I am an atheist because the religious concept of “God” as we know through Abrahamic religions or the variations of the concept of God/Gods created by other religions is man-made. Thousands of religions have existed throughout humanity’s time on earth, and many have been completely wiped out. Several religions only survived and expanded because of war and conquest. The religious concept of a higher power who is watching us humans, and judging us for what we do and what we do not do, who will then assess what we have done and will punish/reward us in life after is completely made up. It is a clear myth and used as a form of mind control. Whether there is some higher power irrespective of religion is a different story, and frankly it does not matter at all when it comes to how we live our lives. Humans, for many different reasons, created the religious concept of “God” that is watching over us and has a criteria for humans. This is nothing but a myth.

Intruding Fools (#cmdevo #LivingEpistles)

Read: 2 Corinthians 11:16-33

When Paul wrote this letter to the church in Corinth, he was incredibly concerned about the state of their souls. He was getting desperate, in fact. He was willing to do and say things he normally would not want to for their sake. In these verses, Paul boasts about what he’s gone through since he devoted his life to Jesus Christ. He boasts about his punishments, his imprisonments, and all of his other sufferings. He is boasting not out of pride, but out of desperation for the Corinthians. He knows that these people are being led astray by prideful, domineering, and misguided missionaries who are not truly preaching the gospel. The Corinthians are welcoming in these fools and listening to their boasting, so Paul demands they listen to his boasting for a change.

He boasts and deems himself a fool for it. A “fool” in this context is not merely a stupid person. It’s someone who is unwise in the sense that his self-perception is blown our of proportion. Ironically, in boasting here, Paul is not a fool - everything he is saying is absolutely accurate. He makes it clear though that these boasts are not being said with the words of God - these are purely Paul’s thoughts about himself (v. 17). He claims he is speaking “in the way the world does” when he boasts like this. That translates directly to “according to the flesh.” Only someone driven by purely world standards boasts out of human pride. Here, however, Paul is not truly boasting out of human pride. Rather, his words come out of love and concern for the Corinthians who are being tricked by other missionaries.

These missionaries are attacking the church in Corinth in 5 distinct ways (v20). First, Paul claims they are “enslaving” the Corinthians. He does not mean this literally, but rather that the pastoral style of these missionaries is domineering and dictatorial. This is something we find in many evangelical churches today and we’ve seen many leaders fall because of this exact problem. Paul responds to this by cataloging his own style when he says “I have worked much harder, been in prison more frequently, been flogged more severely, and been exposed to death again and again” (v.23b). Paul does not command others to do his work for him. Rather, he takes on the most dangerous jobs and is in the trenches, so to speak, in the work of God.

Second, they are “exploiting” the church. The term here has connotations of “eating up” and “devouring.” These missionaries are devouring the finances of the Corinthian church. Paul on the other hand has been hungry and thirsty and naked (v. 27). He spoke earlier of not allowing himself to become a burden on the church’s resources.

Third, they “take advantage” of the church. The term here is used for fishing and hunting. It implies catching something through the use of an alluring bait or trickery. These missionaries are catching them through deceit and boasting. They’re dressing up their message with attractive things to lure the Corinthians away from the truth of the Gospel.

Fourth, they “put on airs,” which means they are prideful and act with a stuck up opinion of themselves. This offense is much of Paul’s motivation in this chapter. He is boasting of his true sufferings in the name of God to contrast with their likely false or exaggerated boasting.

Finally, they “slap [the Corinthians] in the face.” The terms here can imply a literal flogging or acting in an insulting way. These missionaries are not only cheating them and subjugating them, they are insulting the members of the Corinthian church while they do it.

Paul writes this chapter because he wants to call out these false missionaries, not because he wants to prove that he is so much better. He wants the Corinthians to see with their own eyes that they are being deceived and led astray from God’s truth. He hopes that by calling their behavior out and laying out his self-sacrifice on their behalf, they will see for themselves that Paul has their best interest at heart. He hopes they can see that he is willing to set his life aside for the sake of their salvation - and has come close to doing so before.

Paul’s love for the Corinthians compelled him to boast and reveal the weaknesses of the rival missionaries. What are your motivations for point out other people’s sins? What are your motivations for boasting in yourself? Do you point out other’s flaws to make yourself feel better? Do you compliment yourself so others will approve of you by worldly standards?

It’s not likely you will find yourself in the situation that Paul was in - boasting of great suffering for the sake of the salvation of a church. Still, you will find yourself in many situations in life where you feel compelled to boast out of pride. Remember this: Paul calls this speaking according to your flesh. When we boast of our successes as if we are responsible for them, we fail to recognize God’s hand in our life. We fail to acknowledge that our talents are a gift from God, our good fortune is orchestrated by God, and every single thing we know in life could be gone in the blink of an eye if it was God’s will. Remember this next time you feel compelled to boast in yourself and instead praise your God in thankfulness. For you are nothing without God.

Devotional Series: Living Epistles by the Color Movement  (#cmdevo #LivingEpistles)

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While Rothenberg realizes that fans may “argue Pike deserved it” assassinating Octavia’s love Lincoln (Ricky Whittle) earlier in the season, he points out in the burgeoning society of the Sky People “it’s not up to an individual to exact that justice on their own because they’re getting revenge”. So look for O to suffer both from the emotional fallout of the essentially murdering the man who saved her life minutes before, as well as potentially more formal punishment. “Something we’re likely going to explore in Season 4 is: Who sits in Judgement?” Rothenberg says.
—  “Will [Octavia] pay for her crime? | TV Guide - Comic Con Special 

Have hope that bad things in life will be equaled out by the good even though it might not seem like it now. Life is not punishing you. It may just be giving you the bad before the good. And just because your life is going well does not mean something horrible will come.

