You will always be in my heart. You may not be a part of my life or in it the way I wish you would be. But you’re there, taking up room in my heart and giving me reasons to think about you. So even though this didn’t play out the way I wanted it to, I’ll still keep you safe, in the place that pumps life through me. So I’ll think of you.
—  Kayil York
Operation: Wisdom

There is a project that I have been working on for years.

I got two really lovely, blank, lined notebooks a long time ago from a bookstore, and an idea was born.

I wanted to take one for each daughter and write every piece of hard-won life advice, inspiration, and ways to love themselves into these notebooks, and give them the books on their 18th birthday. Neither of these books are meant to be filled - the empty pages at the end are for their own experiences.

When I started this, 18 seemed so far off… And it’s not anymore. I have grown myself by realizing that my life lessons don’t encapsulate every other person’s, and that by limiting them to only hearing my voice, I’d be doing them a disservice. Every story is valid and will expand their horizons. Don’t be afraid to speak up if your story/advice is sad or full of anger, either. We all go through that.

I would be forever grateful if you would consider sending your thoughts in to be included in the books as well. (You can be credited or not, identify as whatever you please, whatever you like. This project is everybody-friendly.) I want my girls to grow up in a world where they never lacked the lessons I did, and can carry themselves with confidence and a fighter’s love and spirit.

If you read this and don’t want to be involved, cool! Just do me one favor and reblog this, if you will. I need a pretty big audience.

If you would like to respond via Tumblr, simply write what you want to say, credit yourself as you’d like to be credited, and tag the post “Operation: Wisdom” and/or @marionravenwoodisstillhere. My thanks will never be enough.

If you’d like to make it more private, you can email me at, and I will be eternally grateful to hear what you have to say there.

Thank you so much for reading this.

anonymous asked:

I just saw someone call Sun dark skinned and Blake a white woman ghdslkfjds


Sun is tan. He’s tan. He’s the darkest skinned recurring character in the volume 4 lineup who showed up volumes 1-3 which is a fucking problem but he is by no means dark skinned. There are like a total of five dark skinned characters in this show all of which are treated awfully. Sun is a man of color, he’s Chinese, he’s the only other relevant canon minority in the show besides Blake, but he is not dark skinned.

Blake…a white woman….she’s literally Asian coded but go off! I agree it’s shitty we can’t get actual races confirmed and can only guess based off of names and skin tone (Sun, Yang, Tai, Ren being Chinese, Sage, Neptune, Emerald, etc. being brown/black coded) but Blake’s family life was so obviously inspired by East Asian traditions I really can’t believe there are people who want to claim she’s white. Biracial? Yeah. Mixed? Absolutely. But white? No. It’s questionable as hell to have never bothered to let Blake be brown or black so her issues as a Faunus could be more impactful, but if you have her grow up in a house obviously inspired by East Asian culture while she remains white….that’s bad. It would be like saying “oh despite their names Yang and Sun are actually 100% white” like hell no lmao. M and K should just get off their asses and stop with that stupid “no races actually exist since it’s a fictional world” bullshit and actual give a shit about racial diversity in their show but what do I know.

I want to be honest… Today, I did not want to finish my notes. It takes more time than expected. However I know my objectif and I know what I need to do to succeed it. That’s why I’m forcing myself to do it. I’m making a cup of tea and I put some jazz. Let’s finish those insane notes (aka my professor loves to have +100 pages for one PowerPoint)