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popular text posts + ask memes (part two) 

❛ i don’t have time for a relationship. do you know how many books i need to read? ❜
❛ i think it’s hilarious when people tell me i’m laid back because i’ve pretty uch been screaming nonstop in my head since like fifth grade ❜
❛ coming out of my cage and i’ve been doing just… not good ❜
❛ i’m a piece of shit, but it’s fine ❜
❛ how i am supposed to have a lit summer with $4.65 ❜
❛ i’m a huge fan of space; both outer and personal ❜
❛ and to your left, you can see me, ruining everything ❜
❛ any full cast musical number can be a solo if you believe hard enough ❜
❛ kinda hungry, kinda horny, kinda tired, kinda wanna get a tattoo ❜
❛ no amount of under eye concealer can cover up how tired i am of this world ❜
❛ i’m ready for autumn, but not autumn responsibilities ❜
❛ today i’m wearing a lovely shade of i slept like shit so don’t piss me off ❜
❛ i’m not making enough boys nervous ❜
❛ i really want my last words to be ‘hey, wanna see a dead body?’ ❜
❛ don’t you hate it when money goes away when you spend it? ❜
❛ i’m always a slut for conspiracy theories ❜
❛ i wanna make a diss track about myself ❜
❛ true friendship is bullying your friends into watching the tv shows you watch ❜
❛ i’d be such a good girlfriend/boyfriend/s.o. you’re all missing out ❜
❛ sorry i was late. i can’t conceptualize time. ❜
❛ fuck what the aliens said ❜
❛ sometimes it physically pains me to hold back my sarcastic comments ❜ 
❛ if outfit repeating was a crime i would be sentenced to life without parole ❜
❛ does anyone have ten thousand dollars they don’t want? ❜
❛ i want a sugar daddy, but i know nicki minaj wants me to be independent  ❜
❛ i stress about stress before there’s even stress to stress about ❜
❛ i don’t have plans for tonight or the rest of my life if anyone wants to have a drink or get married ❜
❛ tbh sometimes you just gotta let me be dramatic because i will get over it, but let me be dramatic first. ❜
❛ painfully average looking with a great sense of humor and always down to get drunk ❜
❛ if we date, you have to hold my hand in the car. no exceptions. ❜
❛ in an unfortunate development, i am now awake ❜
❛ you’re hella bomb, hella cute, and anyone would be hella lucky to have you ❜
❛ kinda hurt, kinda offended, kinda not planning on saying anything about it ❜
❛ trying to embarrass me is so unnecessary. i do it to myself just fine. ❜
❛ if you don’t think i’m a princess then you’re 100% right. i’m the fucking queen. ❜
❛ fuck summer. i want it to be dark and misty and frigid and october. ❜
❛ lana may have fucked her way up to the top, but i am bullshitting my way up to the middle ❜
❛ i don’t want to get involved in the drama, i just wanna know 103% of the information on what happened ❜
❛ so… do you want to watch 49.7 hours of parks and recreation with me? ❜
❛ i hit rock bottom like every two weeks ❜
❛ can someone please be proud of me? like fuck, i’m trying. ❜
❛ give me a few days to overthink about it ❜
❛ can i sell my feelings on ebay? i don’t want them anymore. ❜
❛ i’m really fucking sarcastic for someone who’s about to start crying most of the time ❜
❛ when does hibernation start because i am 100% participating in that ❜
❛ don’t you hate it when you wake up and you’re awake ❜
❛ i lowkey just wanna make sure you’re happy as fuck ❜
❛ i literally have no idea what i’m gonna do if i don’t end up rich ❜
❛ you know you’re in deep when you love listening to them talk and you get attached to their voice ❜
❛ no offense, but when is it my turn for someone to be in love with me ❜
❛ i’m an asshole with a really big heart ❜
❛ i have to be funny because being hot is not an option ❜
❛ can i apologize in advance for basically everything i will ever do ❜
❛ okay that’s cool, but consider the following: snuggling with me until i fall asleep ❜
❛ please handle me with care. i am a very sleepy and soft creature. ❜
❛ drunk me is the me i really want to be. confident, hilarious, and most importantly, drunk. ❜

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hey buddy its been a while

r u ok do you think happens after we pretend to be true that you are my favourite touhou character. i like telling you - the fuckhunter, who was already serving life without parole. Do not touch ice for it and most of the animal kingdom. How you livin’ son?

