[3/58 days of motivation]: Chemistry revision

once again, i chose to focus on enhancing my understanding of topics  in chemistry. you’ll notice that i will be focusing on chemistry revision during this motivation streak as i am striving to improve my grades. this semester since they weren’t very good.

given that i am discussing this topic, i thought it would be great to address how i personally deal with “failure” or simply not achieving my goals. before anything, i just want to point out that i am no expert, i am only hoping that my personal experiences will help you guys out as this is something that i still struggle with.

so here goes nothing:

Dealing with failure  setbacks

1. don’t panic  

when you don’t reach your targets or receive disappointing grades, you should not panic thinking that it means that you’re horrible at the subject, that you will fail in the subject, that you’re going to fail in school, fail in life, bla bla bla… believe or not, in bad times our minds can imagine some pretty far-fetched and terrible things. this one test will not determine your life, your dreams, your fate or define you! so don’t overthink or panic because there will always be another chance and in this case another test. rather, take it as a challenge to prove yourself next time. i know its easier said than done, but you can only move forward by 

2. at the same time don’t bottle up your emotions    

meanwhile, trying to stay calm doesn’t mean you should keep your emotions in and just angrily reject it all. instead, let it all out and come to terms with your feelings as well as taking complete responsibility for what has happened. remember. keeping those emotions inside will only be destructive in the future and lead to sudden outbursts/mood swings/pessimistic attitude later on, which affecting your life in general as well as future grades for example.

3.. hustle harder

once you accept your feelings and are composed, it’s time to get your ish together. this is not a “failure”, it is just a setback from your goals. in fact, it is one that you can learn from. so sit down, pull out your bujo, a piece of paper or just your mind and write down the answers to the following :

  • what can i learn from this?
  • how can i avoid this next time?
  • what should i do differently?

you have just sketched out your masterplan towards achieving your goals. remember that not achieving a certain target  that contributes to fulfilling your dreams does not meant that you should change your goals, because trust me the thought of changing subjects or my dream career has crossed my mind a billion times whenever things don’t go as planned. rather, if the initial plan doesn’t work out, change it.

 change the plan, but not the goals.


  • cello Finegrip (in black, blue and red)
  • Super U Felt-tips (in beige; these have cornrow tips & are super inexpensive but very effective)
  • Artline Stix Brush Marker (in black)
  • Pilot Hi-Tecpoint V5 (in purple and pink)
  • Pritt micro correction roller


In a fight you will get hit, it is inevitable but that doesn’t mean you won’t win, it’s the same in life you will fail its inevitable but that doesn’t mean you won’t succeed.
Don’t Freak

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Steve Harrington x Reader

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“You’re really trying to tell me that Low is David Bowie’s best album to date?” Jonathan nodded, opening the brown paper bag that held his lunch.

“That’s exactly what I’m telling you,” Y/N’s eyes widened, then shoved her lunch tray to the side. She leaned on her elbows, her hands in front of her.

“I could name five other Bowie albums, easily, that blow Low out of the water,” Jonathan took a bite of his sandwich, then motioned to Y/N.

“Go on then,”

Station to Station,” Y/N’s right index finger began to point to the fingers on her left hand to count. “Aladdin Sane, The Rise and Fall of Ziggy Stardust and the Spiders From Mars -obviously-, Diamond Dogs, and my number one favorite Bowie album of all time,” Jonathan mimed exactly what Y/N was saying with her, “Hunky Dory.” Y/N took a deep breath as she finished, then shoved a french fry in her mouth. “It’s like I don’t even know you sometimes,” She shook her head and shrugged her shoulders jokingly, “But, I mean, Low is still a great album,” That made Jonathan chuckle. A body suddenly appeared on the bench next to Y/N, scaring the life out of her. She had one hand on her mouth and the other over her heart to stop herself from screaming. Y/N turned her head and saw Steve Harrington with a dumb grin on his face.

“Tonight?” He looked at Y/N expectantly.

“What?” Her pupils were still wide from the shock, and the word sounded pretty dumb coming from her.

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How To Attract What You Desire

Before you begin:

• Know what you want. What you really want. And don’t think of “how” you’ll get it.
• Write the desire in present tense on a card. It is now your goal card.
• Carry this card with you and read it often. This is putting the desire into your subconscious mind.
• Check if your goal is really what you want. Can you imagine bigger? Are you letting fear stop you? Are you answering your soul’s calling with this?


• How you fall asleep determines what shows up in your life. Everytime. Without fail. So we start our day how we fell asleep the night before, actually. Ask your self one question before you sleep: “If my wishes were fulfilled, how would I feel?” Fall asleep to that question satisfied.
• Record an MP3 or voice note of your OWN voice, reciting positive affirmations. Get examples online but personalize them. Your subconscious mind trusts your own voice. Use it.
• Never ever let yourself fall asleep feeling stress or failure. Don’t invite it in.


