. Not as I am but as I was. I would like to see *Insert name of Past Life Here*.”  I will concentrate on that lifetime and pull it forward. Then I will look at the whole mirror instead of my eyes. Sometimes it will be an instantaneous change, other times it will be a gradual morph. If the image on the mirror does not change do not be upset, sometimes it takes awhile.

These are only a couple meditations that I use. If you need to change something about them to help you, please do. Use a meditation that will best work and help you out. These are about your past lives, not mine. So whatever is comfortable and easiest for you will be the best.


Once you get flashes of memories do some research. This might help you get more confirmation on what you saw. It also might help you figure out more about yourself. Also if its a more recent lifetime you may be able to find a record of the person.

Research into cultures you are drawn to might also help spark memories. Sometimes when we are drawn to a culture or time period, it might be because we once lived there. I would like to say most past lives anyone lives are going to be mundane. They will all have their ups and downs, and be special to you. Not everyone was Cleopatra, King Arthur, or Merlin. You may have a famous life, but not every lifetime will be like that. Also not everyone lives a lot of lifetimes. I do not think its rare but uncommon.


Dreams are an amazing way to get past life memories. I think it happens more than people realize. Some of my past life dreams will have elements of my current life in them, like the setting. Since it is the easiest for my mind to get a message across. There are ways to help increase past life memory and dream recall. One is placing crystals in a little bag under your pillow (or placing the bag in the pillow case so it does not get knocked on the floor). Here is a list of crystals and their attributes, you do not have to use all of them a couple will do (I always add a crystal of protection so as to keep myself protected while dreaming):


Creating a gemstone bag is helpful in recalling. You can stick it under your pillow if you want to have dream recall. Or you can hold it while you meditate. Her are some crystals good for past life work.

  • Carnelian - this orange-brown semi-precious stone helps us tune into our past life physical bodies. It helps us remember influences that shape our bodies now. It also helps us see how we can use past life information to better our present life.
  • Lapis Lazuli - It is a powerful third eye stimulator which opens us up to profound past life visions. It helps us recognize old wounds, blocks and pains and to release these.
  • Amethyst - this purple crystal is a profound bridge between the spiritual and the physical. It helps heal us of our inner hurts and inspires us to reach for higher levels. It helps us see the higher purpose of our consecutive lives.
  • Clear Quartz Crystal - these remarkable stones restore balance within our auras and deeper energy fields. They awaken memories within us and help to harmonize our past lives with our current one. They help us to recognize why past life recall is important and worth the effort it takes.
  • Hematite - stone that helps us reach a light state of reverie during our past life recall sessions. It is particularly helpful during hypnosis sessions for recall purposes.
  • Jade - In past life recall it can help us to ground ourselves and to see the undeniable threads that weave in and out of all of our lives across time. 
  • Turquoise - this light blue stone can help us connect to naturally based lifetimes in ancient tribal settings. Helps us to speak our truth from across the ages.
  • Double Terminated Clear Quartz - Stimulates awareness of how the past is reflecting in the present.
  • Tabular Crystals - Balance emotions related to past life revelations. 
  • Serpentine - helps with clearing psychic debris from the past, whether from this life or past ones.
  • Labradorite - increases extrasensory perception and may stimulate recall of past lives, clairvoyance, and other psychic abilities. activates a sense of multiple levels of consciousness.
  • Jet - a good grounding stone. Also helps improve memory and with the recall of past lives and healing past life issues that persist in the present. 

if you want to do dream recall you might want to throw in some of these crystals.

