life's a little bit brighter

finding joy in little moments makes life so much more enjoyable and pure. you see the way someone is trying not to smile while talking to you because they’re embarrassed or enjoying themselves so much? the way rain sounds? the way birds always sing to try and wake you up in the morning? a colour? a smell? a tiny thought that makes life feel a little bit brighter? it makes my existence mean so much more and i wouldn’t change it for the world

I gained 20lbs in 6 months.
I’m over 20% body fat.
I have cellulite and a pretty decent belly pooch.
Clothes don’t fit right.
I’m uncomfortable in my skin 75% of the time.
My legs are so pale that they could blind you in the sunlight.
I have stretch marks EVERYWHERE.
My stretch marks are also bright purple.

I really hate my body. It’s something I’ve always dealt with, but lately I’ve been trying more and more to appreciate the little things, like:

My eyebrows are amazing.
The color of my eyes change and that’s beautiful.
I LOVE the freckles on my face and body.
Hell, I wish I had more freckles.
I have a beautiful smile.
My tattoos are Fucking awesome and badass.
I can rock a pixie cut pretty well.
My nose piercing works really well on my face.
My legs allow me to walk all around the city.
My arms allow me to carry ALL the groceries.
My stomach holds all my favorite foods inside.

It’s so easy to zone in and focus on all the things you hate about yourself; it’s so easy and so detrimental. Take those negative thoughts, acknowledge them, and counteract them. Weigh those thoughts down with positive affirmations and suddenly life is a little bit sweeter, the sun shines a little bit brighter, and you become a little bit happier.

Staying positive and moving forward ✌🏻

(Also these pasty-cellulite-thunder-thighs got me through a 202lb back squat last night so hell. fucking. yes.)

To all the Shawols who will make their dream come true this week and experience a SHINee concert for the first time (or second or third, any time!), have so much fun!! Please enjoy and get excited and emotional and cry and scream and be happy to the fullest, because being there to share the music and love and just pure bliss of seeing our boys perform with other Shawols, and being able to make them feel all the love and admiration we have for them is what any of us would want you to express to them. I think every time a Shawol, in any part of the world, feels that unrivalled joy and warmth in their hearts when seeing SHINee for the first time, the entire fandom is sincerely happy that SHINee has touched another person’s life and for a moment they made it a little bit brighter. So good luck to everyone, take a lot of pics, meet new lovely Shawols and please write the most lengthy acc because I wanna know the exact shade of Kibum’s hair color. :3

Malia- You’d Be Worth It

Request-  hey lovely! can you do a malia x reader where the reader has a crush on her and is an avid hiker in the preserve, but she gets extremely injured and can’t get help. conscious coyote malia find her and keeps her warm and alive through the night. she talks to her in coyote form until a rescue team finds her. she wakes up in the hospital with a human malia by her side who confesses her feelings. love you!!

A/N- So much love and right before Valentine’s Day! I’m blushing. Hope you guys like this one!