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Teen Killers: Life Without Parole (2014 Documentary)

“In the United States more than 2,500 people are serving life-without-parole sentences for crimes they committed when they were 17 or younger. In this film, five of them, all convicted for first degree murder, tell their stories. Brian was a 16-year-old outsider inspired by the Columbine School massacre when he and school friend Torey killed their classmate Cassie in a chilling murder reminiscent of a scene from a horror film. Josiah and Jacob both reflect on the impact childhood abuse had on the appalling murders they committed and Sean recalls gang life in the notorious Bloods, killing a passer-by the first time he shot a gun. All five give sober insights into their teenage selves and the deep regret they feel for their victims and all those impacted by their crimes. Through their stories the film asks some difficult questions. What is justice when a teenager kills? Can a horrific act place a life beyond redemption? Are there alternatives or should we simply dispose of them?”


“We Are Gonna Kill You All!” - The Westside Middle School Shooting

Nothing is more troubling to our minds than the idea of two fresh-faced children picking up guns and deciding to murder their classmates for fun. Yet that is exactly what two pre-teen boys from Jonesboro, Arkansas, did on March 24, 1998.

Mitchell Johnson (13) and Andrew Golden (11) both came from conservative Southern homes where firearms were always within easy reach. Both boys were said to be polite and deeply religious, yet each displayed a violent streak around other children; Johnson would often pretend to be in a street gang and intimidate younger children whilst Golden had a reputation for being cruel to animals and shooting at neighbourhood girls with a BB gun. The two boys became friends after Golden invited Johnson to his house to shoot his fathers pistol; as their friendship progressed, the boys would gradually begin stealing ammunition and clips from Golden’s father and grandfather.

On March 28, 1998 - after their respective parents had left for work - Andrew and Mitchell retrieved a bulky package they had both hidden in the woods. Inside the package was camping gear, tents, food, and nine guns (all stolen from various members of Golden’s family). The boys loaded the supplies and weapons into Johnson’s mothers car, retrieved 2000 rounds of ammunition stashed in Golden’s bedroom, and then drove the car to Westside Middle School.

While Johnson set up a vantage point with the guns above the exit doors to the school playground, Golden went inside the school and pulled the fire alarm. As children began to file outside, Golden ran up the hill to where Johnson was waiting, took a gun in each hand, and opened fire. The confused schoolchildren, unable to see where the shots came from, scattered in all directions. Johnson had a rifle but was a markedly poorer shot than Golden - who had been declared an expert marksman the year before. Golden shot and killed two girls who tried to crawl under a picnic table, and also killed a teacher who had thrown herself on top of her students when the first shots rang out. Johnson shot two girls who took off running across the playground “with a big smile on his face”, as several witnesses would later say. The playground of Westside Middle School was littered with bodies when Golden and Johnson dropped their weapons and began to run. They had meticulously planned the attack to last less than three minutes, so they would have enough time to escape in the van and hide out in the woods. Unfortunately, they hadn’t counted on the extremely prompt response from police, who arrested the two boys. Five people were killed and ten were injured in the shooting, the most fatal ever to occur at a middle school.

Since both perpetrators were juveniles at the time of the crime, there was no question of them receiving the death penalty or life without parole. It was obvious from the start that the attack was well planned and both Golden and Johnson knew they were murdering their classmates; one injured victim told the court how Johnson had screamed “We are gonna kill you all!” during the shooting and how both boys had laughed at the sound of their classmates screams. Although Johnson apologised to the victims families, a psychiatrist testifying for the defense stated neither child felt particular remorse for the crime.

Mitchell Johnson and Andrew Golden were found guilty on five counts of murder and sentenced to imprisonment until age 21, the maximum sentence they could receive. Their relatively small term has called for reform around how juvenile cases are handled; both offenders are currently free.


Dorothea Puente was a female serial killer who was originally charged with the murders of nine people, but would eventually be convicted of only three. Puente’s pattern of crime consisted of robbing or financially exploiting her victims, vulnerable individuals who would typically be her elderly, alcoholic or drug addicted tenants to whom she provided room and board. On one occasion Puente successfully convinced the police that the passing of her 61 year old tenant from an overdose was a suicide. 

When Puente murdered her victims she would drug them with sleeping pills in order to sedate them, before suffocating them. She would then hire people with a criminal history to dig holes in her yard in order to facilitate disposal of the bodies. She hired a handyman on one occasion to build her a box, big enough to fit the remains of her 77 year old fiancé. 

When authorities searched the grounds of her home they would find a total of seven bodies buried on the premises. She would receive a sentence of life without the possibility of parole for the murders, but maintained her innocence - stating that her tenants had simply died from natural causes. 


After the 1990 Philippine earthquake, Teddy and Mary Loiva emigrated to Australia with their two children, Sef and Clodine. While they were close-knit, Teddy and Mary were somewhat controlling, with high expectations of what was expected of their children. Unfortunately, Sef wasn’t academically gifted. He didn’t excel in high school and never received decent grades in university.

