She’s got feelings for you, Barry. 

(sort of requested by candicepattonsredcoat)

Made a salad for lunch, hard boiled some eggs so I have breakfast for the next few days, made dinner, cleaned up the kitchen, and put a load of dishes through the dishwasher. Plus I hung posters and whatever on the walls. 

I’m on fire today, guys. 

Helius cleaned up his paperwork as he looked at the clock, listening intently for the sound of a bell jingling as Narcissa came in. A long suffering sigh passed him as the time ticked on and his pile of work lessened. Dark eyes flicked to the door as the bell jingled, a slow grin making it’s way to his lips. “About time you got here.”

anonymous asked:

This maybe a little silly but you make me very happy. Like your blog and stuff keeps me going.

Not silly at all.

It actually gives me a bit of strength to keep doing this stuff. 

If my blog helps to keep you going, receiving comments that I’ve helped brighten up a moment in your day keep me going in return.

Recycle. The possibilities are endless.

I am freaking the fuck out right now

I think I might be lactose intolerant to Wataburger milkshakes now! I love Wataburger milkshakes soo much! They’re my life

I had a medium vanilla shake and I was so happy cause i hadn’t had a shake in a few weeks

By the evening, i am rushing to the toilet and I have the most rancid, liquidity dump I think I have ever had

I’m so scared, I’ve never had this problem before and I love milkshakes too much to give them up

my mother is very much afraid of snakes

so whenever i post a picture of a snake on my blog, i think

“ah yes, further protection against my mom creeping on my blog”

 °˖✧ Character  Challenge ✧˖°

Day 1 » A character from your current favorite fandom

Guren Ichinose Owari no Seraph