life with derek reunion

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I'm just really disgusted bc they baited Sterek shippers, and now how they're ending it is like a circle-Stiles pined after Lydia and now they're having Lydia going after Stiles. It's like a circle and Stydia gets the happy ending.

But think of it this way: by Sterek not actually going canon, we avoided that horribly slapdash clusterfuck of a romance that the writers insist was just an incredibly slow burn that was planned all along! 

Now we can carry on with our actually well written fics where Stiles and Lydia briefly date, realize they really are better off as friends after all, and continue to have a kickass friendship of solving crimes, because you know Stiles is going to encounter some crazy FBI case and have to call in Lydia Martin, PhD as a consultant.

Probably a case where Derek gets a murder pinned on him again, let’s be honest, his bad luck with the law will probably follow him for the rest of his life. Then we get the big reunion where Stiles and Derek simultaneously realize how well the other has aged in the last, like eight years, and all this conflict of interest on Stiles’ part as he tries to prove Derek’s innocence without letting the werewolf out of the bag. Or revealing how well they really know each other, because if people knew, Stiles would definitely be taken off the case, but then Derek would definitely go to prison.

Peter can make a sassy appearance, Derek will drool over Stiles in his FBI agent suit, Stiles will drool over Derek’s fake glasses, Lydia will call them morons and call Scott to complain about the sexual tension.

Or, Stiles misuses his FBI resources to track down Derek and possibly calls him after days of very little sleep on a case because he’s exhausted and a little loopy and his impulse control is zilch and he’s really curious what happened to the guy. And then they just keep calling each other until eventually one of them can’t take it and hops on a plane in the middle of the night and shows up at the other’s door with a bag of, like, McDonald’s hashbrowns because it’s 4am and nothing else was open. 

But anyway–this show has honestly become so ridiculous that the farther away Sterek is from the writers’ hands, the better. Dodged that horribly forced bullet!