Holy moly happy new year my friends!
I’m so happy that I created this blog, not because of the ship and art, but the cutest followers I have ever met.
Thank you very much! Hope we can all have more love for each other in 2017❤️
I’m very busy recently, but I’ll check my ask box asap.

  • Magnus every five seconds: and this guy was handsome, like, devilishly so; I'm not saying he was good looking, cause he's a bad guy, but he was definitely handsome; those scars looked pretty terrible, but this dude was definitely handsome once, he might even be handsome now; underneath all that beard, the guy was pretty darn handsome
  • me: Magnus calm down your gay is showing

sighsss i was doing like, kinda ok, but i randomly remembered how my granny used to write me birthday cards every year up until her Alzheimer’s caught up to her, and then i remembered the funeral and now im like….happy birthday, your gift this year is unpacking grief and sobbing in your car T __ T  i probably worried this poor homeless man b/c i still wanted to give him money even tho i was like, mid crying OTL

hmmm so my dad’s been giving my mom the cold shoulder for a few days now, and i am assuming they are definitely Not doing anything for Valentines Day, so im tryin to decide if i should bake her a chocolate cake and get her roses, or just take her out to dinner?? im kinda broke tho, but she’s had such a rough time and my dad’s awful so like, it’d be nice to take her out ; o ; <3