(This really helped me through bad times. It’s just a sort of philosophy that I thought of that gave me hope in times where I desperately needed it. I hope this helps a lot of people)

Punishment and consequence are not the same thing. A consequence is a result, a thing that naturally follows an action or condition. Punishment is retribution for an offense. 

When people say that pregnancy is a consequence of sex, they do not mean it is a punishment. They mean “this is what naturally happens when you have sex”. It is the result of an action. 

The fact that you think it’s a punishment says more about you then it does the person making the statement in the first place. 

this is totally random of all religious (?) ideas i would hope that reincarnation is real

idk if i believe in it but the idea just appeals to me like, its really hopeful i think because like life doesnt just. end. and like opposed to a lot of christian ideals, everyone is reincarnated as far as i know? even if you do badly in one life you
may get a punishment (say, reincarnating into a tortoise or smth) but youre given a second chance eventually??? idk the thought is nice if i understand it correctly?

for a long time ive been terrified of the “second coming” (i was raised as a seventh day adventist) because i have never been a model child or person so i was pretty much convinced i was gonna burn in hell haha. idk if thats how christianity is supposed to feel but thats what i lived like

Anyway I guess I’m leaving again bye. :) every time I try to talk to people I guess I’m just an asshole who doesn’t understand anything and the “team coach” so bye.
I always thought this fandom was so nice when I came into it but I guess not. People attack content creators and makes rude condescending remarks to someone they don’t even know personally so I’m done here. Im so fucking close to full on deleting. Bye.

Hope Boldly

Author: @hutchhitched

Rating: K

Prompt: Hope

When I was six, my parents took me to Sunday School. My teacher, an elderly woman we all called Grandma Sae, taught me Bible verses from memory. My favorite was 2 Corinthians 3:12.

“Since we have such a hope, we are very bold.”

That’s the verse. It’s certainly not the most famous of scriptures. It’s not even the most well-known in either of Paul’s letters to the Corinthians, but it stuck with me.

In all honestly, most people would look at my life and at those in my hometown and wonder what it is that could possibly inspire any type of hope. I had practically no family life as I grew up. My mom believed in corporal punishment—both in and out of school—but I didn’t ever seem to need it unless it was at her hand. My father drank too much to cope with the guilt he felt at failing to protect his children, and my brothers spent more time keeping their heads down than they did attempting to shield me from our mother’s fists.

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Hi there, have you ever heard the Gospel? If you haven’t, here it is: We have all sinned and deserve God's judgment. God, the Father, sent His only begotten Son to satisfy that judgment for those who believe in Him. Jesus, who lived a sinless life, loves us so much that He died for our sins, taking the punishment that we deserve, was buried, and rose from the dead, thus defeating death for us. Check out "A Call for An Uprising" on YouTube, it'll help you in your awakening process. God bless you

- Kate Marsh


The Frank Castle you find in this story is not The Punisher. He’s reeling from the loss of his family. He’s driven by rage and is on a singular mission to find these people who took his family from him, and do it as brutally as possible.’ – Jon Bernthal

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Your blood is my blood. Your blood is my blood.

‘Will you ever leave me?’

‘Not if I can help it’

Abel smiles and leans his head against his. ‘You’re my brother, the sweetest thing I’ve ever had.’

Your blood is my blood. Your blood is my blood.

‘If he loved us, he would not ask to take and take and take from us.’

‘Everything we have is gift, should we not give something back?’

Cain huddles closer to Abel. Warmth settles between their bodies. Jealousy on his tongue and fire in his bones.

Sorrow will be your prize. Life will be your punishment. Death will be your release.

He is his mother’s son, sin contained in mortal flesh. Flesh so easily torn, so easily bled. Murder, a new word he’s created. Murderer, the person he’s become.

‘Why did you do it?’

Cain traces circles atop the carved stone.

‘God asked for a gift, the greatest gift I had to give.’ He pauses, “So I gave it to him.’

L.H.Z // His blood is my blood


The Black Wizard Of Fiore And Emperor Of Alvarez Empire

Legend tells that he’s the most evil mage in the world and can create demons out of spite of humanity. However, the tales didn’t mention that he’s just a man who wanted to end his life. Before he became a powerful mage, his family died during the Dragon War, so he joined the Magic Academy to make the research to find a way to revive the dead family. As soon as he making a documents between life and death, the deity of life and death, Ankhseram, put a curse on young mage as for punishment for trying to bring back the dead. His almighty dark powers became out of control that he inadvertently kills all people in his academy. He tried many times to kill himself, but his curse won’t let him since the power is to great that even he can’t figured out to undo it. He made his brother into demon name E.N.D. in hope he could end his life. He also invented magic in all around the world so some people would had a power for him to join his side to destroy all humanity out of his pitiful life. Now announced as “The Death Mage”, many people feared him as he had the power to kill people he touches, but the dark guilds had other opinions about him. He also called “Emperor Spriggan”, because he made this once small country into massive military kingdom that most people wouldn’t dare to face them.