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the wolves have come again (pt. 1)

I’ve been messing around with this for a while.  There’s quite a bit more than this, so I’ll post it in parts.  Let me know what you think.

The people of the North watch their new royal family with keen eyes, particularly Sansa Stark.

People used to say she had the same coloring of her mother: red Tully hair and blue Tully eyes.  Now they say that she has the coloring of the weirwood trees.  Skin as pale as its white bark, hair the same fiery red as its leaves.  Even her expression resembles its face sometimes, but for the tears of sap.  Sansa Stark never cries, not anymore.

Some of the servants talk about how she spends hours and hours sitting underneath its great branches, closes her eyes and listens to the wind glide through its leaves.  It’s the only time she smiles, they say, other than when she’s with her brother Jon.

Then Brandon Stark comes back, with Meera Reed in tow, and it makes sense.

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i’m  so  over  the  Jon  /  Dany  saving  Westeros  stuff.  &  getting  married  &  being  the  ultimate  heroes  &  king  &  queen  &  happily  ever  after.  the  quote  if  you  think  this  has  a  happy  ending,  you’ve  obviously  not  been  paying  attention  comes  to  mind??

but  then,  it  is  d&d  so—   all  complexity  filters  away. 

i  don’t  hate  Daenerys  or  Jon  at  all.  they’re  great.  in  fact,  i  especially  love  Jon   (   largely  thanks  to  brilliant  RPers  on  here.  )      but  it’s  the  ultimate  cliche.  it’s  too  obvious.  it  plays  into  every  trope  out  there.  personally,  i  also  don’t  think  their  personalities  gel  but  that’s  a  shipper’s  personal  choice.  but  mostly——    i’d  question  why  anyone  would  want  that  outcome.  it’s  boring.  isn’t  that  the  ultimate  sin? 

book  wise,  also,  it  goes  against  everything  George  speaks  about,  teaches  &  has  followed so  far. 

i’m  not  gonna  hate  on  anyone  for  RPing  it  or  wanting  it,  that’s  not  my  business  at  all!    but  hell,  if  it  actually  happens.  i’m  gonna’  be  unsatisfied.

lightening fast arya/bran parallels just cause 

  • the best and most talented stark skinchangers
  • darkness will make you strong~
  • hang out with creepy secret societies/races  
  • old nan’s stories are super important to them
  • hero’s journey
  • *that are very dangerous without food or shelter ect
  • spy!kids (via cats trees and good old fashion eaves dropping) 
  • The Sight (arya’s true seeing and brans third eye)
  • mama’s boy / daddy’s girl
  • knight / water dancer 
  • befriend the children of their fathers bffs 
  • and the smallfolk 
  • the old gods <3 them
  • disillusioned w/ life by day two (bran by his fall arya by the trident) 
  • hate feeling helpless 
  • neds lessons™ 
  • beautiful magical nature babies 

cle-guy  asked:

How does Asha and Theon get back to the Iron Islands to set them to rights? Or does this happen after ADOS?

(TWOW spoilers)

At the end of Theon’s released TWOW chapter, Bloodraven (via bird) was positively thrilled with the idea of Stannis and Theon trekking out to the local weirwood, while Bran (also via bird) kept calling to Theon, just as he did at the Winterfell heart tree. Which seems practically like a guarantee that the greenseers will be speaking to the one true king and his captive from said weirwood. (Let’s all pause for a second to imagine the look on Stannis’ face when this happens. If you thought talking birds interrupting you was bad, your Grace, wait ‘til it’s a tree…)  

I think both Bran and Bloodraven will intercede to spare Theon’s life: Bran out of pity, Bloodraven out of a hope that Theon can be useful against BR’s rogue protege Euron. If there’s anything that might stay the Northerners’ hands where the Turncloak is concerned, it’s their prince speaking from the font of their religion.

So that’s how they make it out of the frying pan; as for how they get home, I think the long-missing Dagmer Cleftjaw might prove the key, though I still think it’s noteworthy that Tycho Nestoris ransomed Asha’s men and seemed quite pleased to meet her. 

shoutout to meera reed bc i would’ve fuckin ran for my life and left bran with the white walkers but homegirl carried bran through the snow while being chased by the got zombies even if that meant like a .000000000000000001% chance of survival and when the white walkers caught up to them, u know what she did she fucking shielded his body with hers so yep she is underappreciated queen and just wow i need friends like the reeds in my life

*Sansa finds safety with Brienne and Pod*

*Rickon and Osha are handed to Ramsey*

*Shaggydog is (most-likely) dead*

*Sansa and Jon reunite*

*Osha Dies*

*Bran is touched by the Nights King*

*Summer Dies*

*Hodor goes through a traumatic experience in the past and in the present is more than likely dead*

*Bran and Meera are now totally alone north of the wall being hunted by the Others*

Can I just ask, if Jon and Sansa successfully take back Winterfell, what the fuck is the price going to be?