Another issue Sef had was his obsession for lying. While he was failing in university, he claimed he was a successful businessman as well a model and singer. In fact, he had a so-called “fan” website. However, this website was actually set up by himself. He even frequently lied about having cancer. Eventually his lies started to crumble around him. His parents soon discovered that he was failing university and that he had been falsifying his grades. The relationship between Sef and his parents became tense, even more so when they told him they disagreed with the girl he was dating. It was around this time period that Sef began to plan their murder.

At approximately 4:30pm on 10 July, 2001, Sef’s plans were put into place. He entered Clodine’s bedroom, armed with a baseball bat and two knives. He grabbed her by the throats and started to bludgeon her with the baseball bat before stabbing her in the neck and chest. Her cause of death was a combined effect of compression of the neck, blunt force trauma to the head, and stab wounds. Both Teddy and Mary were at work whilst this brutal attack took place. Mary was the first to arrive home, at around 5:30pm. As soon as she entered the family home, Sef slashed and stabbed her to death. Teddy came home at around 6:50pm and he too was stabbed to death by his son.

Following the bloody murders, Sef disposed of the weapons and his stained clothing. In an attempt to throw off the investigation, Sef spray painted “Fuck off Asians KKK” on a wall inside the house, hoping it would make the murders look to be a hate crime. Sef then picked up a friend and drove to Planet Hollywood and a video game centre. When he came home, he called the police and told them he had chased intruders from his house before discovering the grim crime scene.

It wouldn’t be long until Sef was a suspect in the murders. He had provided an alibi but several neighbours had seen Sef’s car in the driveway at the time of the murders. He later provided another alibi in which he claimed he was at a brothel, sleeping with a sex-worker. The sex-worker he claimed he slept with refuted this claim, saying she had not been with Sef at the time. He was soon charged with the murders and as found guilty. He was sentenced to life without parole.


‘Satan’s Daughter’ - The Lillelid Family Murders

Natasha Cornett (18) of Pikeville, Kentucky, could of been the poster child for the disaffected youth of the 90’s - morbid, self-destructive, and heavily into alternative Goth culture, Natasha dealt with the hurt of a difficult childhood by drinking and taking drugs. She was diagnosed with anorexia and bipolar disorder in her mid-teens. Although she was outcast at school, Cornett had a core group of five friends - ranging in age from 14 to 20 - that she wanted to run away with.

On April 6, 1997, six teenagers - including Natasha Cornett - stole a car on a whim and decided to run away from home. Natasha Cornett, alongside Joseph Risner (20), Edward Mullins (19) Crystal Sturgill (18), Jason Bryant (14) and Karen Howell (17) decided to drive to New Orleans and join a vampire coven. However, the car they had was far too small to accommodate six teenagers for a long trip, so the youths decided to steal a van from someone at gunpoint. Two of the group’s members had pistols, and Natasha Cornett carried a knife.

In Tennessee the black-clothed teenagers decided to stake out a rest area frequented by travelling families. After a while, they noticed a blue minivan parked at the rest area - the Lillelid family had been attending a Jehovahs Witness meetup, and their car was perfect for what the gang needed. Natasha Cornett distracted the two Lillelid children - Tabitha (6) and Peter (3) - while the others approached Vidar and Delfina pretending to be interested in their faith. The Lillelids were delighted to share their religion with the teenagers, but their delight soon turned to horror when one of the teenagers pulled a gun and demanded the family get into the van. The terrified children were forced to sit at gunpoint while their parents pled for mercy. Natasha Cornett assured the Lillelid’s that they would be released further down the road, but she knew they could not be allowed to live to identify them.

Stopping in a deserted patch of forest just by the road, the six youngsters got into an argument about whether to kill the children or not. Natasha later claimed she tried to talk her friends out of killing the family, and even stepped in front of the children to protect them. Whatever her stance, it didn’t matter - all four members of the Lillelid family were shot repeatedly in the head at close range. Mr and Mrs Lillelid were killed instantly, but Peter and Tabitha were still alive when the teens piled into the van and fled the scene. As they left, they ran over the bodies of the dead parents, leaving distinct tire imprints that would prove to be a valuable clue.

The bullet-ridden bodies of the Lillelids were discovered just hours later. Miraculously, Peter and Tabitha were still clinging to life when they were found, but sadly Tabitha died of her injuries while en-route to the hospital. Peter Lillelid would eventually pull through and live; he is now blind in one eye and moderately disabled.

