life with la toya


La Toya and Katherine Jackson were on their way to Europe.

“Before we left, Michael handed me an envelope.

´Here,´ he said, smiling. ´Give this to Mother when the plane is up in the air, okay?´…Once airborne, I took the envelope from my bag and handed it to her.

´Mother, this is for you, from Mike.´

´For me?´ she asked, surprised…Inside was $10,000 in cash and a piece of paper on which Michael had written the lyrics to one of her favorite songs, ´Moon River’. Two drifters off to see the world, there’s such a lot of world to see.

Tears welled in our eyes. Please enjoy yourself, a note inside said, Don’t hesitate to do anything. Just go for it. It’s your life, Enjoy it. Love, Michael.” ~According to La Toya Jackson

Someone gave La Toya Jackson a show, and it might be the best new reality show this spring, next to Ryan Lochte’s hot mess.