to the person who reads this, I wanna say something to you.. One day, no maybe not today or tomorrow, but one day someone will come into your life, and will love you just the way you are. You’ll have midnight calls, movie nights, sleep overs, beach walks, share secrets and so many more! This person will be there for you whenever you need, keep you safe and look after you.. But for now, be patient, don’t look after it.. It’ll happen maybe without even noticing but better times will come and you will be together with this one special person

“I’m not saying being a runner makes you better than anyone else, but one thing is for sure. Running makes you different. You begin to understand the connection between your feet and the ground. You start to believe in the beauty of unfiltered conversation. You learn that you have to face your deepest demons on 10 mile runs when no one else is around. You become the wind. You love to high five your rivals, the people who just beat you. You learn that your mind and body must coexist in a healthy relationship. So no, running does not make you special. But it sure as hell wakes you up.”

  • Stan:I'm going to work hard and get rich and prove to my family I'm not worthless so they will take me back while also trying to fill the hole in my life left by my brother by trying to fulfill our dream of beaches, babes, and international treasure hunting all on my own.
  • Ford:I'm going to ignore the problem. Throw myself into my work and convince myself I'm better off without my brother while at the same time subconsciously trying to find a replacement for him in the form of a demonic triangle, an assistant, and an apprentice.

“As I look back on my life, I realize that every time I thought I was being rejected from something good,

I was actually being redirected to something better.” -Steve Maraboli

This is the quote of the year. Seriously guys. Read it. Read it again. Let it sink in. We are never rejected. There are no mistakes. No could haves. No should haves. Everything that happens comes along because it simply needs to. Fallbacks are crucial parts of the puzzle. Not getting what you want can be a huge step towards reaching a bigger dream. So relax. Release control. Learn from your mistakes and see the bigger picture. You’re not rejected. You’re redirected to something better. Something bigger.

Something marvelous.

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for anonymous: “something with percy and annabeth pls”

Percy smiled at her - that sarcastic troublemaker smile that had annoyed her for years but eventually had become endearing. His sea-green eyes were as gorgeous as she remembered. His dark hair was swept to one side, like he’d just come from a walk on the beach. He looked even better than he had six months ago - tanner and taller, leaner and more muscular.

Percy threw his arms around her. They kissed and for a moment nothing else mattered. An asteroid could have hit the planet and wiped out all life, and Annabeth wouldn’t have cared.

I want to be good at something,“ she pouted, while watching his rough, calloused fingers pick at the strings of his guitar.
“You’re good at alot of things,” he replied, not bothering to look up.

“Like what?”

“Well,” he started, this time looking her straight in the eyes, “you’re amazing at making me happy when I’m sad. Even better is how you can make multiple people happy when your sad. You try to hide those sketch books but fail miserably so I also know how good of an artist you really are. And  oh,” he adds as an
after thought, “you could become a millionaire off those snickerdoodles you refuse to make me.”
I laughed at the last comment and smiled down at him. The suns rays were seeping through the window, causing his golden hair to glow and his light brown eyes to resemble honey.
“Careful,” he chuckled. “Your smile, you look like your falling in love with me.” With a cheeky grin and a mischievous glint in his eye, he went back to strumming.

If only he knew.

—  n.g. // excerpt from a book i’ll never write #5