The six murderers did not plan their grisly crime very well, and very soon a description of the stolen van was circulating all the Southern states. Desperate, the gang hatched a plan to escape to Mexico, but this became unraveled when a routine license check revealed their vehicle to be wanted immediately in connection to a murder case. All six youths were arrested and charged with theft, kidnapping, and three counts of murder.

Natasha Cornett proclaimed herself to be 'Satan’s Daughter’ during the trial, and claimed the murder was part of a bizarre ritual that she believed would turn her into a vampire. The friends quickly turned on each other to avoid responsibility - five of them accused Jason Bryant of being the one who pulled the trigger, but he alternately named Natasha and Joseph as the shooters. Since it never became clear who actually fired bullets at the Lillelid’s, all six teenagers were found guilty of three counts of murder and sentenced to life in prison without parole. Natasha Cornett has since claimed she was psychotic during the time the murders were committed, and has filed an appeal.


26-year-old David Lee Gavitt and his wife, Angela, lived in Ionia, Michigan, with their two daughters, 3-year-old Katrina and 11-month-old Tracy. On the night of 9 March, 1985, David and Angela retreated for bed after watching television. David had lit some candles as they watched television and forgot to blow them out when they went to the bedroom. This would be an accident he would live to regret for the rest of his life. A couple of hours after the young couple went to bed, they were awoken by their dog scratching at the bedroom door. When David opened it to see what he wanted, he was aghast to see that the living room was up in flames. As Angela rushed to awaken the girls, David smashed open a back window so that the family could escape. Once the window was smashed, David attempted to reach the girls but by now, the fire was raging. He was unable to force his way to their bedroom. As he called out to Angela, he heard no reply.

Neighbours who see the the flames called the fire department while David kept attempting to re-enter the house. Unfortunately, it was much too late for Angela, Katrina and Tracy. As if losing his wife and children wasn’t enough, investigators announced that they believed that the fire was started intentionally and David was the main suspect. Following his discharge from the hospital, he was charged with their murders. Investigators at the trial had contended that the fire was started with a flammable liquid due to the fact that there was so-called “pour patterns” on the floor, indicating something had been poured. Despite the fact that several witnesses saw David relentlessly attempt to rescue his family combined with the fact that there was no motivation, he was found guilty and sentenced to life in prison without parole in 1986.

It wouldn’t be until 2010 that the case got a second look. After learning about the inconsistencies within the case, the Michigan Innocence Clinic at the University of Michigan Law School decided they would re-investigate. Several experts were called in to examine the evidence found within the home. They discovered that a flashover had occurred, as opposed to a liquid being used to ignite the fire. A flashover is a rare phenomenon in which a fire explodes and completely takes over a room, engulfing it in fire almost immediately.

In June of 2012, David’s charges were dismissed and he as released from prison. He later filed a lawsuit seeking compensation for his wrongful conviction. This lawsuit was dismissed.


Following the death of their 4-year-old foster son Andrew Burd by toxic salt overdose in 2006, Hannah and Larry Overton were arrested for murder.  Prosecutors claimed that the boy’s death was caused by Hannah forcing him to drink water laced with Cajun spices by way of punishment, and asserted that even when Andrew started to vomit and lose consciousness, the couple waited almost 3 hours before taking him to hospital.  The jury agreed, and Hannah Overton was sentenced to life without parole.  In a separate trial, her husband Larry was charged with criminally negligent homicide, to which he pled no contest and received 5 years deferred adjudication.

However, in 2011, Hannah’s lawyer sought a new trial on the basis that the massive levels of sodium in the boy’s system reported at trial were far greater than the recorded levels at the time of his admission to hospital, where he was given a saline drip as part of the efforts to save his life.  Furthermore, Hannah’s defence lawyers at her original trial failed to call an expert witness who, when interviewed under oath, testified that Andrew had not been poisoned, but had accidentally caused his own death due to his insatiable appetite, a symptom of emotional deprivation syndrome.  In 2015, after 7 years in prison, all charges against Hannah Overton were dropped, and the mother of 5 was released.


The Tragic Death of Cooper Harris

22-month-old Cooper Harris of Marietta, Georgia, was a delightful baby who adored riding in the car with his father, Ross, in the mornings; sometimes the father and son would drop by a restaurant for breakfast on the way to Cooper’s daycare. This is what they did on June 18, 2014 - at approximately 9 am Ross bought Cooper a kids meal at Chick-fil-A. After eating the doting father strapped Cooper into his rear-facing carseat and drove to his work at Home Depot, leaving his son strapped inside his SUV with the windows wound up.