Malia strode to her lunch table with her tray in hand, looking forward to digging into the nachos she had picked up. As she walked over to Scott and the others, she realized that there was one new edition to the table, someone that usually wasn’t there, but caused her to grin nonetheless.
You were sitting there next to Lydia, smiling and laughing as you opened a packet of mayo and spread it onto to the sandwich you had picked up from the sub line. You didn’t go to Beacon Hills High, so it was a surprise to see you sitting there, but Malia knew Lydia picked you from Devenford Prep for lunch sometimes.
You and Malia met during the deadpool, when your ear-splitting scream sent an assassin crumpling to the ground in front of her. That scream may have left her ears ringing, but one glance at you left stars in her eyes, and from then on, the two of you became friends.
The minute she realized you were a banshee, she felt an undeniable urge to protect you, and a couple of Scott’s pack members had commented on it, but you just chalked that up to her nature. She had spent half of her life as a wild animal after all, but you would be lying if you said you weren’t into Malia.
She was strong and beautiful, and loved being outside just as much as you did. Besides, she seemed to really like you, and you could definitely tell when she slammed her tray down next to yours.
“Hey!” Stiles cried, jerking back from the seat Malia had just stolen. “I was gonna sit there.”
“And now I’m sitting here,” Malia stated, shooting him a sharp look.
He looked from Malia to you, and then backed away with a look that seemed to say he wasn’t going to get in her way. Malia grinned and sat down next to you. “Hey, Y/n.”
“Hey, Malia,” you told her with a smile.
“What are you doing here?” she asked.
“I just wanted to come see you guys,” you told her. “It’s nice to get away from Devenford for a while.”
“And Brett,” Lydia said with a smirk.
You rolled your eyes at her, but Malia frowned. “Is he bothering you again?”
“No, not really,” you said. “He just doesn’t seem to get that we play for the same team, and you know I’m not talking about lacrosse.”
“You want me to kick his ass for you?” Malia asked sincerely. “I mean, he would heal, so it’s not like breaking his arms is a big deal.”
You laughed softly. “I appreciate that, Malia, but I think I’ll be okay. If I really needed to, I could make his ears bleed, so…”
You shrugged and Malia smirked. She would honestly pay to see you kick Brett’s ass, and she knew that you very well could.
“So are you guys doing anything fun this weekend?” you asked.
“Studying for midterms,” Lydia said with a sigh. “We’re actually having a group study session on Saturday, if you want to drop by my house. We could compare notes.”
You nodded. “I’m going hiking in the afternoon, but I could drop by later if you really wanted me to.”
Lydia shrugged. “I don’t want to pull you away from the trail-”
“You should come over,” Malia cut in. “I could really use some help with Chemistry.”
You nodded. “I took it last year, but I can try to help you. Are you sure you wouldn’t rather have Lydia do it though?”
“Yeah, Malia, I can-” Lydia began.
“I’m sure,” Malia cut her off, nodding at you vigorously.
You felt a blush crawling on your cheeks. “I guess I can’t say no to that.”
Lydia smiled knowingly and winked at Malia, who shot her a glare. “You can come over at four, Y/n. And I might go out and do a snack run, so you and Malia can have a one on one session while I’m out.”
Malia’s eyes widened, but you simply smiled and glanced over at Malia. “That sounds great.”
You spent the rest of your lunch laughing and talking with her, and you were so lost in Malia that you didn’t even realize lunch was almost over. “Oh shit. Lydia, we’d better go, right? You’re gonna be late if you take me back Devenford.”
The Banshee shrugged. “Eh, it’s okay. I can miss a few minutes of one class.”
“I can take you,” Malia said quickly. “I have my car now, and I’d only be missing study hall.”
You raised your eyebrows. “Are you sure?”
“Yeah,” Malia told you. “Of course.”
Your lips turned up at her determination. “Okay.”
Malia grinned and gathered her things, and you grabbed your bag. You stood up and said goodbye to Lydia and the rest of Scott’s pack, and then followed Malia to dump your tray.
“I really appreciate this,” you told her.
“It’s no big deal,” she said with a shrug. “Besides, I like hanging out with you. You’re a lot hotter than my algebra homework.”
You laughed softly. “Thanks, Malia.”
She shrugged at you again, and you followed her out of the cafeteria and to the parking lot. You hopped in the car just as the bell signaling the end of lunch rang, and then she started to drive.
“So what trail are you taking Saturday?” she asked curiously.
“The one that goes to Lookout Point,” you told her. “But the long way.”
Malia raised her eyebrows. “You’re doing that on your own?”
“Yeah, why wouldn’t I?” you asked.
“Because it’s a rockier trail than the others. After all that rain from the Ghost Riders, there have been a bunch of rockslides. My dad was talking about all the erosion, and how people shouldn’t even be hiking that trail, especially not by themselves.”
You scoffed. “Malia, I’m a good hiker.”
“That doesn’t matter,” she told you. “It would be dangerous even for me.”
“Don’t you think I’d be able to tell if something bad was going to happen?” you questioned. “I mean, I’m a banshee.”
“You and I both know it doesn’t work that way,” she countered.
“No one knows how it works,” you protested.
“Exactly,” she agreed. “And it sucks, but the voices aren’t really reliable.”
You sighed. “Tell me about it.”
Malia frowned. She could hear the weariness in your voice, and she mentally cursed herself. Even though she had made a lot of progress at being human, she still tended to say the wrong thing sometimes, and she had just done it again.
“I didn’t mean it like that,” she added gently. “You’re still a badass. You can kill someone just by screaming, and at least that part’s reliable.
Your lips turned up. “Thanks, Malia.”
“Just take a different trail, okay? I can’t have you dying before our study session.”
“Alright fine,” you relented. “I guess I can’t be the reason you fail chemistry.”
Malia smiled. “Thank you.”
She pulled into the Devenford parking lot, and parked in a space right in front of the doors.
“What are you doing?” you asked, your brow furrowing.
“Walking you to class?” she offered, cocking an eyebrow at you.
A grin broke its way onto your lips, and you scooped your bag up from the floor of her car. “Guess I can’t say no to that.”
You opened the door and hopped out of the car, and Malia did the same. She came around the back of the car to meet you, and as you headed into the school, you heard someone call your name.
“Y/n! My life just got a little bit brighter.”
You sighed as Brett jogged up behind you, and Malia glared at him. He slid between the two of you, and you raised your eyebrows at him. “You know, you’d think that after almost being assassinated, you’d be a little less cocky.”
“Hey, I’m just grateful to be alive,” he told you smoothly. “You know, enjoying all the pleasures life has to offer? And looking at you…that’s definitely one of those pleasures.”
Malia’s low growl cut through the air, and Brett smirked. “You have a little crush, Malia?”
“No,” you snapped, shouldering him out of the way to grab Malia’s hand. “I do.”
Brett raised his eyebrows at you and paused on the sidewalk, but Malia grinned and darted forward. She tugged you against her, and kissed you right in front of Brett, causing your eyes to go wide. It wasn’t like you didn’t like it, but it still caught you off guard.
Brett scoffed as you and Malia pulled apart. “Get a room.”
You and Malia laughed as he walked away, and she glanced down at you with a smile. “I’m sorry. I had to.”
“It’s okay,” you told her with a grin.
“I also really wanted to kiss you,” she continued. “And I have for a long time.”
You flushed. “Me too.”
“Come on,” Malia told you, reaching out for your hand again. “I don’t want to make you late for class.”
You headed into Devenford Prep gripping her hand, and you couldn’t hide the grin on your face. It wasn’t like you even wanted to, because with Malia by your side, you certainly had a lot to smile about.

