I saw him again today and he was with another girl and she was so beautiful. I could tell she was everything he wanted to me to be.

I saw her again today and I was with my new girlfriend and she was beautiful as well, but she could never live up to what my ex was.

I saw him again today and he looked happy but he didn’t see me and our eyes never met, but his arm was around her and he kissed her with a passion that I never saw him give me.

I saw her again today and she didn’t look back at me when I was caught staring at her because she was so god damn beautiful. My girlfriend asked who she was and I just shook my head and smiled at her and kissed her reassuringly, but reluctantly.

I saw him again today and I realized that I need to let go of him to be able to step into the next chapter of my life.

I saw her again today and when she walked away, I almost ran after her and grabbed her hands and told her I still loved her, but I sat like a statue glued to my seat and eyes wandering.

I saw him again today and I wish that he looked at me the way he looked at her and that he loved me the way I knew he loved her. I saw him happy and he was laughing, probably from a funny joke she told, and I cannot remember why we broke up.

I saw her again today and I wish I could find someone half as elegant and impeccable as she was, but no one will ever match up to her. I wanted to be with her again and feel her lips pressed against mine and see how she used to dance around and try to convince me to as well and how I would always reject her. I saw her again today and I realized that all the fights we got in were meaningless and that we gave up too quickly on us, but it was too late to fix it now.

—  D.N. // excerpt from a book i’ll never write #41
A Long December

The adventure seems to go on eternally
as the ocean endlessly kisses the shore 
dreams bought and sold we all grow old
then one day our forever will be no more

How we love to play in Springtime’s May
only to slumber after *A Long December 
and there’s not a damn thing we can do
save live in a way we’d like to remember

Our calendar marks the passage of time
leaving much missing or misunderstood
yet only one question needs an answer
did we love and live as well as we could

*A Long December - Counting Crows