At 12:30 Ross Harris again entered the SUV and drove to a hardware store to buy lightbulbs - the temperature had risen to over eighty degrees, and Cooper was still restrained in his seat. Harris claimed he didn’t notice Cooper in the back seat nor did he hear the child crying. Harris drove to a the hardware store and bought lightbulbs, then returned to work at Home Depot. It wasn’t until 4:30pm that he noticed his son’s lifeless body in the back seat of the car. Cooper Harris was found to have died from acute dehydration and heatstroke as a result of being trapped in 85 degree heat for over seven hours.

Though Ross said that Cooper’s death was a tragic accident (he claimed he ‘simply forgot’ to drop his son off at daycare), he was arrested and put on trial for murder. During the trial it came out that Harris had been engaging in numerous affairs with underage girls, and on the day Cooper died Harris had been sending nude photographs and 'sexting’ at least six women. The prosecution claimed Ross had intentionally left his son in the car to die so he was free to divorce his wife - it was revealed in court that the callous father had looked up 'animals dying in cars’ on the internet.

Ross Harris was found guilty of the 'malice murder’ of his son and of sexually prepositioning underage girls, and was sentenced to life in prison without parole.


Michelle Murphy awoke on the night of September 12th 1994 to find her life forever altered.  Her son Travis, just 15 weeks old, had been brutally stabbed to death, his body left on the kitchen floor.  After more than 7 hours of police interrogation 17-year-old Michelle admitted to accidentally killing Travis, in a confession which is now widely regarded as being coerced (and of which only 26 minutes was recorded). Her other child, a 2-year-old girl, was promptly placed with another family who later adopted her.

Michelle was found guilty and sentenced to life without parole, though the evidence submitted at trial was highly problematic.  The conviction was largely based upon the testimony of Michelle’s 14-year-old neighbour, William Lee, and on faulty analysis that indicated Michelle’s blood was found at the scene of the crime.  In fact, at the time of the trial, the prosecution had received a report stating that Michelle’s blood type was categorically different to the blood found at the scene - information which they decided to keep to themselves.  A troubled teen with a violent past, it is thought that Lee held a grudge against Michelle for turning down his advances, and his claim to have seen her with blood on her arms was completely unsubstantiated. Lee never made it to trial after accidentally hanging himself while masturbating.

In 2014 further DNA testing was ordered and the District Attorney (who happened to have been the prosecutor at Michelle’s original trial) requested that Michelle’s sentence be vacated, stating that he realised his arguments in the case had not been based on science. After spending 2 decades behind bars, Michelle was finally declared innocent.  Travis’ killer has never been found.

On 21st March 1991, 6 year old Shenosha Richards was kidnapped by a neighbouring couple and was subjected to horrific torture and sexual assault before being murdered.

While Shenosha was playing outside, 19 year old Latasha Pulliam and boyfriend Dwight Jordan approached the little girl with snacks and promised her a fun day out. Placing her trust in the two adults, she went compliantly with Pulliam and Jordan back to their apartment nearby. Once there, that trust was destroyed and instead Shenosha endured hours of torment before her death. She was led into the bedroom by Jordan as Pulliam remained in the kitchen to take cocaine. When she then joined her boyfriend in the bedroom, the young girl was already crying with her pants removed. It was at this point that the pair utilised both a bottle of shoe polish and a hammer handle to sexually assault an infant. As well as violating her vaginally, they also sodomised her. After this vile ordeal, Pulliam severely beat and used a cord to strangle Shenosha in an attempt to quieten her. It is heartbreaking that, at just 6 years old, Shenosha was so terrified that she began to plead with her attackers and promised she would not tell anybody if they let her go. However, she was ignored and placed inside a closet whilst the couple responded to somebody knocking at the apartment door. When they returned back, Shenosha was unresponsive yet still alive. It was here that the same hammer was used to bludgeon her skull three or four times, which subsequently resulted in her death. She was then discarded like trash after they covered her in garbage to hide the body.

A medical examination carried out after Shenosha was found identified 42 injuries all over her body. Horrifically, she had suffered two puncture wounds to her chest which had damaged her lungs and a main artery, injuries to her vagina and anus, and lacerations so severe on her head that her skull had been penetrated completely. Described in court by a criminal psychologist as  “a female John Gacy” for receiving sexual satisfaction from the suffering of weaker individuals, Latasha Pulliam was sentenced by a separate jury and convicted of kidnapping, sexual assault and first degree murder. She was sentenced to the death penalty, although this has since been commuted to life imprisonment without parole. As Dwight Jordan had played a part in the kidnap and sexual assault of the little girl but not her murder, he was not eligible for the death penalty. He instead received a prison sentence.


