7.5 mile run, new BNHA, you know the drill:

  • Deku receiving enthusiastic support from normal citizens to pursue his dreams is one of my favorite tiny details of BNHA because a lot of shows love to do the whole “society is against them” thing but no people love and support Deku.
  • my aesthetic: Iida sprinting through the rain in a neon green poncho yelling at people that they’re Late for Being Early
  • Don’t worry about it
  • Young Mic and Young-zawa give me life
  • Like I’m positive Present Mic takes credit for naming Eraserhead like he brags about it in public and to news crews like “you know that hero that never ever agrees to interview with you and you know nothing about well hes a great friend of mine and IIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIII named him!”
  • What am I talking about he brags about this on the radio.
  • ^^^^^This screenshot gave me about 8 distinct flashbacks to public school’s “take one pass it back”
  • Listening to the kids read their Englished names is like 1000x better than reading the manga because you can hear them saying the English words instead of just wondering if the names were translated or not and its adorable
  • Retto Riotto
  • Deku, “Gosh, I think Kirishima’s so cool.”
    Me, “Bitch me too.”
  • MAMA MIDORIYA BEING EXCITED AND SUPPORTIVE OF TINY DEKU’S TERRIBLE ALL MIGHT RIP-OFF NAMES HAS ADDED 4 YEARS TO MY LIFE. Because me too all my creative efforts when i was young were just terrible rip offs of the things i loved and godbless mrs midoriya for playing along
  • its here. King Explosion Murder
  • Kirishima, “You should be Explosion Boy!”
    Bakugou, “SHUT UP”
    Let me explain this is actually a running gag im like 85% sure. (I noticed only because i love and value and remember everything Kirishima says) All throughout the tournament arc, Bakugou was calling people by their quirks because he didnt remember their names. During the Kiri vs Bakugou fight, Kirishima called Bakugou “Explosion Boy” (despite clearly knowing his name) as a jab AT the fact that Bakugou kept doing that. Now he suggests Explosion Boy AGAIN because Kiri’s just being a little shit now and i value him.
  • If I ever drop into a sudden coma just play the sound bite of Ururaka saying “Uravity” and I promise I will instantly wake up.
  • Katsuki “Angry Squeaky Whiteboard Marker Noises” Bakugou
  • Iida….my son…..youre gonna go through some hell
  • Deku voice: “That’s right, I’ve decided to name myself Dumbass. Because Bakugou is always calling me Dumbass and I hated it so now I’m reclaiming it! Fuck you! I’m Dumbass!”
  • Bakugou voice: “……….Dumbass.”
  • Most Mangaka: “Even though these characters are 15, they will have all the maturity, rationality, and responsibility of adults as a sort of wish fulfillment to the audience”
    Horikoshi: “This is Bakugou he’s 15 and an idiot so he names himself Lord Explosion Murder”
  • Every time we get a scene reminding us that All Might is a clueless dork I fall a little more in love with this series.
  • Stain. Arc. Stain. Arc. Stain. Arc.
  • Deku, horrified: “HE’S DEAD!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
    Gran Torino:
    “I’m alive.”
    Deku, more horrified than before: 

“OHH HE’S ALIVE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!”



- Old Married Couple dynamic, CHECK
- Obi-Wan laughing because he knows Anakin is about to be a sulky child, CHECK
- Anakin being a beautiful sulky child, CHECK
- Getting to see them in civilian clothes, CHECK

Honest to god, though, Anakin’s face is giving me LIFE here, hell, they BOTH ARE:

Nobody takes joy in your crankiness like someone who loves you takes joy in your crankiness.

anonymous asked:

How would the gom react to their so's extremely cute puppy face when she wants them to do something for her? Thank you!

Kuroko: It’s a little hard to see at first, especially since he’s doing such a good job of staying calm, but your puppy face does have a slight effect on Kuroko. If anything, the light blush on his cheeks says he’s at least willing to listen.

Kise: Falling for it instantly, Kise would capture the moon for you if you’d look at him with that cute face one more time. He’s so easily persuaded into doing what you needed him to do, it’s almost comical.

Aomine: Meeting your puppy face with one of his glares, it would turn into a staring contest as you tried to get him to agree to your request. Aomine was stubborn though and it would only work if something was given to him in return.

Midorima: You couldn’t get everything you wanted in life just by giving him cute faces; at least, this was the lesson Midorima was trying to teach you. To say he failed would be an understatement, as he caved a few seconds later.

Murasakibara: Two could play at this game. Murasakibara’s pout game is strong and the both of you know this. It was only a matter of what would last longer; your want for him to do something for you or his need to be lazy?

Akashi: If you wanted something from him, you should use words instead of making faces. Akashi doesn’t react badly to your begging face, but it certainly wasn’t the fastest way to get him to do something for you.

henlo-nerds-im-weird  asked:

i'm new here so idk about the requests n stuff but can i see danny with curly hair bc that would give me life

I see your curly hair Danny and raise you curly hair Danny with freckles! 

Welcome new follower to my mess of a blog! The way I work with art “requests” is more like suggestions, and if I like them I draw them. No limit to how many you can send in :) Hope you like my curly Dabby! @henlo-nerds-im-weird

anonymous asked:

im putting out there that I am the same height as Nishinoya and the worst part is the fact that i have thicc ass thighs and finding correctly fitting shorts is so difficult and i wonder if any other haikyuu boy has trouble with clothes that fit

Thighchi might have an issue finding shorts tbh

sunlightisforplants  asked:

Your monster AU gives me life (pun because half of them are dead), but I'm especially in love with vampire Boi Conan/Shinchi and his baby bat form. It's so hosh dark hecking cute I could die. Question: does the baby bat form cling to Ran? Because I know bat pups cling to their mothers stomachs when not flying. Would he hang out on her hat? (I love all your art I need you to know that too thanks)

Thank you! A big part of it is ideas exchanged around with my friends, so it’s really fun to worldbuild around something so silly we all liked a lot!

To answer your question - Yes! Yes he would. I doodled him hanging from her hat before as multiple bats, here it is all by itself

But he’d likely cling to her cloak also (especially inside when it’s super sunny!). We were talking over singular and multiple bats, and came to the conclusion that he can do both of these, but almost never does singular, so he doesn’t have much practice on it and struggles.

Also, the inside the coat thing lets these two dorks do this

Thank you so much for your compliments! <3 it means a lot

Kuki ( @aonomiki ), Presume ( @presumenothing ), Jube ( @mad-freakin-genius ) and Patsu ( @theforbodingboglands ) have all been part of this as well and contributed, so I can’t take credit for all the ideas myself B)

Also, if i forgot anyone else atm bc I’m a dumb, slap me