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i really like how they never made steve question the amazons in that ‘what the fuck, you are women and you fight??? this is absurd’’ way like he never really cared they were women he was just ??? at what they were exactly, where they were and how they spoke english so well but in the exact same way he would’ve done if he found an isolated magic island full of dudes instead. the concept of powerful women wasn’t weird for him at all and im just so glad bc that is a guy diana could actually like and the audience can support. you just know in other hands cough *joss whedon* cough this would’ve gone the other way

I have every right to be obsessed with fictional couples given that I don't have a real one.

important things i noticed in my wonder woman rewatch:

1) the parallel between steve telling diana “i gotta go” the First time, immediately after she has her crisis moment of “they don’t deserve help” and all she does is shake her head at him and pull back while he runs // the Second time, immediately before he goes to fly the plane, and her response is, rather than shaking her head, an impassioned “whatever it is, I can do it!” whilst grabbing his hands. it made me cry so idk just jot that down,

2) the moment immediately before that where she’s lying on the ground thrown back by the explosion and steve’s face & his bright eyes appear in the screen above her as a direct parallel to the scene where she found him on the beach at the beginning. that also made me cry, so jot that down too,

3) the rest of the squad – sammy, charlie, and chief – were all “fighting their own battles”, like sameer says in that one point. but what i found really heartwarming was the realization that each of them had a sort of mini-victory against the thing they were struggling with; charlie when he realized through diana’s “but who will sing for us?” that he was so much more than his mental illness; sammy in the opportunity he had to crank up the ActingTM to 20 and use that skill to help their heroic mission; and chief in his use of traditional smoke signals to let diana and steve know where ludendorff was. they were very, very small victories, but victories none the less, and also made me cry, so, really, jot that down,

4) watching it a second time really did nothing to curb the reality which was my ass sitting in the theater w my eyes full of tears for pretty much 80% of the movie