life's questions

Hai there. For the longest time ever, I’ve been hiding something. A part of who I am. Today, I decided it was time to break past that and tell who I am on Tumblr. I’ve grown to accept and love myself and not be worried what others think. I’m non-binary/gender fluid. If you have any questions, please message me. I’ll do my best to explain. My preferred name is ‘Andy’/’Andi’. My preferred pronouns: they/them/their. However! if you so happen to call me by a name which most of you know me as, I won’t get upset or mad. But I would prefer to be called Andy/Andi. If you also happen to use the wrong pronouns or anything, I will not get mad or upset. I will just simply remind you. Also, if you happen to forget them, you’re always welcome to ask me what they are. This was very tough for me to post because I have many friends on here.. but I truly hope people will accept me and continue to care/love me for who I am. Any questions? you’re welcome to ask me. Even on anonymous. 

well i went out for breakfast bURNED MY TONGUE ON A LATTE OF COURSE……………………it’s a shitty day out geez. was not a good idea to wear sandals….i walked outside and i see a duck party…ducks were bathing in the puddles, a few were humping each other and the rest of them were just talking up a storm like hey it’s this normal for us. all i said was ‘really guys?’ and they all stopped and looked at me, it was silent for like one second then they continued again. ducks are fucking weird.


Life’s Questions (x)