The Coyote huffed and looked at Lydia, who was staring at her with one eyebrow raised.  “Seriously?”
“What?” Malia groaned, leaning back on Lydia’s couch with a huff. “I was thinking about the answer.”
“Malia, I asked you if you were paying attention,” she said, shooting her a look.
“Oh, then no,” Malia told her plainly.
Lydia let out a sigh and reached out to shut the chemistry textbook sitting between them. “Fine. Maybe we could both use a break.”
“Thank you,” Malia breathed.
“But,” Lydia added. “When I come back, you better be ready to focus on electron configurations and not Y/n.”
“I can’t help it!” Malia protested. “I haven’t kissed her since Thursday. I wanna do it again.”
Lydia rolled her eyes and moved away from the couch. “She’ll be over later. And you had better not be planning on sneaking off into one of my bedrooms.”
“I wasn’t,” Malia said with a shrug. “But I am now.”
Lydia huffed and headed into the kitchen, her heels clicking on the wooden floor. Malia leaned back on the couch with a smirk, and Scott shot her a smile from the armchair. “I think you guys are great together, Malia.”
“Yeah,” Stiles added from where he sat by Scott’s feet. “She’s a total badass. She’s perfect for you.”
“Stiles,” Liam complained next to him. “Help me.”
He gestured frantically to his homework, and Stiles rolled his eyes and turned back to the younger boy. “Liam, come on, all you have to do is find x.”
“How?” he groaned.
“You know,” Stiles told him. “You take the thing and put it here, and then you take the other thing and do the thing to it.”
Liam glared at him, and Malia felt a twinge of pity. Math was by far her worst grade, and the only reason she had passed it was Lydia’s notes. Liam was better off going to her for help instead of Stiles. The Brunette meant well, but he usually just ended up talking or flailing more than he did any actual explaining.
Malia sighed and picked up her phone, checking the time. You weren’t supposed to be over for another hour or so, and every second she had to wait felt like an eternity. She’d rather have you explaining atomic structure to her than Lydia, and she knew there would be an opportunity for you two to sneak off at some point that night.
She would have given just about anything to be with you on your hike, but she knew there would be plenty of opportunities for that later.
Malia slouched back against the couch for a few seconds, hoping that she would have a little more time to daydream about you before Lydia came back. Wherever you were, she hoped you were having fun.

