MORE Adult Animated Films You Can Watch Instead of Sausage Party
  • Waltz With Bashir:An Israeli animated autobiographical war-documentary film about director Ari Folman attempting to recover repressed memories from his time as a soldier in the Lebanon War of 1982. This is a very dark film that explores many heavy themes throughout. It was actually quite controversial in some Arabian countries, being officially banned in Lebanon.
  • Persepolis:It's about a young girl growing up in the middle of the 1979 Iranian revolution and the political conflicts and government corruption she dealt with at that time, covering mostly the first 20 years of her life. This film was controversial too, with Iranian government only allowing a limited release and Bangkok's International Film Festival dropping it completely, as well as being protested against after an airing on a Tunisian television network, and being completely banned in Lebanon.
  • Mary and Max:A stop motion film about two strangers, an adult with Asperger's Syndrome and a little girl who lives in an abusive environment, who one day become pen-pals. It's actually a very profound film that deals with themes such as friendship, isolation, abuse, suicide, mental illness, and more. The film has many heavy moments as well as many light-hearted and funny ones, having just as much drama as it has comedy.
  • Strange Frame, Love and Sax:A 2012 cutout animated science-fiction musical film starring Tara Strong and Claudia Black, about a lesbian couple from another planet who fall in love after meeting each other while escaping a riot and form a band with an ultimate goal of worldwide fame, but are eventually split apart. Many of the characters in this movie are LGBTQA+, and all of them are of color.
  • A Scanner Darkly:An American animated sci-fi thriller film about a future where America lost the war on drugs and everyone is under constant police surveillance, directed by Richard Linklater and starring Robert Downey Jr., Keanu Reeves, and Winona Ryder, based on Phillip K. Dick's novel of the same name.
  • Waking Life:Also directed by Richard Linklater, an American animated drama documentary about a guy who constantly finds himself placed in various dream-like realities, most of which have people who have conversations with him about philosophical topics questioning the nature of reality and existence itself.
  • Wrinkles/Arrugas:A Spanish animated drama film about a retired bank manager suffering from Alzheimer's who is taken into an assisted living home and makes a new friend, who together try to disguise Emilio's worsening illness from doctors so that they don't transfer him to the top floor.
  • Princess:A Dutch drama film about a missionary named Augustus whose sister, a former porn star named 'Princess', leaves behind her daughter after she dies of a drug overdose. Augustus adopts her daughter and embarks on a violent mission to destroy all existing evidence of Princess's career. Probably the most explicit one of all of these films, not for the faint of heart due to it's themes and graphic nature.
  • Fantastic Planet:French stop-motion film about a group of aliens who get captured and kept as pets by another, more spiritually/technologically advanced species of aliens, but organize a mass rebellion after one of the aliens from the advanced planet educates the other spieces, which is forbidden. This film contains very surreal, psychedelic imagery that's similar to Classic Sesame Street, The Electric Company, and Yellow Submarine.

The thing I don’t like about the 1-10 pain scale is when people say “10 being the worst pain you’ve ever felt in your entire life” …..then get upset when people say 10. 

If you mean 10 is like being hit by a truck, say that. If you mean 10 is like being set on fire, say that. If you mean 10 is like you can’t imagine possibly being in more pain, say that! But the worst pain I’ve ever felt in my entire life?? To some people, they legitimately HAVEN’T felt pain worse than getting their toe stubbed or something. Who has actually been hit by a truck, or set on fire, or had their arm sawed off, or any of those other examples we like to use? Not that many people. So if you’re saying “the worst pain you’ve ever felt in your entire life” as your frame of reference, this probably IS that person’s 10! Unless they’ve had surgery or something before, this probably IS the worst pain they’ve ever felt! Don’t get all pissy over it!

Roses in December (2/?)

A/n: Holy cow! I totally didn’t expect the response I received to this fic! I’m so glad you all loved this little world I created. So, because everyone asked for part 2 of Killian meeting Wendy, here it is. Also, stay tuned, because there will be a part 3!

Part 1: [Tumblr][AO3][FF.N]
Part 2: [AO3][FF.N]

It’s a funny thing how easily one’s life can turn on a dime.

Over the course of her near-thirty years of life, it has happened to Emma often. From the Dark Curse robbing her of a life of royalty to Neal framing her to a small, ten-year-old boy showing up at her door – these moments all altered her life in dramatic ways.

Now as she stands in the doorway of her Manhattan apartment, Emma thinks that this is another one of those moments.

Hook stares back at her, and she at him, and none of it seems real. Only it is, or so she believes, because she bites the inside of her cheek and feels a bloom of pain. You can’t feel pain in dreams, right?

