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→ Catherine de Medici + Francis II, for @cassanabaratheon, Happy Birthday sweet <3


I’m in love with awesome idea of Coralina AU by @turquoisemagpie and @northeast-artist98 >u< So sorry for giving you any credits ;-; I didn’t know it was yours idea as well ;-; Thank you for correcting me!
And this is little doodle of Anti which has great character desing C:
Really guys, you must check it and her out! C: She has so many great arts and ideas like this >u<
Just wanna say that im so inspired by that AU and her and i can’t wait to see more of her masterpieces >u<
Hope she don’t kill me for this shittly version of her miracles ;-;


Tsukishima Kei | Middle Blocker | Happy Birthday to my ♥ sweet Sarah!! ♥  σ(≧ε≦o)


1998 was the peak of international adoption between America and China (before they started tightening their adoption policies a few years afterwards). That’s when I was adopted! My life has been absolutely incredible ever since. 

It’s an interesting thing to have to balance your personal relationship with being born in China and being raised American. For all the daughters (and sons!!) of China who have been adopted by people from around the world, we’re pretty lucky don’t you say! I hope all of the families have done a good job giving us a marvelous life. 


“When life gives you lemon’s, you make lemonade.


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I thought valkyries mostly did pickups and deliveries,” I said. “Choosing the best warriors from among the slain. Taking them off to Valhalla. Oh, and serving drinks there. Odin’s virgin daughters, pouring mead for the warriors, partying until Ragnarok.”
Gard threw back her head and laughed. “Virgin daughters.” She rose, shaking her head, and glanced at her broken arm again. Then she leaned down and kissed me on the mouth. Her lips were a sweet, hungry little fire of sensation, and I felt the kiss all the way to my toes. Some places more than others, ahem.
She drew away slowly, her pale blue eyes shining. Then she winked at me and said, “Don’t believe everything you read, Dresden.” She turned to go, and then paused to glance over her shoulder. “Though, to be honest: sometimes he does like us to call him Daddy.

Sigrun Gard and Harry Dresden (Side Jobs: Heorot by Jim Butcher)

First, Gard kissing Harry is adorable.

Second, Odin??? Aka Santa??? *shudders* That’s just… wrong. So wrong. xD

What piece do I tackle today? I officially have a full (short) month of February to get as much done as possible and then come March I need to post 15. See I really really want to post 15 and the companion piece together because I’m worried people won’t read it otherwise, and it’s really delightful and pretty important as far as tying up lose ends, answering questions, and some really fun character insight. 

Right now 15 is 70% finished (10 drawings, sentence editing left). The companion piece is 45% finished (estimated 60k left). I want to work on the companion piece but 15 is more important akjahdkjhjdhf