Birds twittered above you as you hiked up the trail, your muscles burning with the strain. You loved the challenge that hiking brought you, and as you trudged up the sharp incline, you felt a rush of exhilaration.
You knew it wasn’t the best idea to take the trail up to Lookout Point, especially with what Malia had told you, but there hadn’t been any rain for a day or two. The weather outside was perfect, and you knew the view from the top would be amazing. To you, the risk was worth it, especially because you were so sure you would be fine.
You had been hiking since you were five, a direct product of living with outdoorsy parents. You loved being in the woods, and so did Malia, and that was just one the things that added to the growing list of why you fell for her. Hiking gave the both of you an opportunity to break away from all the monsters and the death, and just detox from everything going on.
Whenever you found a body, a hike was your go-to coping method, and you could think of no better person to have alongside you than Malia.
You continued to head up the incline, but you had to stop for a few moments to catch your breath. You placed your hands on your knees and paused, gazing up at the blue sky above you. You reached into your backpack to grab your water bottle, and that was when you heard a soft rumbling sound coming from in front of you.
Every muscle in your body froze, and for a second you were sure what you were experiencing was an earthquake. California was no stranger to seismic activity, but when you looked up and saw a cascade of rocks tumbling toward you from the top of the incline, you knew this was no earthquake.
It was a rockslide just like Malia had warned you about, and you quickly scrambled back down the trail. Your breath came in heavy gasps as you tried to get away, but you knew there was no outrunning this thing. In your haste to escape, you tripped down the trail and rolled into the dirt. All you could think before you felt a sharp pain in your head was that you never should have ignored Malia’s warning, and then suddenly your vision went dark.

Malia was still sitting in the living room with the others when she heard it. It was a crash, not unlike the sound of something shattering on the floor, and everyone in the room looked toward the kitchen.
“Lydia?” Scott called, jumping up from his chair. “Are you alright?”
Only silence came from the kitchen, and with a concerned look at Malia, he headed toward the Banshee. Stiles,  Malia, and Liam all  jumped up too, and when they crept into the kitchen, all they saw was the back of Lydia’s head. Shards of glass and inedible popcorn covered the floor by her feet, but she wasn’t moving an inch.
“Uh, Lydia?” Liam asked hesitantly. “Are you okay?”
She whirled around suddenly, her green eyes filled with fear, and everyone flinched. “Something’s wrong.”
“What?” Stiles questioned.
“Something’s wrong,” she repeated, her eyes darting to Malia. “I can feel it.”
“Why are you looking at me?” Malia demanded.
“Because Y/n’s in trouble.”
Malia’s blood ran cold, and she took a step forward, her boot crunching on some glass. “What do you mean she’s in trouble?”
“I’m not sure,” Lydia told her. “But I think she’s trapped, or…or stuck. She’s hurt…really hurt.”
“Oh god,” Malia realized. “She must be on the trail.”
“What trail?” Scott asked. “In the preserve?”
“I told her not to,” Malia practically growled. “But she’s stubborn and probably did it anyway. There’s a trail my dad was complaining about, the hard one that goes up to Lookout Point. He was saying that it wasn’t safe because of all the erosion from the rain.”
“You think she went up there?” Stiles asked.
“Yes,” Malia told him. “And we have to find her.”
Lydia nodded. “We need to hurry.”
Stiles nodded. “Me, Scott, and Liam can take the jeep. You can go with Malia.”
“What the hell are we waiting for?” Malia demanded, glaring around at the group. “She said we don’t have a lot of time. Let’s go!”
She was the first to burst out of Lydia’s front door and head to her car, and she nearly left the Banshee behind in her haste to get to you. She was speeding the whole way to the preserve, and she was either lucky enough to avoid the police, or they were all out investigating another murder. Whichever it was, it didn’t matter to Malia. All she wanted to do was get to you.
She finally skidded to a stop at the entrance, and then jumped out of her car without even cutting off the engine. Her boots hit the dirt, and she immediately began to strip off her clothes.
“Malia!” Lydia shrieked. “What are you doing?”
“I’m faster as a coyote!” she snapped, tossing her clothes and shoes into a pile next to one of her tires. “I need to find, Y/n. The guys will catch up with me.”
Before Lydia could protest any more, Malia was morphing into a ball of fur. She dropped to the ground on all fours and took off into the woods without a second glance, leaving Lydia there to heave an exasperated sigh. She brought a hand to her mouth and resisted the urge to bite her fingernails, an old childhood habit that had plagued her whenever she was nervous.
She just hoped that Malia could find you, because if the sinking feeling in her stomach was any indication, you didn’t have a lot of time.

