i just love dean and cas

i love them when dean’s a hunter and cas is an angel

i love them when they’re angsty teens who don’t know if the other one likes them back

i love them when they’re roommates in college who just can’t take the sexual tension anymore

i love them when they hate each other until one day they don’t

i just. dean and cas you guys.


The Liss/Line Vlog - 08. Mostly Meetings & Pokemon!

it aint often y’all will hear me say something like this but… lissy paused as she swirled her drink around in the glass and looked into the distance with a soft wince.  i have not been laid in like forever and lord I’m startin ta feel like the virgin mary reborn, my chances here are slimmer than I thought they’d be she chuckled lightheartedly and sipped the drink, watching everyone else around.