“Swan,” he begins, and before he can say anything further, Emma plants a hand on his chest and pushes him deeper into the hallway, and shuts the door behind them.

If any of her neighbors were to step outside, they would get quite the sight – her in her flannel pajamas and him still in his pirate regalia. Hook looks just as Emma remembers – dark hair an artful mess, blue eyes bright, and chest hair on full display. The ache that’s settled in chest for the past three months begins to dissipate, and Emma wants nothing more than to pull him into her arms for a hug. But she puts a clamp on those emotions, because –

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Do you ever see someone start a sentence with “we all” or “everyone” and say something that they clearly think is a universal way of thinking or experiencing things and feel completely alienated from it because no, no that has never applied to you? 

I don’t mean the really typical blanket assumptions forced on us by society, but something that that person just figured everyone else experiences in the same way because they do so doesn’t everyone? 

And then you wonder, wait, does everyone? Obviously not everyone-everyone, because you don’t, but do most people?  And then you wonder if you’re the outlier.

Maybe you are. Maybe they are. Maybe both of you are. Maybe neither.

And then you think about the things in your life that you assumed everyone else experienced and the first time you said them out loud and someone said no, that wasn’t universal, and then you asked some other people, and you realized that you were the outlier, then. But you had a skewed frame of reference until the moment you said something about it.

And then you wonder about how the other person’s frame of reference informed their assumed universality. 

Tomarry Big Bang 2016 - cover art for the wonderful ‘I Have Seen Your Heart’ by Arliene.

‘’The arrival of his nemesis is the least of Harry Potter’s problems. Now that the war is over, he finds himself drifting away from all that held him together in the past, trying to find a new purpose in his life. Being framed for murder forces Harry to be on the run and this time the only company he takes with him is Tom Riddle. The young Dark Lord faces a future he did not expect, meets an oddity who killed everything he strived to be. And yet he finds himself obsessed with his murderer, a determined man searching for answers and reaching for the sky once more. Harry Potter’s purpose and Tom Riddle’s destiny, seemingly entwined. They say change is overrated. But choice is everything.’‘

Zutara Week Day 2: Reincarnation

Her eyes are almost blinded when she looks at him, really looks, to see all his lives.

Life after life is pressed into his frame, a multitude of scarred men made hard and strong by the world. He is an inferno, a blaze of life and death and power that flickers.

He doesn’t remember them all - with that many he can’t; he’d go mad - but when she watches the man he is now, she sees flickers of them, fears that don’t make sense for this youthful creature she loves.

His spirit is a strong one, steel that has been folded and pressed over and over, forged into a thirteen year old that stood against his father to save a battalion from a suicidal order - and it cost him dearly, but he stood back up, again, and again, and he walked out of that abusive house with his head high, his spine straight, and life gripped by the throat.

Katara doesn’t know if she’ll ever love someone like she loves him, with a deep well of respect and admiration, in this life or the next.

Zuko looks at her and is blinded, every time, by how beautiful she is. How lovely. She is kind to the depths of her soul, and he is attracted like a moth to this flame.

She has not lived as many lives as he - apparently she’s more discerning in that regard - but he is drawn to the servant’s heart, the warrior princess, the sugar queen, the woman who drives him speechless when he tries to compliment her, because how can he put into words how good she is?

He won’t choose another life, not if he can’t spend it with her, watching her, basking in her glow, seeing her grow into someone even more wonderful.

He’d climb an old temple of three thousand steps, carrying her the whole way, if it would mean he gets the next seven lives to see her smile.

“You’ve lived a lot of lives.”

“Yeah, I was kind of a reckless kid a lot, always doing crazy stunts that got me killed. I’d immediately choose to come back, reincarnated again.”

“And you never thought to slow down?”

“Guess I was in a hurry to meet you.”

St. Croix, Sept. 6, 1772

Honoured Sir,

I take up my pen just to give you an imperfect account of one of the most dreadful Hurricanes that memory or any records whatever can trace, which happened here on the 31st ultimo at night.