You woke up to a pounding in your head, and a heavy, painful feeling all over your body. It was like you were being crushed, and when you opened your eyes and found you couldn’t move, you realized you were. You were half-buried under a pile of heavy rocks, covered in bruises that were already beginning to decorate your skin.
You shifted, but your right leg and arm both screamed in protest, causing you to grit your teeth against the pain. Birds were still chirping above you, and the sun hadn’t stopped shining down. The forest was making its normal sounds, with one tiny edition that you had no doubt was all thanks to you.
A small whispering seemed to creep into the edge of your sense, sending a chill down your spine. You had heard the voices of the dead before, and when they gave you a warning, it always scared you. With that being said, that fear was nothing compared to what you felt when you heard your own name.
You felt tears pooling in your eyes, and you knew that if you didn’t get help, you were definitely going to die. You stared up at the trees above you, and you were just starting to think that it was a beautiful day when you hear soft, thumping steps.
They were quiet, so quiet you were sure you had imagined them at first, but then a furry face appeared over yours. You froze in terror, but as you looked into the creature’s eyes, you saw recognition in them.
“M-malia?” you croaked.
She leaned down and licked your cheek once, and you smiled. “God, you must think I’m an idiot. And…and you still came out here after me?”
She trotted over and laid down by your side, the one that wasn’t covered in rocks. Her fur pressed against your stomach, and you weakly reached out to run a hand over her flank.
“I can hear it you know,” you whispered. “They’re saying my name. I’m going to die.”
Malia picked her head up, her eye growing sharper, and she looked at you as if to say ‘shut up’. You smiled softly. “Maybe not. Maybe you’ll be my hero again, huh? Just like when we met.”
Your voice grew softer as your eyes grew heavier, and before you know it, you felt your head tilted to the side. You felt Malia nudging you with her nose, even gently nipping at your hand to get you to wake up, but it wasn’t working. Your fingers fell from her side and hit the ground, and you slipped into unconsciousness, watching the forest flur blur out behind your eyes.

