life without this song is meaningless

I lay adrift on a wooden raft. Surrounded by the still, black sky of
my mind. Floating on the dark, dimpled water of time. There your face
twinkles above me. You shine. Stars so seemingly close, but
unreachable. The light glowing on my outstretched hands. Clawing at
the sky, but unable to grasp the source.

My heart ticks in time to the groan of the planks. It is a clock.
Counting not the day, but the moments since last we touched. Passion
in fingertips the world has not yet rendered. Promises unspoken by
lips that plead for fulfillment.

Tick Tock. I drift farther from your touch.
Tick Tock. Two more moments alone without you.

My heart is a clock. It’s muscle and nerves the gears and pins. A
machine. A tool. But a clock is meaningless without time. Without
time, a clock would simply count. Valueless decimals discarded and
alone. My heart is a clock and you are its time. Giving purpose to a
machine empty without you. Your sweet song, the harmony to my meter.
Breathing life into the inanimate.

Tick Tock. My heart waits for you.

I lay adrift on the water of time, waiting for the currents to bring
me back to you.

—  Beach Leanbh

BELIEVER ~祈り (Prayer) ~ - QUELL: Izumi Shuu, Horimiya Eichi, Kuga Issei, Kuga Ichiru (CV. Takeuchi Shunsuke, Nishiyama Koutarou, Nakamura Shugo, Nogami Sho)

Invisible dark…
Unfamiliar star…
Ephemeral elixir…

The thoughts I left behind rise up to the sky
Because nobody knows fate.
One day, tears will return to the earth
Just as time overflows…

If there is darkness that cannot be seen,
Before I go under, I’ll strike at the door…

Your smile, your memory,
Make my heart clench.
If I cannot meet you anymore, my wish is
That I’d never have had you.
The sun seen in the morning
From my window will mark my days
Illuminating with a distant illusion.

A hidden light shines from far away
Everyone is a fragment of the galaxy, so,
The end you’d desired will turn into bubbles
Only God knows the shape of our bonds.

If you sleep on an unknown star,
The winds of time will paint a hailstorm…

The greatest happiness I’d been looking for
Had been in this nihilistic world.
Ash gray eyes are passing through everything.
You shouldn’t leave hope and despair in one elixir,
If it’s on these fragile wings, it will fall…

(The state of the approaching waves,
Whatever happens, I want to be living it freely.)

If your intentions are fleeting,
Before this ends, I shall cross over mountains and rivers…

Your smile… (Your memory…)
If I cannot meet you anymore… (My wish is…)
The sun seen in the morning
From my window will mark my days
Illuminating with a distant illusion…

The greatest happiness I’d been looking for
Had been in this nihilistic world.
Ash gray eyes are passing through everything.
You shouldn’t leave hope and despair in one elixir,
If it’s on these fragile wings, it will fall…

Illuminating with a distant illusion…

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“You still there. Time won’t help to forget as told”

Listening to this song reminds me of them

Since it’s Thai song so I translate the lyric here below.(I’m sorry if the translation didn’t good ;v;~)


Wake to find the truth. How long have you leave me.

I want to meet you again just once. Where are you now?

So far away and I can’t find you. Wonder if I ever meet you again.

Even I know you never came back.


It doesn’t matter how long have pass. You still the only one, the only one in my heart. You still beautiful and I still love you even I know you never came back.

Look at the clock and it’s still working and  only me that keep walking backward. You still there and time won’t help to forget as told (I’m not sure about this it’s sounds lame but I hope you understand)

I know we’ll never together from now on but I still love you.

Waking from illusion to face the loneliness. The life without you is so meaningless and I keep waiting endlessly


Because love is still buried deep in me. The picture when we together still haunting every time I  close my eyes.



The lyric really nice and beautiful I hope my translation skill won’t ruin the mood…lol

After I listen to this song I can’t stop myself from drawing them ;–;


song: oshimai (おしまい)
band: kizu (キズ)
single: oshimai (おしまい) (May 17th, 2017)
lyrics: from here
translation: VerwelktesGedicht
note: definitely one of my surprises of the year… This song really got me!!


Oshimai - Kizu (English Translation)

Oshimai = The end / That’s it

It’s an endless screaming type of pain.
When I open my mouth
only grumble and complains come out.
Being inferior to my wounds,
why am I being alive?

It’s that way. What way is it?
It’s this way. What way is it?

It’s a failed life.

I’ve tried to live “the way” they wanted me to.
I was born without a meaning. This is a meaningless life.

Why? Why?
Why am I dreaming?


That’s it! Oh My God
I’m a failed piece of work.
Nobody seems to have a destination or mission.

I’m tired of it. Oh My God
Dreams and ideals,
they are just there for showing.
It’s a waste of time.
Ah, being manipulated…

Who are you going to become?


