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GOT7 SHIPS & wedding proposal

Markson: Jackson is screaming “Marry me!” And they both Jump into each other’s arms, mark is laughing happily.

2Jae: JB goes down on one knee, revealing the expensive ring he bought to Youngjae as he starts to sing ‘1:31 AM’
Youngjae is nodding uncontrollably and bursts into tears.

Bambam does a bottleflip, asking Yugyeom to look at the cap, he does and sees the pharse ‘MARRY ME’
Yugyeom dabs 7 times in a row, tears in his eyes.

Jinyoung: (while staring at the mirror): I do.

I don’t know how to fully enjoy any of these moments without wondering if it’s the last.
—  Jay Asher, What Light

Blooming heck, have I seriously done it?! I did and I have no regrets.

The cherished and precious Snb kpop Idol AU inspired by the original post written by @skyhopedango ! Hope you like it!
(I know no one asked for it, but I needed to draw them lol)


loved every single thing of it.


“I wouldn’t be here if I didn’t have any charms.” - Kim Heechul.

Nanami Gets Married - Kamunami

Chiaki: *humming happily* 

Izuru: “You seem to be in good spirits.“ 

Chiaki: *nods* “I’m going to get married this weekend!”

Izuru: *surprised* “Married?” 

Chiaki: “I was debating on whether or not to propose first, but he came to me yesterday after lunch and asked me!” *smiles happily* “I’ve been waiting for a while now, so I’m glad it’s finally happening.”

Izuru: “….” *feels a slight pain in his chest* 

Chiaki: “Want to stop by the arcade today? A new rhythm game just came out.” 

Izuru: “…I’m actually quite busy today.” 

Chiaki: “Oh…” *is disappointed* “I see.” 

Izuru: “I’m sorry.” 

Chiaki: *gives him a reassuring smile* “That’s okay. We can always go another time.” *waves goodbye to him* “See you tomorrow!” *walks off* 

Izuru: *watches her go* “….” 

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haha im horrible i changed my mind again omg im gonna play with this lil bean so meet buttercup! shes an up n comin dj tearin up the san myshuno scene

First Kiss: Taeyong


Anon: Can you please do how Taeyong, Ten, and Jaehyun’s first kiss would be. If you don’t want to do them all, you can pick one. Thank you and I really love your blog. :)

Hi Anon! I hope you like this! It is veryyyy long and quite angsty and emotional and its basically a confession scenario too lol. I apologize that there isn’t much “kissing” in this - when I do his making out one, I’ll make up for it :-)

Enjoy! Flo xx

ifucing love taeyong omg i have never felt so much love for someone in my life literally

