Overwatch Outfit-Swap: Hanzo and McCree 

[Submitted by various Anons] 

It’s hiiiiiiiiiiigh noon  time I get back to these! This was a little more tedious than I thought - Hanzo’s outfit is deceptively complex in the front - so I humoured myself with a little McHanzo with the text. I mean, if you want to read it that way. I must say that I like McCree more and more though, and I’m excited to get better at drawing him.

Thank you to those who submitted! 

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Keith loves his neighbors dog, yet at one point sees someone walking off with the dog he doesn't recognize (it's Lance) and he tackles the guy and starts roughhousing him with Lance fighting back only to find out and be embarrassed because Lance is the new dog walker. they exchange numbers after cause Lance thought his attack was kinda cute.

omg i am in L O V E

honestly if jin doesnt get on this show ill feel like ive let him down. all he does for us; he eats with us, he plays games with us on twitter, he tries to make us giggle, hes never not smiling, all the fan service and kisses to cameras… 

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Ok Law getting lost is amazing! How does his crew find him when he wanders by himself?

Believe me he’s not that hopeless, not like Zoro, Law manages to find the way back, he’s just complete shit with maps, compasses and the weather xD

When we get into a situation where he in fact can get lost easily, Bepo goes into mama mode and orders everybody to search for him and find him

There’s a bit at the end of the song “I Like It Heavy” by Halestorm, in which Lzzy Hale (my wife!!) sings these lyrics (like a damn angel, I might add):

Take me home tonight, I’d do anything with you
Buy a bottle of whiskey, we’ll get matching tattoos
Tell me that you love me, oh let me drive your car
We can sit til morning light, just countin’ every star
‘Cause if there’s a Hell, I’ll meet you there
And if there’s a Heaven, they’re serving beer
And if you’re an angel, then I must be high
Oh, if there’s a church, it’s rock 'n roll
If there’s a devil, I sold my soul
It’s alright, whatever we do tonight
'Cause if there’s a God, dammit, She won’t mind
If there’s a God, baby, She won’t mind

I’m completely convinced that’s Warren x Reader

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I need to stop comparing myself to others…

When you wake up, wake up with determination and gratitude that more opportunities are waiting. Each and every day is a gift, and another chance for us to make a positive impact.

how to be a very cute little duckling as performed by kim namjoon