You arm was itching. You reached out to scratch it, still not quite ready to open your eyes, but as your fingers grazed something rough, hard, and definitely not flesh, you had change of heart. You opened your eyes to find a purple cast covering your arm.
You shifted around, still incredibly sore, and your one very stiff leg told you that there was probably a cast on that too.
“I’ve got a bone to pick with you.”
You jumped at the sudden voice, and you glanced around you to find Malia sitting in a chair next to your bed. You blinked. Had she been there the whole time?
“I…yeah, I figured you would,” you said softly.
“You’re a banshee,” she stated. “That doesn’t mean you’re invincible.”
“I know, Malia, I just-”
“That was stupid,” she interrupted. “And it was reckless, and you could have died. How do you think I would have felt if you died? You’re one of the few people who actually make me want to be human, Y/n. You’re part of the reason I decided to stay this way. I don’t know what I’d do without you.”
“Malia,” you said softly. “I had no idea.”
“Well now you know,” she said. “So you better not go running off into the woods again. At least not without me.”
You glanced down at your casts. “I don’t think I’ll be doing that anytime soon.”
“Well, it doesn’t matter,” she told you. “Because you still owe me a study date anyway.”
You smiled. “Right.”
“And another kiss,” she added.
You grinned at her. “When did I promise that?”
“You didn’t, I just want one,” she said with a shrug.
“Well, I’m right here,” you said flirtatiously. “And kind of immobile right now, so if you wanted to make your move-”
Your last few words morphed into an ‘mmph’ as Malia darted forward and pressed her lips against yours. She was gentle, more gentle than you had ever imagined Malia could be, but you guessed she was worried about hurting you. You closed your eyes as she tangled her fingers in your hair, and you wished so desperately that you could sit up and thread your fingers through hers.
When she pulled away from you, staring down into your eyes and grinning, you felt like maybe being stuck in bed wasn’t so bad.
“Do you like your cast?” she asked suddenly. “Scott’s mom let me pick out the color while you were out.”
“And purple’s your favorite,” you remembered with a smile.
She nodded. “I figured you’d like it.”
“I do,” you promised her, running your fingers over it. “And I’m going to make sure you’re the first one to sign it.”
“Stiles already called dibs,” she said with a shrug.
You rolled your eyes. “Well, it’s my cast, so I say you sign it first. Stiles can wait.”
“Good,” she said with a smile. “But as much as I’d love to stay and keep kissing you, I have to leave.”
“Why?” you asked quizzically.
“Because I can hear your parents coming back down the hall with a nurse,” she informed you. “And I’ve been kicked out of your room twice already, and I’m not really supposed to be in here.”
“Malia,” you complained.
“What?” she asked, backing toward the door.
“I don’t want you getting in trouble because of me.”
She suddenly pulled open the door, wedging herself in the threshold. She shot one cautious glance down the hall and looked back at you for a few more seconds, and then her lips turned up in a grin.
“You’d be worth it,” she assured you, winking and then slipping out the door.
You felt your face flushing as Malia slipped away, and you leaned back against the hospital pillows. You closed your eyes, knowing that you only had a few seconds before your parents and the nurse got there, but you wanted to dream a little longer. And with your lips still tingling from Malia’s kiss, you knew there would be a lot to dream about.

Morning Confessions

PAIRING: reader x Bucky Barnes


WARNINGS: fluff and slight angst. 

So I was listing to DNCE’s song Toothbrush and I immediately thought of this little fluff idea. However some angst did creep in. I used some of the lyrics to draw inspiration I hope you all like it! 

Originally posted by caps-bucky

Stuck in a limbo
Half hypnotized
Each time I let you stay the night, stay the night

Bucky was use to being alone. He had been alone during his hydra days, and now. Even with the Avengers he craved being alone. He didn’t trust himself; he did trust any of them. Excluding Steve and maybe Natasha. So when he finally moved in to his own place he felt relieved. It was his and his alone; he could control how his day would progress. Living at the Avengers Compound was, to him. Unstable and unpredictable. In short Bucky enjoyed being alone. Until you. Bucky couldn’t exactly pinpoint when the relationship took a turn. It started off with a respectful acquaintance; you knew Bucky needed his space. He needed time to adjust to this strange world. Not that it was new. Bucky had lived in short bursts of an ever-changing world. Not that Hydra gave him much time to take notice of what had changed around him. 

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• noisy boyfriend
• always making noise
• almost never shuts up talking
• is constantly singing ??
• whether he’s making dinner, in the shower, wherever
• you can pretty much always tell where he is bc of the noise
• the kind of guy you hear before you see
• only marginally better than jongdae
• ((god help you when they’re together))
• (((and honestly you might as well not even bother when chanyeol joins the mix)))
• the type to wake you up at night to share his “”deep thoughts””
• “”babe….. isn’t it wild that the brain…. named itself…..””
• “”I swear to gOD baekhyun shut the fuck up it is three am””
• “”…..but did you know that snakes r just tails with faces??””
• “”bAEKHYUN””

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I'm in a 'Thank you' mood...

It has been a very interesting (and difficult) start to 2017 for me. I have met new people, made new friends, had suicidal thoughts, fallen in love, been lied to and cheated on by the person I loved, been scared shitless about fucking up my life… just so many things. And it’s thanks to all the lovely angels that I have become great friends with, as well as the friends I made last year when I first joined Tumblr, that I have survived.

