yuri manga ideas: girl making plastic life-sized horse replicas for a living falls in love with a girl fom the nearby stables who commissioned her to make a replica of her fav horse

Future me seeking employment
  • Interviewer:Well, it seems your skillset is all over the map here. You've been a farmhand, a receptionist, a janitor, and a food server. How can we be sure you can dedicate yourself to ANYTHING, let alone this job?
  • Me:......
  • Me:Ask me fuckin' anything about Bionicle, I dare you. ANYTHING.

Two things I love :
1. Trixie Mattel
2. Pokemon

I really love that Trixie is more into Pokemon than Christian Relgion. Very me tbh.
Should I draw other drag race gurls? Like this???
(maybe Pearl?? Or katya? Since I’ve never drawn Katya.)

Skitty,Slyveon,Spritzee - Nintendo®
Conghibella - Nyjee™
Sheeshee - Random1500™