• When your eyes open, set your intention for the day.
• Did you have any dreams last night? Write them down.
• Write 5 things you’re grateful for. Increase to 10 after a while and begin to include wishes that are yet to manifest e.g. “I’m grateful I now weigh __”


• Read Think And Grow Rich by Napoleon Hill. (PDF’s online) Read slowly and reflectively.
• Read Feeling Is The Secret by Neville Goddard (PDF’s online)
• The Secret book/DVD is great for beginners but you’re going to have to dig deeper to pull this off.
• Do what makes you smile. Read, play your music, call a friend, go for walks. Do whatever you can to lighten your mood.
Write about your desire as if it’s already happened.
Visualize your life ASSUMING the desire has already happened. How do you feel? What are you wearing? Where are you? Was manifesting easy and fun?


Bruce Lee, Jim Carrey, Arnold Schwarzenegger, Oprah Winfrey, Big Sean, Conor McGregor and countless others have used this formula. It works, and it will work for you.

Share this post. You never know who might be waiting to see it. And for powerful & affordable coaching click here.


My piece for the yoi collab game!! The theme was “secrets and mysteries”. My group (group 10!!) had so much fun with this. We made an au where Georgi’s failed love life was a result of him being supernatural! I made a comic based of Nikola’s part of the fic. Go check out the fic here!!!!!

I look at you and I see
something different
Something I’ve been chasing my whole life
Something that I’ve failed to seek
In everybody else.

So I’m making myself a ham and pineapple pizza.

I decided to do things the old-fashioned way this time - it’s a bit time-consuming, but you can’t beat scratch-made pizza for flavour.

I prepare the dough from scratch, mix the spices for the sauce, grate the cheese, slice the ham - and finally, I’m ready to add the last ingredient.

I look at the can in my hand.

This is not pineapple.

I don’t have pineapple.

I’m holding a can of creamed corn.

It’s easy to feel like you’re failing at life when the only snap shots you get of other people are positive ones. But it’s so important to remember that you’re only seeing a small piece of the entire picture of a person’s life - pieces that are often filtered or embellished, or sometimes completely falsified, to paint the appearance that everything is okay. But these people you’re comparing yourself to who seem to have their life together, who are living enviable lives and have smiling photos and celebratory status updates and blog posts showcasing their adventures - their lives are not as easy or perfect as they might seem. Yes, there may be moments of happiness and laughter and accomplishment, but there are also moments of heartbreak and loss and loneliness. There are days when they feel painfully inadequate or invisible or defeated. Days when they’re drowning in shame or self-doubt or fear. They aren’t the paragons of success and happiness that you’ve built them up to be.

Because the truth is that NO ONE has everything figured out. No one’s life is easy and without struggle. It’s human and it’s normal. And it’s OKAY. It’s okay to struggle. It’s okay to feel lost and unsure and overwhelmed. It’s okay to not have it together every minute of every day. It’s okay to be exactly where you are and feel all the things you feel. You don’t have to have all the answers or do things perfectly. You just have to show up and try. You have to trust that you can struggle and lose your way and still end up where you need and want to be. That you can not have it together and still live a meaningful and accomplished life.

d-louixe  asked:

How do you feel about Cory Feldman these days?

I hope that he gets the justice that he’s deserved since we were kids, and I hope that he gets the healing that every adult in his life failed to help him find.

I’m sad because when i was 14 i had a concept for a scifi romance novel where humans were extinct but brought back from fossils by the future-humans which were reptilian.

Then i saw Jurassic park for the first time and realised that my story idea was basically a reversed version of Jurassic park but with kissing instead of killing.

  • Keith: All my life came to pieces when the love of my life failed me...
  • Shiro: What did you did this time Lance?
  • Lance: It's not me! he just remembered when NASA said Pluto wasn't a planet anymore because he was so small and didn't gravitated like all the others did
  • Keith: He was just SO YOUNG! Pluto did nothing wrong!
  • Lance: We know babe, Pluto's just a lil misunderstood baby who doesn't understand how gravitational forces work

The Year of Cardi B - She went from stripping to becoming the breakout star of 2017. So what’s she worried about?

Cardi B is butt-naked in the doorway of her hotel bathroom, yelling about her vagina. On a mid-October evening, she’s readying herself for a college show in Baltimore, and the toiletries provided by the hotel aren’t to her liking. “That soap gave me the yeast infection of 2017!” she hollers in her thick Bronx accent. “My pussy was burnin’ like a Mexican taco!”

It takes all of 10 seconds in Cardi B’s presence to be reminded of the sheer force and hilarity of her personality. Simply being Cardi B, at maximum volume, made her a star – first on Instagram, then on the VH1 reality show Love & Hip-Hop: New York – before she’d recorded any music at all, let alone knocked Taylor Swift from the top of the pop charts with the sly swagger of her single “Bodak Yellow.” She is the people’s diva – or “the strip-club Mariah Carey,” as she once rapped – unfiltered in a way the world often doesn’t allow female stars to be. In a culture reshaped by streaming and social media, where the kids, without much corporate nudging, get to decide who the stars are, Cardi B is what you get.

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