@dadshirtking, @heart-attack-harry, @happilyinlovewithharrystyles, @ifheartscouldfly, @bigdicksquadd, @nicegoodgolden, @two-swallows-above-a-butterfly, @secret-rendezvous1d, @moonlightharrys, @harrysart, @fayestardust, @haarrrrry, @never-enough-harry, @fairylightsstyles, @stylishfluff, @aboutalighthouse, @yetanotherharry, @magic-view, @canistay-haz, @packerhaz, @stylesunchained, @trulymadlysydney, @highlightstyles, @loveyooumeanit, @jojoleemac, @androgynoustyles, @emmy1dwriting, @hismyaestheticx, @lokiwinchester@stylishmuser,​ @styleshasalovelysoul, @manipsandeditsof1d, @happy-pride-harry, @adorkablehazza, @harryisthebaneofmyexistence, @legend-waitforit-harry​, @lcseventeen​ and so many more!

All of you have helped me in some way and I hope I can repay each and every one of you someday. Whether you live in America, Europe, Australia or Asia, it doesn’t matter. The distance doesn’t matter. 100 miles apart or 9,000 miles apart, I am extremely grateful to know all of you beautiful sunshines. Because of you, Tumblr has become a safe home for me in which I can share my thoughts and not be judged. All the private chats I have had with you guys has made my life just that little bit brighter. All of you are so important and precious to me, and every day, I wish to help you with whatever’s troubling you, just like you have helped me. I can never thank the boys enough for allowing me the chance to meet you and always remember that I love you and I am here for you whenever you need me.

All the love

Olivia xx

Almost, I do

First attempt at trying a song-fic (this is considered one right?)! I have never listened to Taylor Swift’s I almost do (and I also just realized that I kept typing the name of the song as Almost I do!!!! Sorry about that) but it’s such a really nice song and I really hope I do this justice – it’s short but I took things in to my own hands, sorry. Thank you for sending in your request and hope you enjoy!

You have picked up the phone so many times whenever you are overwhelmed with the feelings of missing Diana but every single time you do; you could never envision what you want to say to Diana or how the conversation might even end up being so you always chicken out at the very last minute. Sometimes you regret falling in love – it brings you more questions than answers.

Being with Diana is simply very wonderful when and if you are with her. Otherwise, you are constantly plagued with worries. You really cannot help yourself sometimes. Diana is so beautiful and respectable but when you compare yourself to her – it’s a habit that you have tried really hard to break but just couldn’t – you honestly feel like she is settling with you and you never want Diana to settle with you. Especially when there are men and women waiting on her, better men and women.

You had been afraid of love before, afraid of unhappiness you knew it would bring but whenever you think of Diana and remember all the wonderful memories the two of you made, it fills you with confidence and a lot of warm, fluffy feelings. Honestly, you really don’t understand yourself at times nor do you really understand being in love.

You are shaken out of your train of thoughts when your phone vibrates and you almost drop your phone in your haste to answer the call. “Hello?” You say breathlessly and your breathing stops momentarily when you hear Diana’s voice, greeting you happily. “Hi, Diana.” You try to say as cheerfully as you can.

It might have worked if this had been anyone else but Diana but alas, it is Diana you are currently talking to. “Y/N, are you alright? Is there something wrong?” She asks you immediately and you bite the inside of your cheek, contemplating if you should tell her or not.

“I missed you,” You answer her softly and for a moment, you are afraid because Diana is very silent. So you simply continue speaking instead. “I know you are very busy but I miss you and it’s been a while since we have seen each other and I just, I really miss you.” Perhaps this is probably why you should never bottle up your feelings because the moment you open to speak about it, you don’t even stop! “I am really sorry, Diana – I know you are absolutely busy and I really tried my hardest to not disturb you but I simply missed you too much today.”

Diana lets out a sharp intake of breath and you hear a few rustling from her side. You wonder what she is doing. “I miss you too, Y/N. I have miss being in your arms too and your apartment. I even miss your little kitten.” Diana expresses and suddenly you are washed with warm, fuzzy feelings and you can feel a smile trying to fight its way on to your face. “I know it’s a little bit hard right now but it will be over soon and I will be back with you – that had been the reason I wanted to reach out to you at first.”

You finally smile at that. “Then I will look forward to the day you come back to me, Diana.” Life is always a little bit brighter and happier whenever Diana is around and you are definitely looking forward to seeing her soon.