Originally posted by taetohan

  • My ult bias omg 
  • I see Ty as being a very emotional and sensitive person in a relationship 
  • When Ty first kissed you, the whole process 
  • Leading up to it and the actual kiss 
  • Would be very dramatic and fast paced 
  • Even though Taeyong would be very emotional, he wouldn’t be the type to ever tell you what he was feeling 
  • So basically, he wouldn’t tell you that he liked you EVER 
  • And not so long that, they eventually he feel in love with you 
  • Again, he wouldn’t tell you that he loved you either 
  • Purely out of worry and he probably feared that you’d reject him 
  •  (Obviously, you liked, even loved him, back) 
  • This would all spiral out over about a year and a half 
  • Your relationship was a complicated and confusing one 
  • He was very protective and empathetic towards you 
  • He could easily read you and vice versa 
  • And treated you like a princess 
  • He’d always stare at you, because he loves how beautiful you looked all the time 
  • But would never do any kind of skin ship with you 
  • No hugs, no cheek kisses, no nothing 
  • Not because he didn’t want to 
  • Boy, he really wanted to do a lot of skin ship with you secretly 
  • But because he was scared of his feelings 
  • And he was scared of hurting you 
  • This would mean that his feelings for you would continue to grow and deepen 
  • And you for him too 
  • Until eventually, Taeyong couldn’t keep it in 
  • You told the boys, one day, that you had an important thing to tell them 
  • Ty instantly knew that whatever it was, it wasn’t good 
  • You sat them all down 
  • And then proceeded to tell them that you were thinking about moving out of Korea and to America 
  • Because you thought your life wasn’t giving you enough in Seoul 
  • You wanted new challenges and to meet new people 
  • Since you were so close to the boys, of course they were upset 
  • And a little annoyed that you thought your life was basically “boring” here 
  • There were a lot of “oh’s” and “please don’t go’s" 
  •  But within the hour, they had accepted your wishes 
  • They were secretly upset but they all loved you enough to let you go if that was what you wanted 
  • Ty, on the other hand, was mad 
  • He couldn’t fathom how you could possibly think that you didn’t have a good life in Seoul as it was 
  • Or how you could think that you wanted new people in your life 
  • By the afternoon, he couldn’t bear being around you 
  • He immediately grabbed his coat and phone, storming out of the dorms and slamming the door 
  • The others didn’t seem too bothered by his exit 
  • "He’s like this all the time” - Hansol 
  • “But, not as bad as this” - Taeil 
  • “Y/N, shouldn’t you go after him?” - Ten 
  • “Be careful though, he’s sensitive” - Yuta 
  • You ran out after him, your eyes frantically looking left and right for him 
  • The slouched, stiff figure of Taeyong was angrily marching away from the SM building 
  • You couldn’t see it but tears were running down his face 
  • Sad tears 
  • Angry tears 
  • Lonely tears 
  • Running after him, you called out his name repeatedly 
  • He stopped suddenly in his tracks 
  • And without turning around to look at you shouted back: 
  • “Leave me alone Y/N. I mean, you’re going to anyway. Why not start now?" 
  • His bitter tone surprised you 
  • What was wrong with him? Have I done something?, you thought 
  • "Ty, I-I…what, what do you mean by that?" 
  • He rolled his eyes at your question 
  • Turning round to stare at you, you gasped slightly when you saw his red and wet face 
  • "You know what I mean. How could you think that your life here is too boring and dull for you?" 
  • "I just want new challenges. I don’t see the problem with that. Just like you being an idol - it was a change you wanted for the best" 
  • "That was a different type of change, Y/N! You want to move to the other side of the world! Have you ever thought about who you’d be leaving behind?" 
  • "Of course I have! And I appreciate everyone. But-" 
  • "But, we’re not exciting enough for you? Not giving you that thrill that your so dearly want?" 
  • By this point Taeyong was screaming at you, crying maniacally at the same time 
  • "I have no idea what is wrong with you Taeyong! But you seriously need to drop it and get over it" 
  • He suddenly stops crying, looking at you with eyes wide open 
  • "You, you want me…! You want me to get over it?!" 
  • "Yes! Why is it that so hard? You will eventually" 
  • "I can’t get over it! Are you joking right now?" 
  • "Why not? Give me a reason to stay Taeyong, because right now, you’re making me want to take the next flight to Amercia tomorrow, right now!" 
  • "I won’t be able to get over you! I can’t get over you! I need you here, here with me. And the boys. And, and I need you Y/N…" 
  • Taeyong whimpered slightly, as if a plaster had been ripped from a fresh wound 
  • ”…what?“ You stared at him in shock
  • Now, you were confused 
  • "Look, Taeyong. You’re confusing me. I’m going back to the dorms. Cool down and come back, okay. I don’t want to leave like this?" 
  • You turned away from the boy, starting to trudge back to the dorms 
  • "Y/N! 
  • I can’t let you go because
  • I love you!
  • Taeyong yelled his confession to you, cursing at himself for letting his feelings develop this much and allowing himself to attach himself to you 
  •  Like Taeyong previously did, you suddenly stopped in your tracks 
  • "You, you love m-me?” You returned. 
  • “God, Y/N. Why are you making my life so hard for me? First you make me fall in love with you and now you’re running away from me with my heart”, Taeyong’s voice cracked slightly 
  • His whole “bad boy” façade being shattered 
  • You glanced over your shoulder at him, debating on what to say 
  • “Taeyong, you make me crazy. You’re confusing and cold and yet you love me?" 
  • He looked to the ground in shame. 
  • "Yet, I think you’ll find that under this confusion and empathy for you, 
  • and even though I don’t want to admit it 
  • I think you’ll find that 
  • I love you too
  • For a few minutes, neither of you spoke 
  • The sky had gotten dark by now 
  • And the lights of all the restaurants and bars near by lit up the street 
  • Taeyong took a step towards you uncertainly, searching your face for any sign of lies or discomfort 
  •  He soon took another and another 
  • Until he was standing right in front of you, looking slightly down at your smaller frame 
  • "Do you mean it? Do you mean it when you said you loved me too?” He whispered 
  • You couldn’t trust your voice enough to answer, simply nodding at his question 
  • Whilst you stared at his chest, embarrassed to look up at him since things escalate quickly, 
  • He smiled shyly, his heart warm at your confession and eyes filled with adoration for you 
  • He cupped your face with his hands, tilting it up so you were now looking right back at him 
  • Uncertainly but slightly confidently, he leaned forward 
  • His lips brushing yours in a ghostly yet sweet kiss 
  • When you didn’t stop him, he went back in pressing his lips harder into yours 
  • They were slightly salty from his tears but were soft at the same time 
  • He waited months to kiss you and hold you like this 
  • Just enjoying the way you felt in his arms 
  • Or the way your lips melted into his 
  • He was in love basically 
  • Very much in love