14 year old Jeffrey Dingman and 17 year old Robert Dingman were brothers that were tired of all of the rules and curfews their parents set for them. The two began plotting how to kill them. After months of debating what the best method would be, the brothers decided on shooting their parents. On February 9, 1996, the pair turned on a stereo so as to drown out the gunshots and Jeffrey proceeded to shoot his father first. Robert then took the gun from him, asked his father if he “wanted another one,” and fired it again. The boys then tried to stuff his body in a garbage bag, but after noticing a sudden arm movement, shot him once again. When their mother came home a few minutes later and complained about the stereo, Jeffrey shot her three times. Robert finished her off with a couple more shots, including one to the head, telling her to “die bitch.” They then wrapped their parents’ bodies in garbage bags and hid them, their mother in the basement and their father in the attic. The pair told their friends that their parents had gone on vacation and proceeded to party for the next few days. This seemed suspicious to their parents’ coworkers, who called the police. After a search of the boys’ home, the bodies were found. Robert received a life sentence after being charged with two counts of first degree murder while Jeffrey, who agreed to testify against Robert, was charged with two counts of second degree murder and given 30 years. In 2014, Jeffrey was released on parole, having taken full responsibility for his actions. Due to a 2012 US Supreme Court decision that deemed it unconstitutional for juveniles to receive life sentences without parole, Robert will face a resentencing this year.


February 27, 2012 

On this day two years ago, Thomas Lane entered Chardon High School. He was armed with a Ruger MK III .22 caliber semi-automatic handgun. The shooting took place at around 7:30am in Chardon High School’s cafeteria while many students were eating breakfast.
Lane killed three male students, they all died in hospital in the two days following the shooting. Two other students were hospitalised: one with a minor injury and another who was left paralyzed. Another student sustained a superficial wound during the shooting when a bullet grazed one of his ears. Lane was arrested on Woodin Road, near his car, after being chased out of the school by football coach Frank Hall.
Lane pleaded guilty to three counts of aggravated murder, two counts of aggravated murder and felonious assault on February 26, 2013. Lane was sentenced to three life sentences without parole on March 19, 2013.

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Can we suggest prompts from that list u reblogged? Bc if so, can you try 4 pls?

So, this somehow turned into a 11k monstrosity. Hope you enjoy it! And as always, also on ao3! (Thinking about turning this into a series, what do y’all think?)

One would think that after living his entire life ― almost twenty nine years now ― as a werewolf Derek would be used to the exhaustion and disorientation that came with the morning after a full moon. One would think that he would be used to the insufferable cottonmouth often accompanied by the humiliating realization that he had made some poor little woodland creature his meal, finding clumps of fur and bits of flesh around his mouth.

One would also think that he would be used to waking up completely naked, or at the very least nearly so, in the most random of places, ranging from the roof of his family’s home in the preserve to an unfamiliar parking lot across town. One might think that he would be used to the sensory overload the full moon brought with it, every sense heightened and intensified, a wave of primordial instincts rushing to the forefront of his mind.

One might think that he would be used to actually being a werewolf. But one would be wrong.

Because each and every month, without fail, Derek was overwhelmed by the thrall of the full moon and all its influencing effects. In mere moments, the control he worked so hard to maintain, in both his personal and professional lives, was shattered the instant the moon rose above the treetops.

Like clockwork, he and most of his family succumbed to their lupine instincts, the moonlight baptizing them each month, letting them shed their human burdens and be reborn in the night. It was like a cocktail of adrenaline and endorphins being shot into their veins, invigorating them the way nothing else on earth possibly could.

Most took to the woods, in either full or beta shift, spending the night hunting white-tailed and mule deer, whetting their ravenous appetites with fresh venison, painting their lips and fangs with warm blood. Others spent the time satisfying their more carnal desires, locking themselves behind closed doors with their mates to romp around in the sheets, testing both the limits of the Hale House’s soundproofing and the integrity of the headboards.

Personally, Derek preferred the thrill of the hunt, having no mate or partner by any stretch of the imagination, spending his night on four paws instead of two feet. He reveled in the carefree rush of chasing down prey, his eyes glittering yellow in the dark depths of the forest as he brought a buck to bay, sinking his fangs into the ungulate’s throat.

But he was also prone to wander, especially after his eating his fill of freshly killed deer or elk, his entire pack poking fun at his ‘lone wolf’ tendencies as they had been dubbed, wandering away the from the pack for seemingly no reason. Usually, he didn’t remember his little episodes of midnight wanderlust, only recalling catching wind of the most wondrous scent he had ever even dreamed of encountering, drawn to it like a moth to the flame, or rather a wolf to the moon.

