I’ve decided to start writing down some of my dads recipes for future reference, so I thought maybe I’d go ahead and share in case anyone was interested? He never really measures anything or times it so I’ll edit this later w/ more exact amounts whenever I make it this summer!  this one’s for his chicken boracho, it’s a really yummy savory meal that I’ve eaten all my life, def good for weeknights and the leftovers are great :D 

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I’m watching Jack’s livestream and wow

I’ve finally heard someone say exactly what I think about offense

“Offense is something that demands understanding, but it doesn’t always demand apology.”

Thank you, Jack.

I keep seeing people saying that if someone tells you that you offended them, you don’t get to decide that you didn’t do anything wrong. You should just recognize that you’ve done something wrong, apologize for it, and work on improving yourself to not be so offensive.

But no, that’s not right. Not always.

It’s true that you can’t tell someone what they should and shouldn’t be offended over. But:

Just because someone is offended doesn’t always mean that they’re right. If someone twists your words or actions, even unintentionally, and gets offended by what they think you meant, then that’s not your fault. It may not be their fault either. It’s often a case of misunderstanding. On the other hand, some people will purposefully twist what you say or do because they’re just looking for something to be offended by.

Yes, you should try to understand why they took offense, but intention and context truly do matter sometimes. And in some of those cases, you should clarify, and then work on being more clear with what you mean in the future. But in situations where you’ve been as clear as you can be, you should stand by the truth behind your words and actions, because the things that people are accusing you of and are offended by are things that you never actually said or did.

@therealjacksepticeye thank you for saying this. I’m sorry people are giving you a hard time, but I personally loved your Bro Average video, and I thought that the weird, sad arc and the ending were quality goofy entertainment.

I have no idea why everyone thinks Pacioretty is so uptight and boring…I mean, I get that he acts mature and serious…but like??? He’s the captain and he was raised to act like a professional in anything he does. But if you really pay attention, he’s really just a big, soft, silly teddy bear that constantly shows his adoration for his teammates and family. He’s perfect and goofy and no one can convince me otherwise.

So “Logan” is by far the greatest ‘superhero’ movie I’ve seen in a long, long time, but that might just be my intense love for father-daughter relationships and immense angst coming in to play. I cried four times, and while I’d love to ramble about it I don’t want to spoil, so just believe when I say you’ll love it and hate it simultaneously because of how perfect it is.

Holy moly happy new year my friends!
I’m so happy that I created this blog, not because of the ship and art, but the cutest followers I have ever met.
Thank you very much! Hope we can all have more love for each other in 2017❤️
I’m very busy recently, but I’ll check my ask box asap.

Reblog If You Suffer From A Speech/Communication Disorder

I have a speech disorder called cluttering. I was diagnosed with it in college by a speech pathologist that my supervisor recommended for me. Basically cluttering is a speech disorder that causes your brain to struggle to process too much information at the same time and when you speak, your speech has a difficult time keeping up with your thoughts causing you to speak too rapidly and sometimes, wind up tripping over your own words. It’s often confused with stuttering. 

What having a cluttering disorder is like (or at least for me):

- When I speak, I have a very difficult time controlling the rate of my speech. I speak waaay too fast sometimes 90% of the time people can’t understand what I’m saying. So I often have to repeat myself several times. 

-I dread public speaking and speaking to people so badly that I often try to avoid having to speak to people in general unless I really have to. It also doesn’t help that I’m introverted. So I’m usually very quiet unless I’m around people who I feel comfortable being around or if I’m really happy. This is pretty bad because I started teaching an after-school illustration class to middle-school students this year and I always worry that the kids aren’t going to be able to understand me and they’ve already noticed that I speak very fast and they ask me about it. But I have a really hard time speaking the words “I have a speech disorder” so I don’t usually tell them about it. Which leads to my next point…

-There are so many words that I can’t say properly without tripping over my words. Like for example, here’s a list of some words and phrases that I have trouble saying:

1) What does it look like?

2) Particular

3) Participate 

4) Specific and other words that start with “sp” 

5) Comfortable 

6) Sometimes (when saying it at the end of a sentence)

7) Say that again

-Since I have so many things running through my mind at once, I often struggle with multitasking when I’m dealing with people. I have no problem writing, listening to a YouTube video and watching TV at the same time and being able to pay attention to everything I’m doing but if I have to perform a task while speaking to someone, my brain starts short-circuiting. I can’t comprehend what they are saying. I’ve noticed this for a while but just recalled while my girlfriend was speaking to me as I was writing this. 

-Whenever I speak, I wind up having to correct myself mid-sentence because I know that what I’m saying doesn’t sound right or that the person that I’m speaking to isn’t going to be able to understand me. 

-Whenever I’m angry or upset, my speech is at its worst. My speech becomes incoherent, I jumble my words too much and I have to wait until I calm down before I speak. 

-I say “um” way too much when I speak because I am trying to catch myself before my speech falters and to give myself time to process my thoughts before I speak. 

-I often slur my words together and when I hear what I say after I’ve said it, more than half the time, I ask myself “what the hell did I just say??”

-I have a problem breathing when I speak sometimes because speaking is physically and mentally draining for me. It’s really embarrassing because I’ll be trying to say one sentence and I can’t get out what I’m trying to say because I have to take a deep breath.

-I constantly dread going to my teaching job on Thursdays and Fridays because I have to get up in front of a group of kids, present a lesson, speak to them about their work, ask them questions and explain other things to them. I also have to communicate with my supervisors in person which is something I don’t do at my other job. We mainly communicate through email because my worksite is separate from the main site. But with my 2nd job, if I have to speak to my supervisors, I mostly have to speak to them in person. 

-I hate speaking on the phone. The only people I feel comfortable speaking to on the phone are my mom, girlfriend and a few close friends. And this is terrible because I’ve missed networking events and opportunities to collaborate with people and have gallery shows because I was too afraid to call people. 

-Working retail was a nightmare because it involved so much speaking and communicating with people. I always volunteered to work on the register (even though I hated cashiering) so that I could avoid being on the sales floor longer than I needed to and have to help customers. Dealing with one person at a time at the register was a lot easier than dealing a million people coming up to me at once all asking for help. Since then, I’ve avoiding applying for retail/customer service related jobs like the plague. 

-I’m constantly angry and frustrated because I know that my speech disorder limits me from doing a lot of things like have a conversation with a person I’ve never met, public speaking and expressing my thoughts. It makes me feel as though I can’t function as a human being. 

I don’t know how common this speech disorder is now. I’ve seen some videos on YouTube and it made me feel a little better knowing that there are other people out there who have my speech disorder and that I’m not alone. So please, reblog this if you have a speech disorder and can relate. Also, below are videos of myself speaking about my disorder. 

P sure I’m gonna be the only one in my AP Lit class today, bc everyone else is going to prom or has some excuse to leave early after second block

I have no idea what’s going to happen in that class. Hello, anxiety over an unfamiliar situation