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Whoniverse: Class - 18/? times there’s more to Miss Quill than meets the eye. (1x07)

Miss Quill is cracking jokes and being sarcastic, but thediscomfort is radiating off of her.  She may be used to having no control over her life, but she still has her knowledge.  Here, however, she has two people who more about her than she knows about them.  And they are making demands of her—not just demands to act, but demands to share some of her most personal thoughts and memories.  

Then, as she starts talking about her mother and the Quill, she becomes defensive and braces herself for attack.  It’s painfully clear that she has repeatedly seen her culture and the fundamental traditions of her people attacked.

There, in that moment, no one is attacking her.  There is only Dorothea gleefully getting confirmation of her zoological thinking about the Quill species, but that is more of a fascination than an attack.  Yet Miss Quill responds to her as if she is, because she has spent her entire life having the Rhodians judging—and no doubt condemning—the ways of her people.  Even the words she uses “contemptible” and “not medically necessary”, aren’t her own—they are Rhodian words.  Words that have been said to her (and her people) so many times that they have forced their way into her lexicon.  Words that attacked not only the traditions of her people, but a fundamental piece of her sense of self.

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Safe and Sound

Daryl Dixon Imagine

After you get left behind by Father Gabriel Daryl goes on a rampage to rescue you.

word count: 1557

“Where is she?!” Daryl looked everyone up and down, but one after another he only found regret and sadness in their faces. “Just tell me already. Where the fuck is she?! You…”, he furiously pointed at Gabriel, who looked utterly surprised by Daryl’s outbreak. “She was with you. What have you done?!” He took a few steps towards Gabriel ready to jump at his throat if he said anything unpleasant. But before he was close enough to do so he felt a hand against his chest holding him back. “Daryl, listen…” Rick tried to speak as calm as he could knowing that just one wrong word could make Daryl go berserk at this point. “It isn’t anyone’s fault. There were too many of them, we had to get out.”
“He didn’t see her die.. Did you?!”, Daryl glared at Gabriel who nervously shook his head.
“See!”, Daryl turned back to Rick. “We have to go back and find her. She could be alive.”
“But that would put everyone in danger. I can’t risk everyone’s lives for her.”
“You can’t. But I can sure as hell risk mine.” His frustration was slowly turning into anger.
“Daryl, I can’t let you do that. We need you here.”
“She’s my girl. I ain’t leavin’ her behind for no one.”
“Daryl…” Rick tried to hold him back once again only to find himself almost punched in the face by Daryl.
“You don’t wanna help her, fine. But don’t you dare try to stop me”, Daryl growled angrily before quickly heading for the door that hopefully would lead him back to her. The huge storage hall was heavily crowded with Walkers. The chances were little, but he nevertheless rushed right into the horde, fighting off one Walker after another desperately screaming her name even if he knew better than to run into a bunch of Walkers screaming at the top of his lungs.
He was suffused with relieve when he finally found her, when he found that his screams had kept the Walkers away from her giving him time to fight his way through the crowd.

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Oh Pookie, My Pookie

The thing that first struck me about this scene as I watched Carol essentially lead Daryl away from the breakfast nook, was the distinct change in their body language towards each other and their immediate environment. 

Especially with Carol. 

There was such confident ease and fluidity to her movements as she strutted a few steps ahead of Daryl, which oozed with a sense of comfortable authority and determined purpose in whatever goal happened to be ahead of her. 

She held herself as a leader does but her natural kindness and openness identified her as the heart of this community and a woman embracing her power as opposed to someone merely forcing it on others. 

Daryl Dixons body language has always been a tad bit more relaxed around Carol and this scene propelled that confirmation significantly. He follows her but not in any kind of submissive way because even though she is a few steps ahead of him, their stride matches, they almost mirror one another’s movements and thereby you get a sense of equality in their dynamic. 

Once they reach the fence, they stand close together - practically touching - and the banter between them feels very much like a married couple checking in with each other about the events of the upcoming day. 

She tells him about the walker problem and what needs fixing while he responds by telling her that he already has a full day of “chores” ahead of him.

She teases him about being sorry to add to his already long ‘to-do’ list and he playfully scoffs at her, as if to point out that she does it everyday and he always gets it done anyways. 

She cocks her head, bats her eye lashes, and playfully exclaims “Sorry, pookie.” 

As if to say, “I wish I had better things to tell you but we gotta make the best of it together….dear!” 

He, on the other hand, did the usual double take “Don’t start with me - you know I am not good at this”, and added the signature Daryl snort “Pfft” with a playful elbow nudge and a half-smirk. 

As he walks away you can see him fighting a grin and she widens her own smirk and looks positively pleased with herself - “Ha, I got him again!” 

The best part is that the ease with which their interaction flowed and just how comfortable they were with each other, even physically, indicates that this is most likely not an isolated event. 

Daryl doesn’t shy away physically from Carol and in fact is the one initiating the touch itself, to which she appears completely nonchalant and un-surprised. 

This was normal for them now. 

Daryl still does a double-take to her playful flirting but no longer looks as ‘shocked’ and unprepared when she does it - the wonder and the chemistry is still very much there AND she does still manage to fluster him with the teasing routine. 

The question “Is she serious about this…” is still palpable but the proximity to answering it has gotten closer and more attainable than ever before. 

They still need more time (damn!) 

Ultimately the “Pookie” scene was obviously not set up or written to show that Carol and Daryl are suitable as 'bed buddies’ or that they want to be. NOPE

This was about showing a relationship between two people who unapologetically understand and care about each other and are exploring different ways they can express that connection and its depth.

It was about showing that they are partners, friends, confidants, allieswho LOVE each other and are (gasp) able to tease and flirt their way towards growing that LOVE. 

It’s not that they want to be bed buddies BUT that they could be…because everything needed for that is already there between them.

So one day, many years ago, I was part of a chat-room-forum-roleplay-group-thingy.  It was this little close-knit community that had all kinds of little activities.  They had a superlative vote going on at one point, and I noticed one of the guys I usually talked to a lot got votes for ‘most eligible bachelor.’

And I thought to myself; damn, he is.  So, being a fifteen-year-old goofball, I decided I was going to make my move.  I had figured I’d just dance around it and be all coy and reel him in.

One sentence into my devious plan, Richard and I hooked up.  Thirteen years later and we’re living together and married.

So mission accomplished.  Happy Dating Anniversary, Richard.