life's a little bit brighter

Sometimes, I remember that Wentworth Miller went into “Legends of Tomorrow” planning to play Len as pansexual, and the fact that the writers were onboard with it, and this hellish life gets a little bit brighter.

God bless Wentworth Miller.

There aren’t that many openly gay actors who care so much about men’s health, trans rights, and self-care for those who have depression - mostly, they don’t give a lot of time to those subjects.

Basically, he’s a stellar guy and I love him a lot.

Ever want to love someone so much so their life becomes that little bit brighter? To give someone more reason to keep living? Because I sure as hell do.

Bad Dreams / Chapter 3

It was chilly when you walked outside, the chime of the bell on the door closing behind you. Your long shift at work was finally over, now you had to walk all the way back home.

Suho always said if you needed a ride anywhere you wouldn’t even have to ask, but you never wanted to be a bother. Besides, the fresh night air would do you some good. 

You pulled your coat around you tighter and began your journey home. You smiled to yourself, thinking back on the texts Suho sent you during work.

‘Working hard or hardly working? :D’ ‘I miss you, I can’t wait to see you<3’  

His corny jokes actually made you laugh, and his sweet texts made your day at work a little less stressful. You were glad to have met your boyfriend, he made your life a little bit brighter every time you spent time with him.    

Meeting Suho the first time was like love at first sight. It was at the pond, a place in the back of your house in the forest where you would go when you wanted to think. During those times you wasn’t afraid to be in the woods. He had found you first, when you turned around at the sound of twigs cracking under feet.   

It was weird at first with the way he stared at you, but you could feel your heart beat faster at the sight of him. He made you feel safe, and oddly you felt loved. And when that smile spread across his face, you knew you were already his.  

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25 things I've learnt from Joe Sugg

1- Laughing things off is sometimes the way to go
2- friends and family above anything else
3- Don’t live your life according to gender roles
4- be brave
5- be happy for someone else’s success
6- stay humble
7- have trouble with deep feelings? Try pranks!
8- don’t take anything for granted
9- were here to make others happy
10- what you do with your life is important
11- you matter
12- being a little bit weird is not wrong
13- being who you are is the way to go
14- don’t forget to be nice to old people
15- forgive and forget
16- fart noises will never stop being funny
17- find someone who will love you back, and keep him
18- life takes many turns, you just gotta roll with em
19- do what feels right
20- professionalism and sharing your professional life CAN go together
21- if you can, make the world a little bit brighter
22- don’t forget to have some time for yourself
23- letting people make fun of you is only okay if you’re okay with it
24- you’re a star
25- you’re his star

I honestly still cannot believe that I think 1.5k (actually, now it’s even higher than that too like wow)especially since last year at this time I had less than 500 followers. Honestly, saying that you guys are amazing is an understatement because I clearly wouldn’t still be here if you guys weren’t above and beyond spectacular and I thought a follow forever is exactly what was needed to celebrate this occasion because I want to highlight someone of the people that make my life just a little bit brighter every day.

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 There Is No Place I’d Rather Be

Pairing: Liam/Louis
Rating: T
Summary: A Lilo Lilo and Stitch AU, in which Louis is the mischievous and enigmatic traveler who drops into Liam’s otherwise mundane Hawaii life and makes everything a little bit brighter – only, Liam doesn’t know that Louis is an intergalactic criminal from light-years away, and Galactic Federation police force members Harry and Niall are in close pursuit.

Written for the @1dbigbang round 4. Super cute fanart by @droolynouis is here!

this is a huge thank you to everyone who has stuck with me through all the blog content changes, the unnecessary shouting in the tags, and the selfies that are questionable at best. you all mean the absolute world to me and you’ve made my life a little bit brighter thanks to your presences. ily all (almost more than i love john boyega). bolded are special mentions aka people i really wish i knew better and love from afar.

@skywalkrer - toshita you are my one and only. ily more than i can even explain fully bc we are like halves of a whole that somehow got separated at birth. your snapchats are always the highlight of my day (even tho i suck at responding) and someday we’re going to meet and it’ll honestly be the greatest thing since the creation of star wars.

@bellarkealmighty - catherine, you mean the world to me. you are the person i can lean on when i need to and who i know will always be there with advice and beautiful writing. becoming pen pals was honestly the best decision ever and i can’t wait to hang out w you someday and talk about art and writing in person.

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hello, it’s hyeon here wishing everyone happy, happy new year!

first off, huGE THANK YOU to @babxing aka Christina aka Chris bababab ♡♡♡ for creating this banner!

2015 has been a year of ups and downs for all of us, including me, so I wanted to take this time to create an appreciation post for those who made my 2015 experience spectacular~! with almost my first year (!!!) here on Tumblr, thank you all for making my life a little bit brighter ahh!! I genuinely cherish our conversations and memories together ♡

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