First Kiss Series:

my life is currently comprised of getting stoned at midnight and then eating trader joes mochi while i watch old episodes of the fckin millionaire matchmaker on my friend’s hulu account bc it’s the only time I have to myself anymore at all lmao


H Part 2: I met H again today and went to another scenic location! There were a few couples there today. Took some instagram shots for her but seems like there’s not enough lighting. Haha or it’s my poor skill? (Should stick to taking homemade videos right?) We miss each other so much and we kissed after finding some seats.

It was very humid and getting stuffy so she suggested we go back to the car. With our desire for each other burning strong, we started making out in the car. We were kissing, touching each other, and soon I was kissing her neck, her boobs and sucking her raisin nipple. The top she wore today, I dont know what it is called, but it is very easy to pull down and reveal her bra and boobs. She removed her bra again and I was sucking her off. We both got horny and I reached towards her panties and god it was wet and soak through her panties. I began fingering her and she was stroking my D from the outside. I was lusting so much for her and I went down to oral her pussy and it went on for 10-15mins and she came!

It was so hot to see her trying to resist but she enjoy it so much that she couldn’t stop me. After that she reached into my pants and grab my D for the first time. We couldn’t hold it anymore and both of us wanted to fuck already but she said it was too fast as we just know each other yesterday and I respect that. So we continue making out and sucking her nips. She is so yummy to eat seriously. She mentioned that she would be ready for me to enter her by this week(July2017). Let’s see how it goes~

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3 A.M. (Jared Kleinman x Reader)

394. “It’s 3am and you’re the only person in McDonald’s right now and why do I have to work the night shift”

A/N: Okay, so this is the first fic I’ve ever posted online so be gentle, please lol. I really have been meaning to write this for a long time, but it took some self-convincing. Anyways, here it is and enjoy! I do take requests about anything to be honest so ask away!


You were bored. Scratch that, you were dying from boredom. Why did you have to work the night shift, rather why was there even a night shift? It’s currently past midnight and the only customers you’ve had since midnight are junkies without money. You were resting your head on your hand and leaning over the counter. You sighed heavily and stared at the clock, watching the minutes pass by. You wanted nothing more than to wash the grease off of you and to lay down in your bed watching your favorite show on Netflix. 

Just then, the bell hanging above the door chimed. A customer at this ungodly hour of the night? You instantly recognized who the customer was. He was wearing a flannel with a striped T-shirt underneath. He wore big glasses and had brown hair and plastered on his face was his big shit-eating grin. The insanely annoying Jared Kleinman. But he was also your friend, so maybe he can tell you some of his stupid jokes to cheer you up. 

“Why are you here? Seriously, it’s 3 am.” 

“Is that how you talk to paying customers? Honestly, I’d like to speak to your manager.” 

“Go ahead, she’s probably in bed asleep considering she left 3 hours ago. What do you want, Kleinman?” 

