There’s a place in the sun
And before my life is done
Got to find me a place in the sun

You know when times are bad
and you are feeling sad
I want you to remember

There’s a place in the sun
where there’s hope for everyone
where my poor restless heart’s gotta run

// Stevie Wonder - A Place In The Sun

the sea that kept me

Peaceful like the night-time I laid 

Upon the sand of the beach, tide getting high, waves crashing, 

Wind rustling the leaves on the few surrounding trees

An abundance of stars strewn across the sky. Moon illuminating

The paleness of your skin,

Highlighting your lips, your hands, your love

Obviously radiating from your eyes 

All over my body like an X-ray machine

When the water slunk up towards us and 

Grabbed my ankles, 

Dragging me deep. I was suffocating under the current: 

Your face distorted as I sank,

Eccentric three finned fish and mermaids,

Swimming amidst the blackness of the lowest parts of the sea,

Monsters of this enclosure, trapped forever. 

The closing of my throat, the water is choking:

Murky liquid that I, you, my family, and my friends all called home during the summer months.

Nothing can free me 

From the oceans’ depths

And I sink:

I long for land.

Clueless as to what life was before I drowned in this watery grave.

I pretend that  am Scyllis.

I crave the feeling of the earth between my toes

Foregoing the sand, foregoing your love, 

Foregoing you calling out my name and frantically wondering where I went

You can wait for me all night;

I will not return

Where you stand is where I stood before I had rotted away on the inside.
hypnotic sez:

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—  Samantha Young, Before Jamaica Lane