His sisters, and more often than not his uncle and even both of his parents, constantly teases him about the mysterious siren scent he kept finding himself inexplicably attracted to, it luring him like the sweetest ambrosia. Their ribbing was mostly tolerable, a necessary evil he had grown accustomed to throughout his childhood of growing up with all of his family, both immediate and extended, living under the same roof.

But what was truly insufferable was the fact that his mother insisted that it was the scent of his mate, thus why it was so very intoxicating to him, sometimes going off on unbelievably embarrassing tangents about how she had met their father. It was a story they had all heard a million times before, the details burned into their memories, with a few more sordid details added once they were old enough.

It was such a foolishly romantic notion that it couldn’t possibly be true, an old omega’s tale of true mates and the moon’s heavenly light guiding couples, together though, admittedly, he found the idea of mates rather palatable. He was bolstered by the knowledge that somewhere out there in the world was someone absolutely perfect for him, someone who complemented him completely.

Where he was shy and at times cold and distant, his mate would be extroverted and exuberant and warm. Where he was more domestic and content at home, his mate would be adventurous and energetic, loud where he was quiet. His mate would be the day to his night, the sun to his moon. And it would be perfect.

The very thought appealed to him a great deal, especially with his less than stellar dating history.

First, there had been Kate, a woman older than him by more than twenty years who had used her charms and worldliness to entice and seduce him when he was barely legal, only a high school senior. She had been his first real girlfriend, making him feel older and more confident than he actually was, his friends on the basketball team practically worshipping him for sleeping with an older woman, christening her Cougar Kate.

They had shortly thereafter learned that she came from what was possibly the most well known family of werewolf hunters, the harsh truth coming to light when she attempted to burn down the Hale House. Fortunately, they had caught her red-handed before she could strike a single match, having had the bright idea to use pure gasoline and kerosene, the mere scent waking up everyone in the house. She had been arrested on the spot, given a speedy trial during which she was quickly convicted of over twenty counts of attempted murder, sentenced to life without the possibility of parole.

Derek had sworn off relationships after that, shifting his focus to his studies. Having gotten into his first choice school, Stanford, he jumped headfirst into college life.

After graduating college with his Master’s in both education and history, he started dating Jennifer Blake, an English professor at a local community college. She had too had initially been sweet and intriguing, engaging him in the most intriguing talks about literature and the humanities but she hadn’t been much better than Kate in the long run.

In all actuality, she was not merely an English teacher, she was also a darach, a former emissary who had been betrayed by her ex-girlfriend and former pack. Apparently, from what Derek could gather, her plan was to siphon off as much energy from him and his family as she could, conspiring to conduct a series of sacrifices to revitalize her own power enough so she could exact revenge on her former pack.

It was all very convoluted and downright crazy, like something out of a bad Syfy original movie Peter always insisted on watching for the sole purpose of verbally ripping them apart, pointing out plot holes and awful dialogue. Again, luckily, they had discovered her devious little plot before she could lay a finger on a single virgin, shooing her out of their territory after relieving her of the last remainders of her power.

After all of that, Derek had completely sworn off any sort of romantic relationships, along with any sexual relationships, vehemently refusing to join any dating sites or pick up a one night stand like Laura and Erica insisted he do. With his luck, he would probably end up sleeping with a succubus, or an incubus as he had officially announced that he was bisexual shortly after graduating high school, after the whole Kate debacle.

Instead, he dedicated all of his time and energy to his family and his career, pouring all of himself, body and soul, into his new job at Beacon University, teaching History 135: Native American and Indigenous Peoples. And while he loved his job with all his heart, and his family even more so, he had to admit that sometimes he did long for a partner.

He longed for someone to curl up on the couch with after a long day, wrapped up in a warm blanket as they cuddled by the fireplace. He longed for someone to come home to after a long day of teaching and grading papers, someone to greet him with a quick kiss and a, “How was your day?”

He wanted someone he could bring home to meet his family, someone both of his parents could interrogate about their intentions with him, putting the fear of the moon into them. He wanted someone he could rely on to always be there for him, through thick and thin, through good times and bad.

He wanted someone he could wake up to on mornings like this.

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A/N: Just a little something. Maybe even a prediction…

Warnings: Violent content

“And, what does the defendant plead?”

“Guilty, your honour. The defendant has agreed to a plea bargain which was arranged with the district attorney.”

“The stipulations of which are?”

“The defendant has agreed to plead guilty to all charges and co-operate fully with the authorities under the proviso that he be remanded in the custody of a federal facility such as his previous.”

