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Hey! Imagine Marinette change her outfits and Adrien hugs Marinette and Mari says "ADRİEN LET ME GO!" and he says "I like pretty things!"

Like this?

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In the clip for Gaston, after Lefou moves away from the 3 dudes, Stanley is pointing to the others and all I can picture is: "You're being extremely obvious, Stanley." "Shut your ungodly mouth, Tom."

This is the best oh my god

This just makes me think the guys have known all about Stanley’s crush from the start and for them this whole movie is just them going “jesus shit stanley could you be any more obvious” and “dear god what have we gotten ourselves into”

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do u think after the wedding we will get like. actual shots of them living together. as in sharing a room. as in cooking dinner or something i will take anything even if its just killian waiting for emma to get out of the bathroom to brush his teeth

me @ the entirety of s6 if we dont get scenes of domestic cs at their home

look guys I’m so fucking excited about the idea of a malec “waking up together” scene but istg if magnus has makeup and/or perfectly styled hair in said scene I’m suing the showrunners

Rin Matsuoka is honestly like the person I aspire to be. I mean look at him; he’s fashionable, he’s driven, he goes full out after the things he wants, he cares so much about the people he loves, he has a dream that he’s going after no matter what, even after losing his way for a few years. Like honestly this boy is so wonderful and real and relatable and I love him.

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ceci ;)

ceci ily ;)

  • C. WHO I LIKE AND WHY I LIKE THEM: hmm im going platonically here but @exybee is angel whom i lov very much, she makes great edits and is just rlly sweet
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  • C. WHO I LIKE AND WHY I LIKE THEM: @kayascodelorio umm my wife who i adore; just a sweet gal who deserves good things & is kind of nice i guess  👀
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spell out your name in my ask omg do it

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okay no that comment alone wasn't enough. im gonna map this relationship. ship urself first but im also gonna ship u. koichi is dating oku. oku is dating mikitaka, josuke and yuya. yuya is ofc yoshie, reiko, and akemi. josuke is dating u. u are also dating yukako. yukako is dating koichi bringing us to a full circle. you all do pastel glitter craft projects and cuddle and have movie nights. half of y'all end up sleeping on the floor for Max Cuddles. it's the ideal. that's how i see it.