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GOT7 SHIPS & wedding proposal

Markson: Jackson is screaming “Marry me!” And they both Jump into each other’s arms, mark is laughing happily.

2Jae: JB goes down on one knee, revealing the expensive ring he bought to Youngjae as he starts to sing ‘1:31 AM’
Youngjae is nodding uncontrollably and bursts into tears.

Bambam does a bottleflip, asking Yugyeom to look at the cap, he does and sees the pharse ‘MARRY ME’
Yugyeom dabs 7 times in a row, tears in his eyes.

Jinyoung: (while staring at the mirror): I do.

a list of some of my favourite, most ExtraTM Fëanor moments : 

  • showed up to his dad’s house in full military gear just so he could throw a hissy fit at his brother in a public square , sword-waving theatrics and all
  • straight up slammed a door in Morgoth’s face , after quite literally yelling at him to get the fuck off his lawn
  • “Fëanor, lending us your Silmarils to save the Trees could prevent the world from plunging into complete darkness” / “And then what , do you waNT ME TO DIE is that it
  • “So dad , are we going back for Fingon now?” / *manic laughter* “Oh, Maedhros, my sweet summer child,”
  • pulled a total Patroclus and charged on the gates of Angband without waiting for backup , then promptly got into a swordfight with a bunch of Balrogs 
  • couldn’t help being dramatic even in death and turned into ashes on the spot before his sons could bury him
  • if you ever feel like your job is hard , just remember that Mandos is gonna have to put up with this dude camping out in his office until the end of Arda