“I just wanted to visit my best friend slaving away her youth in a shitty fast food chain restaurant. Are you seriously the only one working?”

“Afraid so. There’s no point in me being here.” 

“You’re right. Let’s ditch it and go to my house.” 

“Isn’t that a little suspicious? You know, a girl actually wanting to be at your house at 3 am?” 

“Fuck off. I’m trying to save you from this hellhole, but if you’re going to act like that-” 

“Look, it’s not that I don’t want to, but I can’t just leave.” Jared looked around the restaurant. Literally he searched every corner of the dining area and came back. 

“That’s funny, I don’t see anyone else here. No manager to force you to stay. C’mon, live a little (Y/N).” 

“I appreciate the sentiment, Jared, but seriously, I can’t go. Maybe another night.” 

“Alright, I guess I'll tell everyone to come in, then.” 

“Everyone?” Jared smirked and dialed a number on his phone. 

“Yeah, man, she said she can’t leave. Alright, come on in.” 

He shut his phone off and you stared at him in confusion. Just then, you heard a couple car doors slam shut. The bell chimed again and in walked Connor, Zoe, Evan, and Alana. 

“Guys, what the hell are you doing here?” 

Zoe answered you, “Since you couldn’t leave work, we decided to come here to try and convince you to hang out.” 

“But you guys can’t stay unless you buy something.” 

Everyone “checked” their pockets for money, meaning that they didn’t actually look for the sake of getting you to leave your job. Connor spoke, 

“Aww man, we don’t have any. Guess you’ll have escort us out and then ditch this place.” 

“Alana, you’re going along with this?” 

“I know, it seems so out of character, but Fridays aren’t fun without you, (Y/N).”

You wiped your hand on your face and looked at your friends’ pleading faces.

“Okay, okay, fine. I’ll leave. But if I get fired, it’s on you.” 

Jared clapped your back, “Aaand we can help you find a new one. One that doesn’t make you work a night shift at 3 am on Friday nights.” 

You locked up the restaurant. You had changed clothes before leaving and even put on some deodorant because no one likes lingering McDonald’s smell. Everyone else had already piled in Jared’s car. Jared hung back with you. You turned to him, 

“So, you’ve dragged me out of work to hang out? We could’ve done this another night, you realize.” 

“Now what kind of friend would I be if I let my best friend in the whole world out to dry working?” 

“A normal one..?” 

“Good thing I’m not normal. Unless you’d rather be in there with all the grease fuming up into your hair-” 

“No! I-I’m happy that you came and got me.” 

“That’s what I thought. I mean who can resist the insanely cool Jared Kleinman?” 

 You two began walking to his car as you said, “Oh, definitely not me, Jared. My life would be too boring without you.” 

You were joking when you said that, but you knew deep down that it was true. If it wasn’t for Jared, you’d still be at work, bored out of your mind. Jared always came to the rescue, whether it was getting you to ditch work or to even chase off creepy guys who were flirting with you. You couldn’t imagine your life without him. 

You got in the passenger seat while Jared got in the driver’s seat. He smiled at you as he turned on the radio. He plugged in his phone and began playing Cupcakke’s Deepthroat. You and the rest of the gang started shouting the lyrics, except for Evan and Alana who were terrified at the horrid lyrics. 

Jared pulled into the parking lot of a park. Everyone got out and ran around like kids. You laughed at Connor and Evan who were recreating the Jack and Rose scene from Titanic at the top of the slide. The night was filled with many pictures and snapchat videos of you all just goofing off and having the time of your lives. You saw a tree at the back end of the park that seemed sturdy enough to climb, so you raced towards it. You reached up to the lowest branch and hoisted yourself up. You grabbed onto the next branch and sat upon it. You leaned back against the trunk and watched your friends run around.

“Hey, you better be careful up there. You don’t wanna end up falling out of it like Tree Boy over there.” 

“I’ll be fine, Jared, I used to do this all the time when I was younger.” 

Jared hoisted himself onto the branch that was next to yours. He faced the trunk of the tree and leaned against the other branches. You smiled and averted your gaze, blushing. Thank God it was dark out. 

“Hey, thanks for bailing me out.”  

“What are awesome friends for, amirite?” 

