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“Do you think I don’t recognize all of the obvious things between Janeway and Chakotay? Oh, but I do–but they have to be handled exquisitely. She’s the captain of the ship, she’s got to be that first. But I think, like everything else in life, we can see some slips here. Why should she not slip? I’ve encouraged them, also–let’s see the fade drop every now and then. I think we need more one-on-one together, alone, so we can see that.

At this point, I think it would be quite acceptable to see them more alone, and 
what happens then, when they’re alone. What kind of tenderness, what kind of tension, what kind of stammering? What kind of touch that doesn’t complete itself, but longs to? Those sorts of things. And then let’s see them completely united on the bridge, and then let’s see them not united in private, and what happens then. But let’s make sure that their allegiance is to one another, absolutely. There should be a lot of that tension, and you’re going to see more of it. It’s terribly important to me, this relationship. And I adore [Robert Beltran] on a personal level. There is absolutely nothing about that man that I do not like. There’s a loveliness to his nature that I respond to completely. He truly is my anchor, in many ways, and I think vice versa. So we must maintain that" | Kate Mulgrew (1997)