life with themax

Do you ever superimpose fictional character traits with people you know? Like, really tiny things.

Like, did my friend tell this joke, or was is a line from a character I associate with them? Do they have that hat or was a character wearing it in the background of a shot?

I just don’t know.

I have no concept of individuality or interpersonal identification. ¯\_(ツ)_/¯

Pls like my selfie.

(Anyway, this is your annual reminder that I’m a real person and I now have cool hair and a beard. Also if we are mutuals you should post a selfie because I bet you are all looking real cute and everyone on my dash has been posting selfies.)

  • Me: Shivering even when covered by multiple blankets. Falling asleep in unusual places and times. Has low heartbeat.
  • Me: ...
  • Me: In no way shape or form could this ever have anything to do with my chronic health problems, that as insane allegation

Do you ever have moments where suddenly, out of the blue, a person catches your eyes like something shiny in your peripherals. And you could have known the person for years or months or never even met them, but you suddenly and irresistibly fall in love with some tiny detail about them, a freckle, a smile, an awkward fumble.

But then the moment passes, and you shake yourself out of your daydreams and go back to your math homework or your coffee. But every now and then you see that detail again, and briefly you think, “I could have loved you.”

anonymous asked:

Tell us about college bro I'm kinda curious

College. It’s a strange place. You put 900 legal adults in a building together and make them live together and learn together and it is crazy and fun. You learn how to be a better person, how to be aware of your language and the world around you, even if you already knew that. You learn how to grind ‘herbs’ and pour shots and clean up puke. You learn how to flirt, and how not to flirt. You learn that some people’s roommates are their enemies, and you learn that your roommate is one of your best friends. 

I’ve taken a homeless man out to dinner. I’ve flirted with so many people. I’ve gotten hickies so big  and that lasted so long, that “shark attack” has become a euphemism. I’ve routinely had lunch with my professors. I’ve written long papers about social issues and scientific breakthroughs. I’ve learned to trust my gut instinct about men who don’t respect (women’s) social cues. I’ve learned that all I want in life is a warm body to sleep next to. And a dog to pet at least once a week. I’ve jammed to indie music while high on life at 3AM and I’ve had panic attacks at 3AM as well. I’ve cut up french poetry books to hide dildos in them for a movie. I’ve edited, produced, art assisted, written, all for movies. I’ve eaten popcorn for every meal at least once. I (and just about my entire hall) have had the joy of pretending not to hear my neighborhood loudly have sex against our shared wall. I’ve made new friends in strange ways. I’ve become more confident about my sexuality (or lack thereof of label). I’ve learned that I dance like a white dad on a stripper pole. 

College is about learning to life live as yourself and as authentically as possible. It is about having training wheels on the ride of life. It is about eating good food and bad food and 2AM Pizza House free milkshakes. 

So. I loosely identify as a Unitarian Universalist, which is basically just a religious created around not being a dick and believing in whatever you want to believe in, and that if you happen to believe in a heaven, then everyone gets to go to the big party in the sky (I know, it’s pretty rad).

Today I successfully pranked a friend into believing that every time I act like a dick, my religion mandates that I have to plant a tree and smoke a joint.