“Man, I really don’t know what I’d do without you.” 

“In all honesty, you’d probably be better off. I mean, you could lose your job by being here.” 

“So what? If it wasn’t for you, I’d still be there and not here… with you.” 

“(Y/N) (L/N) if I didn’t know any better, I’d say you were flirting with me.” 

He smirked as you sighed. Then you grinned as you said, 

“And what if I am?” 

It was his turn to blush. For once, Jared was speechless. He just laughed awkwardly as you chuckled. 

“Okay, okay, calm down there. I know I’m irresistible, but no one can tie down this loser.” 

“Pfft. Whatever, Kleinman. You’d jump at the chance to get with me and you know it.” Jared just smiled and avoided your gaze. 

“What’s wrong?”

“Nothing. Hey, I’ll race you to the slides!”

“Oh, you are so going down!” 

You and Jared jumped from the tree and took off running for the slides. You had taken a shortcut under the jungle gym and climbed up to the top. You jumped over the side of the bars. You stopped him in his tracks. 

“I win!” 

“Damn, you got lucky.” 

“I sure did.” 

You smiled as you kissed his cheek and immediately went down the slide. He stood there in utter shock and then chased after you. After an hour, Jared drove everyone to his house and passed out in his living room. You and Jared had somehow ended up in a cuddling position throughout the night. Your face was in his chest and his arm was draped over your waist pulling you in closer. 

You woke up to the smell of him and grinned. You hesitantly sat up and looked at your surroundings. There were your best friends in the whole world passed out on the floor in the living room of the guy you had been crushing on since 6th grade. You reached around for your phone and picked it up. You looked at the pictures from the night before and reminisced about the fun times that happened only hours ago. You saw the picture of you on his back with him holding your legs and your arms wrapped around his neck. You were both smiling and laughing. You cheesed at the photo. 

“That might actually be the gayest photo of me.” 

Jared was up. You, jokingly, pushed him away. Pretty soon everyone woke up and it was time for everyone to leave. They all, once again, climbed in Jared’s car as he dropped them off one by one. You were the last one to get dropped off. Jared walked you to your front door.

“Thanks for everything. Seriously, that was the most fun I’ve had in awhile.” 

“Glad I could help. Seriously, if you ever need me to bail you out again, I’m one text away.” 

You smiled as you turned to go into your house. Jared’s hand on your wrist caught you by surprise. 

“Jared, what th-” 

He cupped your face and crashed his lips onto yours. You, mindlessly, grabbed onto his flannel as you kissed back. He pulled away as he rested his forehead against yours. You both smiled as he pecked your lips. 

“Sorry, I’ve wanted to do that for a long time.”

“You can do that whenever you like, I won’t complain.”

You both laughed as he started back to his car.

“I gotta run, but I’ll see you tomorrow.”

“We’re hanging out tomorrow?”

“Well, I just now decided that we are going to a movie tomorrow. I’ll pick you up at 7.”

“Well, aren’t you assertive.”

“You love it.” 

“You’re damn right I do.” 

He chuckled and kissed your hand before leaving. You walked into your house and sat down on the couch. Your mom came in and scolded you about getting fired because you went to hang out with your friends. Apparently, the security cameras were on. 

After your mom was done, you sent a text to the group chat with everyone in it. 

To: Tree Squad🌲 

Guys, I just got fired!!! 


Oops! Sorry! 


Well, you didn’t need that job anyways!




Oh my god! I’m so sorry! We didn’t mean to! 


Haha, relax, Hansen. I can just find another one. 


McDonald’s fucking sucks anyways. Have you guys seen this meme? 


Jared what the fuck 


That’s disgusting


Honestly that’s just in poor taste Jared 


I’m really starting to think that that can’t even be considered a meme 




See? I’m funny! (Y/N) is the only one that gets me! 



(In a separate text) 


Hey, sorry about your job. I’ll definitely make it up to you. 


You already did 


Well there’s more where that came from.


Just then he sent a picture of your face in his chest from this morning. You smiled. 



You should definitely take more naps at my house. It’s like hella cute and all that gay shit 


 Thank you once again insanely annoying Jared Kleinman :p