life and time of selki ni mhiachain

  • Me:Okay gonna have another chapter out today
  • Me:But first I gotta clean my room, organise my books, find the meaning of life, make lunch, wash myself, make vibranium in my microwave, do my make up, teach myself to juggle, straighten my hair, make coffee, revamp my tumblr theme
  • Me:Okay now I'm ready
  • Me:Except for that smudge on the window

Making history today, folks. Ireland is going to be the first country in the world to establish same sex marriage equal to straight marriage through popular vote!!!!! VOTE YES FOR EQUALITY IN TODAY’S MARRIAGE REFERENDUM IN IRELAND. #YesEquality Foreign friends please stand with us because you guys know we deserve equal marriage rights. #StandWithUs

Wow I’m looking through my life tag and I used to be so friggin happy and complaining about stupid stuff

This last few days made me realise that I just don’t care anymore.

I. Am. Alive.

Do you realise what that means? Yes, I was viciously assaulted and I know that’s gonna take a loooong time to get over if ever, but I. AM. ALIVE.

Thanks to one dude in particular, but fuck everything that’s happened. My depression and anxiety aren’t going to disappear, but I AM HERE TO TALK AND VENT AND BITCH.

Fuck me sideways, I just love my friends.

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  • Name: Dominique
  • Nickname(s): Selki, Selk, Silky
  • Gender: Female
  • Star Sign: Taurus
  • Height: 5ft 4
  • Age: 24
  • Sexual Orientation
  • Hogwarts House: Slytherin
  • Favorite Color: Green or yellow I can never decide
  • Time Right Now: 11.39pm
  • Average Hours of Sleep: 2-4 hours
  • Lucky Number: 4
  • Last Thing I googled: bok choy
  • Favorite Fiction Character
  • Blankets I sleep with: One duvet and a throw
  • Favorite bands/artists: Bastille, Imagine Dragons, Kesha, AC/DC
  • Dream Trip: Saigon
  • Job: Student of Games Programming
  • When did you make this blog: About seven years ago I think
  • Follower count : 682
  • Posts : 47,541
  • Your most active followers according to the biggest fan (in order and in the last 3 days): 
  • @werevampwolf, @werkthatasdfl, @chilli-bin
  • When did your blog reach it’s peak: Peaks when I start ranting about my period or when I cry over Meg Turney
  • Why did you get Tumblr: My friend in secondary school made me get one.
  • Do you get asked on a daily basis: Yeah sometimes
  • Why did you choose your URL: Coz Dexter motherfucking Vex!! The badass of the Skulduggery Books

Now to choose people I don’t mind annoying:

@werevampwolf, @werkthatasdfl, @saideschain, @kirkandbones, @generalkanda, @hellwillreign, @bewarecombustinggiraffes, @thatrandomvelociraptor, @notamaincharacter, @theravingcelt, @ilmielelewen

and I can’t be bothered adding more coz my computer is shit