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Can i request lapidot + 2 for the kissing meme? :)

snoot smooch!

  • Imagine Nico Getting all tangled up with Today's music and Bands (one of the few pluses of dating a son of Apollo)
  • And then one day...
  • Percy:So niks what is your favorite band?
  • Nico:uhh I Think Fall Out Boy, why?
  • Percy:Did You mean....
  • Percy:Fall out..
  • Percy:BOI
  • leo:*from across the camp* OH SHIT WADDUP
  • Nico:....
  • Nico:i'm...
  • Nico:I will kill all of you

¿Life Hacks o Life Fails?

Discrepo con la parte del plátano, se abre mucho mejor si lo abres al réves pellizcándolo, nunca falla. En cambio de otra manera depende del estado de la cáscara del plátano.

You know you're an introvert when

Your parents encourage you to go out partying and enjoy “college life”, but you say that you just want to study and get good grades, parties can wait