To celebrate the fact that I just realized that I’ve had this blog for over three years, I’ve decided to do a follow forever! Some of these are mutuals, some of these are popular blogs I really admire, some are irl friends, and everyone is amazing! Thanks to everyone who follows this blog and I love all of you a whole lot! 

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Music is a safe space. It’s supposed to be our safe space. Music brings people together. Music can heal us. Going to concerts is the place where we can go to escape the world around us for a couple of hours. Concerts are the place where we all gather to share a mutual love for the music and the artist that we’re watching up on that stage. 

Tonight, a person or group of people, took our safe place and turned it into a hell hole of a nightmare. 19 innocent people lost their lives. At least 50 more were injured. Whether it was someone’s first concert or their 5th or 10th concert, concerts will never be the same for them again. And that is truly heartbreaking. 

As terrifying as it is to think that this could happen at any concert I go to, I refuse to stop going for fear that I will witness something as awful as what happened in Manchester last night (tonight for us here in the US). If I stop going, that means the people creating this kind of terror win. And I won’t let them win. I’m going to continue going to concerts and I’m going to live my life enjoying the music that makes my world a little bit brighter. Because love will always win out over hate.

My heart, my love, and my thoughts are with Ariana and her team, and the victims of this senseless tragedy. 

Bad Dreams / Chapter 3

It was chilly when you walked outside, the chime of the bell on the door closing behind you. Your long shift at work was finally over, now you had to walk all the way back home.

Suho always said if you needed a ride anywhere you wouldn’t even have to ask, but you never wanted to be a bother. Besides, the fresh night air would do you some good. 

You pulled your coat around you tighter and began your journey home. You smiled to yourself, thinking back on the texts Suho sent you during work.

‘Working hard or hardly working? :D’ ‘I miss you, I can’t wait to see you<3’  

His corny jokes actually made you laugh, and his sweet texts made your day at work a little less stressful. You were glad to have met your boyfriend, he made your life a little bit brighter every time you spent time with him.    

Meeting Suho the first time was like love at first sight. It was at the pond, a place in the back of your house in the forest where you would go when you wanted to think. During those times you wasn’t afraid to be in the woods. He had found you first, when you turned around at the sound of twigs cracking under feet.   

It was weird at first with the way he stared at you, but you could feel your heart beat faster at the sight of him. He made you feel safe, and oddly you felt loved. And when that smile spread across his face, you knew you were already his.  

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Hey, mutuals,

It’s been a rough year for myself, and maybe for you. But I just wanted to say thank you, and that you’re doing great.

I see a lot of chain messages that say “Reblog if you suport X or dont support Y”, and while those are nice enough, I feel that they aren’t very personal.

So, thanks for being you. May you use empathy to guide your heart, and feel that you have probably made my life a little bit brighter if not others.

I just wanted to make my own message here, a little bit of positivity for you all. And I want you to know it’s sincere.

Here is to you all,


serendipityswift  asked:

thank you for your existence because you honestly make my life just a little bit brighter, just thought you deserve to know xx

you’re so wholesome, sweet and wonderful, i honestly can’t thank you enough for how much you words just brightened my night!!!! you’re all such a positive, uplifting presence in my life, so it makes my heart incredibly happy to know i’ve also been able to be there for people like you!! i adore you, i hope you’re having a bright day xx

anonymous asked:

Describe the kind of love you are in with your partner/s.

Complete and unashamed. The kind of love where you would do anything to help or protect the other person. Or when you’re with them your day just gets that little bit brighter. Life would go on without it, but there would be a little hole missing - without doubt. It’s the sort of love that, at the end of the day, gets me to open myself up and be vulnerable. That’s a big deal. 


 There Is No Place I’d Rather Be

Pairing: Liam/Louis
Rating: T
Summary: A Lilo Lilo and Stitch AU, in which Louis is the mischievous and enigmatic traveler who drops into Liam’s otherwise mundane Hawaii life and makes everything a little bit brighter – only, Liam doesn’t know that Louis is an intergalactic criminal from light-years away, and Galactic Federation police force members Harry and Niall are in close pursuit.

Written for the @1dbigbang round 4. Super cute fanart by @droolynouis is here!