  • Amethyst for Dream Recall -This stone is useful for dream recall. 
  • Ametrine for Dream Wisdom - Ametrine will aid you in accessing your higher wisdom in the dream realms.
  • Azurite for Accessing Intuition through Dreams - Azurite heightens psychic awareness and intuition. It will aid you in opening up to the intuitive potentials of your dreams. This is an excellent stone for use with dream work.
  • Clear Quartz for Amplifying Dreams - Clear quartz is an amplifier. It is especially beneficial for use in dream work to amplify the vividly of your dreams and the recollection of your dreams upon awakening.
  • Lepidolite for Nightmares and Insomnia -  Lepidolite is a calming crystal. Lepidolite is useful for people with bad dreams, interrupted sleep patterns,anxiety or insomnia. 
  • Moldavite for Transformative Dream Work - Moldavite is a powerful stone of transformation. If you are wanting to do some serious dreamwork, use moldavite in conjunction with any of the stones listed above. Moldavite can change your life,it will help you to facilitate faster growth in any area you are focused on, whether dream recall, lucid dreaming, or astral travel.
  • Red Jasper - encourages lucid dreaming when placed under a pillow. Also stabilizes and balances energy. Protective, energizing, grounding and strengthens energy field. Promotes courage.
  • Prehnite - helps to encourage soothing dreams. helps release emotional pain from the past and encourages new beginnings.
  • Green Calcite - placed under a pillow can increase the clarity of your dreams.
  • Blue Tiger’s Eye - can aid in lucid dreaming. protective effect and shields aura from unwanted influences. soothes headaches too. opens third eye chakra and aids conscious clear thinking.
  • Sugilite - opens third eye and crown chakras, enabling deep perceptions of one’s place on the earth and spiritual destiny. clarifies and intensifies dreams. eases insomnia, especially that caused by mental overload. 

Each crystal will work differently for each individual. Pick ones that you are drawn too or you have known work best with your energy.


I wanted to take a brief moment to explain how I see my memories. For me memories come just like remembering past events in my current life. Someone will say or do something and it will trigger me to remember an event of a past life. I will see, taste, smell, and feel like it was yesterday. Its very vivid for me, but not everyones will be like this. This is just how mine work and I have grown accustom to them working. Do what ever feels right for you and will work best for you. Everyone is different in the way they learn, so everyone’s experiences will be different.

Also memories are skewed by your ego and perception. They will have emotions and your thoughts. It may take a wider view of a specific memory (like a third person view) in order to understand what went wrong, how you can best heal and learn.


Make sure to read up on discernment. Past lives are hard to prove or disprove, so there is a good amount of discernment involved. I have used all the above methods and even more to help in making sure it was an actual memory/past life I had before jumping to the conclusion that that is what I had.

I hope all of this helps! If you would like to ask questions on any of this or want to talk past lives drop us a line at The Infinite Threads!

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This is website is a tiny crank just trudging along in the grand scheme of life.
MTV's 'True Life: We Are Orlando' will profile survivors of the Pulse shooting
MTV will be airing True Life: We Are Orlando, a special dedicated to four of the survivors of the mass shooting at Pulse nightclub in Orlando, on August 15th at 8 PM EST.

The hour-long episode will give viewers a chance to explore the lives of four survivors in the wake of this tragedy, and to support the Orlando community in its efforts to move forward.

(Disclaimer: I don’t know anything about Ian’s actual mental state, obviously as a fan I wish for him to be happy and well. I’m just writing a what-if scenario, and using my own past struggle with depression to base it off of.)

Imagine Ian actually has depression. He doesn’t know how or why it began–and honestly, even when it started is kind of unknown. He just knows that gradually his world dimmed to be like an old TV, gray scale and with the volume (of excitement) turned down.

At first, he didn’t know what was wrong. Things just slowly started to cease to cause a strong reaction out of him and he felt emotionally exhausted constantly. Friends and family noticed and tried to get him into things he used to enjoy, but they just seemed so dull to him. Filming felt tiresome and pointless, even for ideas he had been excited about doing hours before.

Normally when he goes to Australia to see Max, Joji, and everyone, he’s excited but this time it felt like a chore. When he pulled up to Max’s house in a rental car, Max immediately jumped on the hood yelling excitedly, while Joji yanked his car door open to hug him. He wanted to return their enthusiasm but was concerned when he realized that he couldn’t.

They had been talking on Max’s couch for hours before Ian felt the mood change to a serious one. “Ian, we saw your last video.”