It began about dusk, at North, and raged very violently till ten o’clock. Then ensued a sudden and unexpected interval, which lasted about an hour. Meanwhile the wind was shifting round to the South West point, from whence it returned with redoubled fury and continued so ’till near three o’clock in the morning. Good God! what horror and destruction. Its impossible for me to describe or you to form any idea of it. It seemed as if a total dissolution of nature was taking place. The roaring of the sea and wind, fiery meteors flying about it in the air, the prodigious glare of almost perpetual lightning, the crash of the falling houses, and the ear-piercing shrieks of the distressed, were sufficient to strike astonishment into Angels. A great part of the buildings throughout the Island are levelled to the ground, almost all the rest very much shattered; several persons killed and numbers utterly ruined; whole families running about the streets, unknowing where to find a place of shelter; the sick exposed to the keeness of water and air without a bed to lie upon, or a dry covering to their bodies; and our harbours entirely bare. In a word, misery, in all its most hideous shapes, spread over the whole face of the country. A strong smell of gunpowder added somewhat to the terrors of the night; and it was observed that the rain was surprizingly salt. Indeed the water is so brackish and full of sulphur that there is hardly any drinking it.

My reflections and feelings on this frightful and melancholy occasion, are set forth in the following self-discourse.

Where now, oh! vile worm, is all thy boasted fortitude and resolution? What is become of thine arrogance and self sufficiency? Why dost thou tremble and stand aghast? How humble, how helpless, how contemptible you now appear. And for why? The jarring of elements—the discord of clouds? Oh! impotent presumptuous fool! how durst thou offend that Omnipotence, whose nod alone were sufficient to quell the destruction that hovers over thee, or crush thee into atoms? See thy wretched helpless state, and learn to know thyself. Learn to know thy best support. Despise thyself, and adore thy God. How sweet, how unutterably sweet were now, the voice of an approving conscience; Then couldst thou say, hence ye idle alarms, why do I shrink? What have I to fear? A pleasing calm suspense! A short repose from calamity to end in eternal bliss? Let the Earth rend. Let the planets forsake their course. Let the Sun be extinguished and the Heavens burst asunder. Yet what have I to dread? My staff can never be broken—in Omnip[o]tence I trusted.

He who gave the winds to blow, and the lightnings to rage—even him have I always loved and served. His precepts have I observed. His commandments have I obeyed—and his perfections have I adored. He will snatch me from ruin. He will exalt me to the fellowship of Angels and Seraphs, and to the fullness of never ending joys.

But alas! how different, how deplorable, how gloomy the prospect! Death comes rushing on in triumph veiled in a mantle of tenfold darkness. His unrelenting scythe, pointed, and ready for the stroke. On his right hand sits destruction, hurling the winds and belching forth flames: Calamity on his left threatening famine disease and distress of all kinds. And Oh! thou wretch, look still a little further; see the gulph of eternal misery open. There mayest thou shortly plunge—the just reward of thy vileness. Alas! whither canst thou fly? Where hide thyself? Thou canst not call upon thy God; thy life has been a continual warfare with him.

Hark—ruin and confusion on every side. ’Tis thy turn next; but one short moment, even now, Oh Lord help. Jesus be merciful!

Thus did I reflect, and thus at every gust of the wind, did I conclude, ’till it pleased the Almighty to allay it. Nor did my emotions proceed either from the suggestions of too much natural fear, or a conscience over-burthened with crimes of an uncommon cast. I thank God, this was not the case. The scenes of horror exhibited around us, naturally awakened such ideas in every thinking breast, and aggravated the deformity of every failing of our lives. It were a lamentable insensibility indeed, not to have had such feelings, and I think inconsistent with human nature.

Our distressed, helpless condition taught us humility and contempt of ourselves. The horrors of the night, the prospect of an immediate, cruel death—or, as one may say, of being crushed by the Almighty in his anger—filled us with terror. And every thing that had tended to weaken our interest with him, upbraided us in the strongest colours, with our baseness and folly. That which, in a calm unruffled temper, we call a natural cause, seemed then like the correction of the Deity. Our imagination represented him as an incensed master, executing vengeance on the crimes of his servants. The father and benefactor were forgot, and in that view, a consciousness of our guilt filled us with despair.

But see, the Lord relents. He hears our prayer. The Lightning ceases. The winds are appeased. The warring elements are reconciled and all things promise peace. The darkness is dispell’d and drooping nature revives at the approaching dawn. Look back Oh! my soul, look back and tremble. Rejoice at thy deliverance, and humble thyself in the presence of thy deliverer.

