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Me llaman egoísta por preferir mi felicidad al de los demás, pero ellos no saben que yo siempre he estado para todos y nadie nunca ha estado para mi. Esta mal querer ser feliz por primera vez en la vida? (Colocar los signos que dirían eso en su amada respuesta)

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Just wanted to update you all in that I got a new keyboard so I can finally type again.  I am also posting this because typing on the keyboard feels really nice.  Got a nice weight to it.  I like hitting the keys.  It is fun.  I’m going to keep typing until I tire of it.  I don’t think I ever will tire of it, really.  It’s pretty nice to keep typing.  I should get one of those jobs where you just type shit all day.  I wouldn’t wanna get carpal tunnel or some other shit tho, because I draw and stuff.  But boy is typing fun.  I should probably stop for now.

So “Logan” is by far the greatest ‘superhero’ movie I’ve seen in a long, long time, but that might just be my intense love for father-daughter relationships and immense angst coming in to play. I cried four times, and while I’d love to ramble about it I don’t want to spoil, so just believe when I say you’ll love it and hate it simultaneously because of how perfect it is.


Happy to say I have finally graduated with a bachelors degree in Chinese and Japanese after four years of difficult classes, immersion programs, and two study abroad experiences in Nanjing and Nagoya. I know you are all here for art, but I wanted to thank you all for supporting me nonetheless 💕



Update on life:

For people who shared concern over my tiredness and stress over the last couple of days, thank you!
I’m still under a lot of stress with school, with several animation projects including my senior thesis film, but things are gonna be okay. I’ve got a wonderful support network including my wonderful boyfriend, and lots of prayers.

If there’s anything else stressing you guys out, know that you aren’t alone there! I don’t know how to help, but you have kinship in your struggle.

Keep it up 🌸🌿

Oh yeah I don’t think I mentioned on here yet, but I’m going back to college in the fall!!  I went to an admitted student day today and it felt kinda weird surrounded by 18 year olds (some were talking about how they just went to prom… my prom was 8 years ago…..), but I’m gonna learn Game Art and turn my bigass nerd tendencies and art skillz into a CAREER!

That and illustration has gotten me very little in the last 5 years (I mean I didn’t actually finish and was depressed for a time but, yknow, still), so it’s now time to learn 3D and industry shit