“Yeah?” Ian replied, not sure where this was going.

“It was so lifeless, and I know it wasn’t just acting because your eyes were so dull–and they’re never dull. It kind of made us concerned. We just want to know if you’re okay.”

Ian shrugged and leaned into the couch. “Yeah, I’m fine.”

Max and Joji weren’t fooled. “Bullshit, Ian. Tell us what’s going on.”

Ian squirmed in his seat as Max put an arm around his shoulder, and Joji held his hand while looking into his eyes warmly. Ian squeezed Joji’s hand. “I don’t know, to be honest. Everything just feels so…” He didn’t know how to explain it.

How do you explain what it’s like when nothing truly makes you excited for longer than a couple of hours–even stuff you’ve been excited about for years? Especially when the likely response (that he heard over and over from his family) would be, “Well, then try to find something new that you’ll like.” or “Everyone gets tired of stuff. It’s called growing up.”

Ian sighed. “I’m sorry, I’m just so tired. Can we talk about this later?”

Max stood up. “Yeah, that’s fine. Let me get your air mattress ready.” Joji and Ian sat in silence; Joji still holding Ian’s hand as a sign of silent support. Max came back in the room a few minutes later. “It’s all ready for you. See you later buddy.” He hugged Ian and whispered, “Tell us when you’re ready, we’ll wait for you.” Ian felt a bit choked up when Max pulled away from him because that’s what he needed–someone to be patient with him, especially when he didn’t know what he was dealing with.

Ian slept through the night, but when he woke up, he found it hard to move around. He was just as tired as he was last night, and he knew he couldn’t just blame the jet lag. This was what he felt like the whole day. The guys didn’t push him to do anything, they just let him do what he could at his own pace, which he appreciated.

The next day he felt better than he had for the last two days, so he got up and made himself breakfast. Max came in and smiled at him, “Are you feeling better?” Ian nodded. “Yeah, a lot better.” Max was relieved and talked to him excitedly about Pokemon Go and other things that didn’t related to his well-being.

After he finished eating, he started to edit a video he needed to upload. He tried to ignore how unconcerned he was about the content, but it bothered him that he was producing content that he didn’t care about.

Max came in and sat on the bed next to him. “Do you feel up to going shopping? We can film some stuff.”

It was halfway through being uploaded when he realized that feeling of tiredness had returned. Ian thought about it and shrugged. “Not really.” Max started to rub his back. “Are you feeling tired again?” Ian nodded. “Yeah.”

Max was silent for a few minutes, thinking. “You know that wheelchair I have? Would it help if I pushed you around so you wouldn’t have to walk?” Ian thought about it and shrugged. “I could try.”

Ian had no idea what kind of magic Max did on him, but he felt a bit of his energy come back on the way to the store. When they got there he even jumped off the car and was able to be more lively on camera than he had been recently. His friends were ecstatic to see him like this and demanded that he go to dinner with them.

He didn’t need the wheelchair for the rest of the day, but then they got back in the car that night and he felt himself being on the decline again. Max saw this and told him to lean on his shoulder and take a nap. Ian followed his orders and faded away soon after that.

This pattern of going up and down with how tired he felt, went on for the whole time he was there. Every time he felt low during filming, Max would give him a piggyback ride, Joji would push him in his wheelchair, and Chad would give him a hug and say something just to get a reaction out of him.

They never expressed resentment over how he was feeling. They never demanded for him to explain himself or to get over it. They just supported him and were patient when he became frustrated that he couldn’t do things that he believed he should have been able to do.

It didn’t happen immediately, but over time the days of not being exhausted outnumbered the ones that were. He tried to pin down what exactly was causing this change but he knew that it wasn’t solely because of his friends and family supporting him, or that what he filmed what he enjoyed.

Gradually doing stuff became easier, and he could wake up excited about what he would do that day. Then one day, he realized it was over–the feeling was gone; it had retracted its hold on him.

It was possible for life to be exciting and wonderful again. Ian was happy and lived contentedly.