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“I’ve found him.” The familiar voice warned you that someone else had invaded your dreams.

“Jojen Reed, I told you to stay away from my dreams.” You muttered turning to look at the boy who was sporting his usual cocky smirk.


“Yes but in exchange for your help when I found the boy, which I have.” He smiled to himself as he walked away knowing you would keep your word once you’d woken.


Your head tilted as you looked towards the small group that were approaching you, each looking at you as if they stored their own suspicions about you, all but the smaller boy and the Reeds who smiled as if they knew you well.


“I see you kept your word.” Jojen muttered. You ignored him and stepped towards the boy, a simple bow of the head was all it took for the Dire – Wolves to let you pass and approach Jojen’s protégée.


“You are Brandon Stark.” It wasn’t a question rather a confirmation of something you already knew. He nodded his eyes wide as he looked up at you but found his mouth was dry and he couldn’t speak.


“She has that effect on everyone… it’ll pass,” Meera commented from over your shoulder.


“With a dress like that she won’t live long enough for ‘im to get over it.” Osha muttered as she took Rickon’s hand.

“She doesn’t feel the cold.” Jojen muttered finding the amusement in your arrival. Bran’s mouth fell open at Jojen’s words, Rickon’s curiosity was peaked and he turned to look at you.


“Why what’s wrong with her?” Rickon asked quickly.


“There’s nothing wrong with me, I make the air around me warmer so that I’m never to cold or too hot.” You muttered. Bran’s eyes returned to you as you fell in step with Meera.


“Do you know Meera and Jojen?” Bran asked quickly.

“Yes unfortunately.” You said with a smile, he smiled back, and glanced at Jojen who rolled his eyes.


A cold wind settled over the small clearing Osha had deemed acceptable for the group to settle down in, Hodor tried to keep the wind from claiming the fire Osha and Meera had built but to no avail.

“Here.” You muttered and stood from your solitary seat against a tree and crouched next to Bran who had been huddled next to the fire, he watched in awe as your eyes turned a fiery orange and before h knew it the fire sparked back to life.

“Woah… that was impressive…” Bran gasped. You smiled and blushed slightly at his comment but attempted to ignore it, Osha eyed you carefully but said nothing as you returned to your original position.


The day’s pass and with each one your bond with Bran grew, it had become customary for you to light the fire each night, you and Jojen would talk for hours with Bran despite Osha’s objections.



“You know she likes you… you can talk to her.” Jojen muttered to Bran who was staring at you as you laughed and played with Rickon and Shaggy Dog.


“I… I’m not sure… I can… not on my own.” Bran stuttered. Jojen chuckled and watched as you waved at Bran causing a bright red flush to fill his cheeks.

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you know what i really want? a theon and bran reunion. maybe not even in person. maybe theon finally makes the right choice and bran is watching (my omnipresent angel). theon does something to protect robb’s legacy (till my last day) and bran sees. idk my heart would just explode. they already have such a complicated relationship - theon saved bran’s life, theon ruined bran’s life. i just want to see where this arc goes.

Poor Bran

I don’t know why you all hate Bran for what happened last episode.
But If you hate him,fine. But think about this:

Imagine how terrified he will be after he came back from “warging”. When he realise that his friends,his direwolf,his mentor and his protector died for him,to protect him. He will be already scared for how strong his power is and how much he can do. He is chosen one,the strongest one but he doesn’t know how to control it yet. So he will be scared for this as well. Then he find out that he DESTROYED Hodor/Wyllis’s life. How would you feel if you find out that you traumatized your friend,loyal servant for The rest of his life?
It’s too much on Bran. He made mistakes but this one caused the most and he will be not okay.