“Very well,” said the judge as she shuffled in her seat. The courtroom was silent with every member of the BAU sitting on the edge of their seat awaiting the next few sentences; their breaths held deep. “Mr. Lewis, do you have anything else to add?”

Standing beside the defence attorney was a well dressed Peter Lewis, a man who had put the team through untold trauma and had been brought forward after giving himself up in a small town in Vermont. There was an unnerving smile pasted across the serial killer’s face as if he still held onto victory in his mind.

“No, your honour,” he answered after a long pause.

“I just have to ask,” said the judge, leaning forward in her seat. “Why hand yourself in when you were so far out of sight?”

“Not sure,” he answered, shrugging. “I guess I’ve done everything I’d set out to.”

The judge sat back in her seat, partly hoping that she would not be the one asked to go through any testimonials by the sociopath that sat before her. The only real thing she wanted was him out of her courtroom.

“Then, I hereby sentence you to life in prison without parole; as set out by the plea bargain. The FBI Supervisory Special Agent that had been the subject and victim of your crimes will be released and exonerated.” The judge lifted her gabble and slammed it down against the sound block.

As the officials went about their duties in incarcerating Peter Lewis, the members of the BAU released their held breaths, turning to each other in joyful tears. Garcia threw her arms around Alvez, letting her tears soak into the collar of his jacket. JJ and Emily let their heads fall into their hands as the stress fell away while Tara leant forward and patted a disbelieving Rossi. It was over. Spencer was coming home.

His hand hovered at the handle, a strange nervousness taking over his body as he stood in front of his own door. Spencer knew that the space beyond the wooden frame was home, safety, his sanctuary, but it didn’t seem to help. It wasn’t till Emily’s hand rested reassuringly on his shoulder that he gained the courage to take hold of the door knob.

As the door swung open, there was a sound of young jubilation. Once open, Spencer looked into his apartment to see JJ, the boys and his mother sitting in the living room. The boys jumped to their feet and ran forward, thudding into Spencer’s midriff as they hugged him tightly. A myriad of smiles lit the room, a moment of true joy unfolding.

“Hey, hey,” greeted Spencer, wrapping an arm around each of JJ’s sons.

“Hi!” exclaimed JJ as she stood and moved toward him. A long hug seemed to be exactly what he needed, but as the embrace released, his eye’s shifted across to the person in the room that mattered the most.

“Mom,” whimpered Spencer, tears welling in his eyes. Diana’s hands came together at the tip of her nose, overwhelmed with emotion while her son moved towards her; free at last.

“Spencer,” she replied, standing as he approached.

“How are you doing?” he asked, making her laugh and wave away the question.

“Your friends have been amazing,” she answered, smiling to the two agents. “I’m just glad to have you back.”

The emotions ran high for the whole of the afternoon as Spencer caught up on how the team were doing, how his mom had been doing and how Henry and Michael had been doing too. Everything seemed to be small talk but it was a simple thing that they’d all missed enjoying. After what only seemed like minutes, but had actually been hours, JJ stood, calling her boys to her to go home to bed. Two disappointed young boys followed their mom to the door and waited while she and Emily said their goodbyes, relieved that Spencer was home.

“Don’t worry about coming back too soon,” said Emily, standing in the doorway.

“Won’t there be a review?” asked Spencer. “I broke policy.”

“Let me worry about that,” she replied.

“Thank you,” he whispered. “For everything.”

“Don’t worry about it,” she said, placing a hand on his upper arm and smiling. Spencer nodded, his lips pursing as he held back his emotions. As Emily pulled away, the young doctor pushed the door closed, leaning on it as the latch clicked.

“Com’ere,” came his mother’s voice from behind him. As Spencer turned, he was greeted by the warm sight of his mother’s smile. “I’m so proud of you,” she continued as he moved toward her and opened his arms. “And I want you to know…”

Suddenly, there was a sharp pain, like he’d been punched in the stomach. Looking down, his eyes were met by his mother’s arm and the kitchen knife which was buried into his middle. The blood quickly seeped into his shirt as he gasped, the panic causing his heart to race and pump more blood to the wound. “…Mr. Scratch sends his regards.”

Spencer looked up to see the anger in his mother’s eyes, unable to speak, unable to think. All he could do was stand there as she yanked out the blade and slashed at his throat. There was blood everywhere. Spencer gargled and his hands held his throat but there was no stopping the inevitable. The knife clattered to the floor at Diana’s feet and the anger faded, like a switch had been turned off. All she could do was scream as she dropped to her knees to try and help her son as his life poured away onto the floor.

Miles away, sitting on a bus as it headed toward the federal psychiatric prison, Peter Lewis sat on his own, still smiling as he had ever since he’d left the courtroom.