Yet hold, Oh vain mortal! Check thy ill timed joy. Art thou so selfish to exult because thy lot is happy in a season of universal woe? Hast thou no feelings for the miseries of thy fellow-creatures? And art thou incapable of the soft pangs of sympathetic sorrow? Look around thee and shudder at the view. See desolation and ruin where’er thou turnest thine eye! See thy fellow-creatures pale and lifeless; their bodies mangled, their souls snatched into eternity, unexpecting. Alas! perhaps unprepared! Hark the bitter groans of distress. See sickness and infirmities exposed to the inclemencies of wind and water! See tender infancy pinched with hunger and hanging on the mothers knee for food! See the unhappy mothers anxiety. Her poverty denies relief, her breast heaves with pangs of maternal pity, her heart is bursting, the tears gush down her cheeks. Oh sights of woe! Oh distress unspeakable! My heart bleeds, but I have no power to solace! O ye, who revel in affluence, see the afflictions of humanity and bestow your superfluity to ease them. Say not, we have suffered also, and thence withold your compassion. What are you[r] sufferings compared to those? Ye have still more than enough left. Act wisely. Succour the miserable and lay up a treasure in Heaven.

I am afraid, Sir, you will think this description more the effort of imagination than a true picture of realities. But I can affirm with the greatest truth, that there is not a single circumstance touched upon, which I have not absolutely been an eye witness to.

Our General has issued several very salutary and humane regulations, and both in his publick and private measures, has shewn himself the Man.

—-Letter from Alexander Hamilton to his father, James Hamilton, Sr., found by the Reverend Hugh Knox and printed in The Royal Danish American Gazette  ( x )

Putain je rate le festoche Frames au moment où j’habite sur place (nan j’ai toujours pas croisé le Fossoyeur fortuitement en me balladant dans les rues parce que j’me ballade pas dans les rues)(dommage). 

La déception la tristesse la frustration. 
(non mais du coup je vais à quelque chose de bien, hein, mais il se passe jamais rien de sympa ici alors c’est dommage quoi ^^)

The Move Countdown begins

I am going to use tumblr as a journal of sorts, at least for this post because as my move to Philly becomes closer and closer the amount of sleep I find myself getting in an evening dwindles down to minutes instead of hours. 

Normally I am so excited for a move. Its a new place, new adventure, new people, and yet another chance to redefine myself. I have come to realize in preparing for this move though the reason I was so excited to move in the past is because I was never truly happy with who I was or very accepting of myself and my sexuality. 

Over the last 6 months I have become extremely accepting of not only myself but the world around me. I think this makes me excited to move while also extremely terrified. 

I have never been more depressed in my life than the time frame I was unhappy with who I was and the idea of moving and knowing I would have the ability to lose myself in the process is enough to keep me up at night. It is enough to make my wonder if I am making the correct decision in leaving what I have known for the last year and a half. With my new found time in the day being awake worrying about these things I have also had the opportunity to begin exploring what has made me different over the last 6 months. What has stood out as my justification and new found confidence in myself? Its the people I have chosen to have around me.

Growing up and even into my adulthood the word “friends” and “Steph” wasn’t something that was normal. I was a loner a good portion of time. I refused to let anyone in, and even when I wanted to let others in I felt I was socially awkward. I didn’t even know where to start in being someones friend. I was an intellectual who thought I could count my successes in life on the degrees I had or the jobs I held. Think Sheldon (Big Bang Theory) before anyone liked him or Reid (Criminal Minds) when he was wrapped up within his own head. Let me tell you though there is no book that will explain to you how to be gay, how to accept yourself, or even how to deal with coming out and your family. There are people. There are stories. There are experiences you share with others you don’t even know that are so common yet so different. 

Over the past few months I have had the opportunity to meet some of the most amazing people I have ever met. I have friends that I have known for a while that I couldn’t tell you much about. We seem to be friends when it is convenient. Then I have friends that I have had for no more than 6 months and those people around in the last 6 months have taught me more than anyone else has in a lifetime. 

In the last six months these friends have taught me I am not what I can provide to people, but defined by the person I am. I have learned that my career successes mean very very little without someone to share it with and I don’t mean a significant other I mean friends you can call who are ready to celebrate those successes with you. I have learned I am capable of being a friend and capable of being a person who can care about friends above myself. I have learned to let go and I have learned to live in the moment. I have learned that even though I don’t speak with my family, I have a family (and even better I got to pick this one). I have learned to laugh at the small stuff and realize I am not alone for the big stuff. I have finally learned what it feels like to have a support system of people who have my best interest at heart. I have learned to admit that sometimes I can’t do everything on my own and as much as I would love to say I don’t need the approval others I do and they provide me with that.

Above all else though I have learned that I will be okay in whatever decision I make so Vegas it has been real and I have enjoyed every minute of it but Philly I am on my way and can’t wait to see what you have in store for me. 

Thank you to those friends who in just a few short months have shown me the confidence I am capable of having in myself. This move is different because I am different and I couldn’t be happier. You are all better people than I think you will ever realize. @kateaustinn @sulsss @allbrokenthings @danninicole @fuckinrudeyo