Also,in promo for next episode he cries and saying I’m so sorry. If you still hate him,you are horrible. Just listen how heartbroken he is,how guilty he probably feels and how scared he is.

the smallest words (fma, 1/3)

Based on one of my headcanons that I came up with about Aidan, I was literally unable to stop myself from writing this. In fact, the problem became that I wanted to write so much that it turned into a two parter, which I think works better. This was so much fun. I had a blast getting into Aidan’s mind, especially about something that had to be confusing as hell. There are a few references to an article from my Hamilton-inspired fic “Hightlights” as well. This is seriously one of the angstiest things I’ve ever written, but listen, this fourteen year-old boy has got some shit going on. I loved writing from Aidan’s perspective. It was fun to see Riza and Roy from such a different view. The Havolina kids, Bran and Ally, belong to the brilliant stupidsexymustang, of course! Love them and her! Talking to her helped inspire me to write this.

we’ll give the world to you
the smallest words

People have treated him differently for his entire life. Bran says that he should be used to it by now, but Aidan can’t help but feel uncomfortable when people give him strange looks. It’s been like this for as long as he can remember, but then he does have a weird life. Not everyone can say that they’re the Fuhrer’s son. According to history, the Fuhrer before his great grandfather, King Bradley, had a son named Selim. Aidan wonders how he fared, being the son of the most important man in the country, if it made him feel like he was removed from everyone else or if he liked the attention that it garnered him.

Aidan decidedly doesn’t like it. His mom doesn’t either. They share that in common. His father, on the other hand, seems to glow in the spotlight. Aidan only likes the spotlight when it’s of his own choice and most of the time, what with who his parents are, it’s not. But this has been his life for so long. His parents are famous in Amestris for a lot of things. He’s their son. It’s only natural that people are curious about him.

He can only remember flashes of his life before his parents were married, but most of them only involve his mom. She’s always the constant in his memories of his earliest years. His mom hugging him, his mom smiling that secret smile of hers, his mom wrapping her body around his protectively when he crawled into bed with her and she was alone, his mom telling him how brave, strong, smart, kind he was. There are flashes of his dad here and there - letting Aidan sit on his lap in the car and pretend to drive, the flames he’d create while telling a dramatic story, the way he’d try to sneak up on his mom and always got caught.

But what Aidan mostly remembers about his father during the time before his parents married was his distance. It was almost desperate adoration in private and then a cold detachment in public. He did not hold Aidan. He did not take care of him when he tripped and fell. He smiled and made jokes, but they were the kind of interactions one did with their friend’s kid. His mom tried to make it a game, so when he always called his dad by the “correct” name, he got a treat or a little gift, like it was a prize.

“Congrats! You’re only three, but you didn’t make the mistake of calling out ‘Dad’ in public!”

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Do👏🏻not👏🏻romanticize👏🏻Littlefinger's👏🏻emotional👏🏻manipulation👏🏻and👏🏻abuse👏🏻of👏🏻Sansa👏🏻Stark👏🏻. It is not romantic. He does not love her. He desires her, and he desires her claim to Winterfell. This goes for both the show and the book. I have seen too many posts shipping them together, and it’s upsetting. Petyr Baelish is a villain, and he is one of the worst kinds. Unlike Ramsay or Joffrey, Littlefinger knows how to manipulate and use people to his advantage. He is strategic, he is charismatic, and he is charming when he wants to be, but that does not make him misunderstood. He is responsible for THE DEATH OF SANSA’S FATHER. He tricked her father into trusting him and it cost Ned his life and Sansa her protection at court. He is also responsible for the attempt on the life of Bran in book/season 1, and for the death of Jon Arryn which is what dragged the Stark’s into this whole mess anyway. In the books and the show Baelish uses Sansa’s freedom to control her. His sexual and romantic advances in both the book and the show are not okay. There is no room for Sansa to say no or reject him because he is her only ally and he knows it. If she angers him he can turn her back over to Cersei. Coercion is not love. Manipulation is not love. In the books Baelish essentially sells Jeyne Poole into sex slavery, then allows the Lannisters to sell her to the Boltons to face more torture at the hands of Ramsay as “Arya”. In the show, he essentially sells Sansa to Ramsay FUCKING Bolton, who rapes and tortures her and he just leaves her there to face it alone, then comes back when she appears to be of use to him again. Littlefinger is amassing land and power. He now has both Harrenhal as a foothold in the riverlands and the Eyrie. If he has Sansa under his power or even marries her, he also has Winterfell, which is major if he’s plotting to take over the Seven Kingdoms. She is a means to an end and he has showed time and time again that he will throw her to monsters if it suits his purposes. Baelish is a man who preyed on a child experiencing horribly traumatic life events and he has done so with no real remorse. He does so to get both the power he wants and because Sansa reminds him of her mother, another woman he desired, but couldn’t have. And I say desired, again, not loved, seeing as Baelish publicly slandered Catelyn all over King’s Landing before the Starks show up there and participates in the deaths and attempted murders of her family. Baelish is a villain. He is an interesting villain and a well written character, but DO NOT ROMANTICIZE ABUSE.