Life is a journey. Sometimes a battle, full of the unexpected. Sometimes we focus on our destination and forget to focus on that journey. When you fall, it allows you to get up stronger. It allows you not to lean on your own understanding, give in to faith, believe in something bigger than yourself and find your purpose.
—  Justin Bieber

Today it’s September 1th. A new month has started. People often see a new month asa new beginning. It is. But every new day is a new beginning. Every day you are given new 24 hours. Every day you start with a clean slate. Every day you have a fresh start. A new chance to reach your dreams. Just see September as 30 new days. 30 days to reach your goals. Some days will be good. Some days will be bad. Some days will be amazing! And all of those days will help you to reach your goals. You will learn from the bad days. You will get motivated from the good days. And the amazing days will show you that life doesn’t suck that much! It will show you that life is wonderful. Hard but wonderful. Life will get better. Nothing knocks more sense in someone than a nearly dead experience. I really hated my life. I tried to commit suicide more then once. If you follow me since earlier on, you know. I survived every time. And today I’m glad I did, but back then I hated it. I hated my life, but I never changed anything about it. I was hoping to make it to August 2015, so I could leave everyone and everything behind me and move to Australia. That was my dream back then. It still is. But life had other plans. I nearly died in a car accident. Having a nearly dead experience really changed my view on life. I have a lot of bad days, a few good days and even less amazing days. But I don’t let the bad days get me down. I let the amazing days lift me up. I let the good days motivate me to work even harder and I learn from the bad days. Life isn’t that bad. After bad days there will be good days, even amazing days. You just have to be alive to experience it. Please, believe me. September just has another 30 days. There will be bad days. There will be good days. There will be amazing days. Use those 30 days to get closer to your dreams. To work hard. To have fun. Don’t let a few bad days get you down. It’s okay to have them. It’s normal to have them. But never let them get you down. Life will get better. Life is amazing. Make September amazing!