life with mewtwo

It’s the circle of pieeeee(fe)!

Sorta a mini group pic yay :D












Oh and I also (tried) to imitate the style of the blogs a bit :3

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“Sam, what the fuck. I already put a lure there, why would you waste yours?”
“I’m sorry mr. Icey Pokemon master I didn’t realize. You can back your ass up because I introduced you to this game.”
“Clint I swear to god, stop beating me in my own goddamn gym! It’s my tower!”
“Stop your whining, Tony. You’re just mad because he has a Vulpix and you don’t.”
“But Vulpix is my favorite, Nat! My FAVORITE.”
“Anyone want to go to the pier? Someone tweeted that there’s a squirtle down there.”
“Steve, I told you, Squirtles are lame.”
“What the…? Bye guys, I’m going to LA!”
“Why?? Tony?”
“There’s a Mewtwo…”
“Holy shit guys avengers assemble”

there have been a lot of jokes and stuff about pokemon go but i don’t think we’ve even fathomed its entire potential yet. this means that in the future there could be ACTUAL pokemon gyms that people get paid to run and a REAL “pokemon champion” who has traveled the world and battled countless people and then before we know it years from now Game Freak will have actually created life and then Mewtwo will kill us all and that’s exactly how i wanna go down.