We’re drawing dreams
because we’re unsatisfied.
We’re falling in love
out of loneliness.
We’re done with it when we hurt each other
because we can’t understand each other.

[Allergy against humans]

Why are they letting me live?
Why am I such a helpless doll?

Why? Why?
Why? Why?


Do you want to die? Are you tired of it?
Is it weakness to not hold the knife
that will cut your wrists?
Is it the strength to live in the present?

I’m tired of it. Oh My God
It’s judgement and disregard.
The common sense of majority judges
over the badness of the minority.

Ah, don’t weight things
as if your brain is that of an Artificial Inteligence!


I notice the pain in this voice
that doesn’t stop screaming.


I can’t save you with my hands.


Who? When?
Seems like it’s everyone.


This is the life you’ve saved by yourself.

I was searching for the “correct answer”
that isn’t supposed to exist.
The worth of a life without questions.

That’s it. Oh My God.
It’s a world where I just had an emergency landing.
Among 1400 Trillion, will this one be happiness or sadness?
Which one is it?

I’m tired of it! Oh My God
I’m a failure. Well, it’s okay.
It’s a wasteful life
because I don’t plan on doing anything.

My happy ending won’t come.

Strength to live based on weakness.
Living tomorrow, what are you looking for?
There is no truth.

Draw [your dreams] all the way you want
while being defeated by your wounds!

Based off the video for the song Robbers by The 1975 (Harry imagine)

A/N: I really adore this song and the music video to this song quite a lot. If you’re planning on reading this and you haven’t seen the video I suggest you watch it first so it makes more sense. :-)

Harry’s P.O.V.

People say that greed brings out the worst in people. They claim that the world would be better off if we all had ditched the trait of greed in evolution, but I personally believe that greed coincides with passion and passion fuels people to see their true potential. Without passion things would be meaningless. No sums of money or fame would mean anything without passion. Life would be worth nothing and we’d all mope around wondering what the hell we should do next without passion. But Y/N and I, we had passion and our passion was what we thrived on.

When it came down to it nearly every action, every move and everything we did was fueled by passion. I was passionate about my love for her and she was passionate about her love for me and that’s what we based our lives off of; and frankly, we wouldn’t want it any other way.

With her hand in mine I felt unstoppable. I felt like I was on top of the world and nothing and no one could bring me down no matter how hard they tried. 

“You ready?” Y/N asked with a smirk plastered across her perfect face. Her porcelain skin practically shimmered against the street lights as she took a drag of her cigarette. She used her free hand afterwards to put the butt end of the cigarette into my mouth and I copied her actions. 

I nodded my head and I dropped her hand so I could pull up the bandanna over my mouth so I wouldn’t be easily identified when we stormed into the mini mart. I held the gun at my side and Y/N and I bolted across the street. 


“Fuck!” I wailed to Y/N and she pressed her hands against my bleeding wound. The fucking idiot behind the counter fucking shot me. Pain surged through me and I wanted to scream at the top of my lungs but with Y/N by my side it was a bit more bearable. The joint she had lit for me and put against my lips helped as well of course.

Y/N led me inside the back of the van we had one of our friends drive as our getaway car and she pressed her hands against my bleeding side. Blood seeped through her fingers but she held her hands there as we made the short ride back to our place. Once we got there we ran inside and straight into the bathroom so she could take care of my wound. 

Several gauze filled minutes later and the bleeding was slowing down. The bullet only grazed over my flesh thankfully so there wasn’t any serious damage. As Y/N’s thanks for being such a great nurse I pressed my lips against hers roughly. The pain still inside of me fueled my rough kisses and my hold on her. Blood that was once on my hands got on her neck but neither of us cared. The passion between us was too much of a distraction. 



▶ José González [x] Heartbeats

One night of magic rush
The start a simple touch
One night to push and scream
And then relief
Ten days of perfect tunes
The colors red and blue
We had a promise made
We were in love

Upon further reflection watching All Of Me...

I was initially very upset that it wasn’t done AFTER the fight and that Kurt didn’t hear the entire song.  However, although on the surface the song is about Blaine’s love, devotion and unwavering passion for the love of his life, he sat down and sang those words just after June left and gave him a nasty ultimatum.

Blaine was making a choice.  Singing about his love made him realize that the fame, the fortune, the lifestyle would be meaningless without Kurt. None of it matters. Kurt matters. His decision was clear.  As he said on the steps, “You are more important to me than anything”. He chose Kurt and will always choose Kurt. And Kurt will always choose Blaine.

I understand the choice to have Blaine sing most of the song alone now and I’m satisfied. And unlike Teenage Dream from TBU, I can and will continue to listen to All Of Me and know that’s it’s a love song in every possible way from Blaine to his Kurt.