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Darren Criss & Lea Michele - “Lost Boys Life”

okay, i’ve never posted this video on my tumblr, but right now is as good as anytime. this was back in early February i believe.

Okay so, apparently Diggs was in my city (Vegas) for a conference and stayed at the hotel that my dad works at - the Bellagio.
Now, my dad is a mini bar attendant there, which means he goes up to rooms and checks on alcohol, coffee, etc.
So he’s called up to this vacant room, and the person says “Come in !!”
And so he walks in, and he told the guy that he was just here to check on his alcohol and coffee. The guy goes “That’s fine, just give me a sec !” (or something like that)
And so while my dad was checking everything, the guy comes out, just buckling up his pants because he just finished taking a shower (can you IMAGINE - seeing him shirtless. IN THE FLESH. my dad said he’s still ripped. i mean. duh. when isn’t he ?¿ he better not stop being ripped tbh. oh wait, back to the stORY,,)
So my dad turns around.
Then the guy turns around.
Then gives him a smile.
Mind you, my dad’s also a fan of Diggs and Rafa, so he had to take a double take to realize that THIS was the dude.
Then my dad goes, “Hey, you’re Daveed Diggs !”
And then Daveed goes, “Yeah, man !” with THAT bright, big smile on his face (YOU KNOW THE ONE.)
Now, Daveed (and some of the obc probably) doesn’t really like to talk about Hamilton (which is understandable, I relate), so BLESS that my dad said “Yeah, my daughter’s a real big fan of you and Rafael’s music !” because then my dad told me that his eyes LIT. UP.
I would’ve died there.
And my dad told him that I’m corresponding with Rafa on some stuff and he tried to pull up my cover of his song, “Needle”, which was the first track that he emailed me so that I could cover it.
It couldn’t load, but nonetheless, now he knows I can sing (and hopefully soon, knows I rap), and that’s more than enough.
Now, at his work, whenever you come into contact with someone famous, you can’t get take a picture or a video with them, because then you could be in trouble.
But my dad also knew how much this meant to me.
So he decided ‘fuck it’ and asked Daveed if he could take a video or picture with him.
Daveed, being the sweet and nice person he is, said “Yeah, of course ! Let me just get a shirt on real quick” (oh, daveed. I’d still be happy even if you didn’t have your shirt on haha.)
((bonus ; Daveed told my dad that he told Rafa and everyone to come to Vegas but they couldn’t. My dad said “Could you imagine if I got them in the same video ?? How cool would that be ???”))
so yeah. there’s the story of how i died one day because of THE Daveed Diggs.
s/o to Diggs, and to my dad, for being the realest and taking one for the team.
i’ve always wondered what my name would sound like if Daveed said it. AND NOW I FINALLY KNOW.
i’m asking my friend to make the “Jazzy, what’s up ??” part into my ringtone.
i’m still so shook.
i’m never coming off of this high.


D.J. Cotrona as Sean Mathers in Windfall

“I just want to show up with the other lottery winners. You know, stop living my life in the shadows.” 

what she says: I’m fine

what she thinks: In 2015, Lin-Manuel Miranda, lyricist of In The Heights (©1999), wrote a musical titled Hamilton: an American Musical. This musical is about the life of the ten-dollar founding father Alexander Hamilton. Hamilton had two very important people in his life; Philip, his son; and John Laurens, his best(boy)friend. During casting for Hamilton, their choice for the double role of Philip and Laurens was the most PURE being on earth, Anthony Ramos. Coincidentally, these are the only two men in the play that DIE other and Alexander himself. Lin-Manuel, the linnamon roll, MURDERS Anthony Ramos, not once, but twice, every night. Not only were they harsh, but they were both, in a way, for Hamilton. Laurens died in South Carolina in the place where Hamilton put him in command. Philip died in a duel against George Eaker, a man who spoke ill of his father, so he challenged him to a duel. Anthony Ramos doesn’t deserve this. He is the most pure being in the entire universe and he doesn’t deserve two deaths a night. Save my son.

So that was episode 43! I don’t have a picture up above because I forgot to take one of the credits and I’m too lazy to go reopen the video. Deal with it.

This episode was incredible! The entire scene with Envy had such gorgeous and fluid animation, if I didn’t know better I would think I was watching a film, not just a standard ol’ TV episode! And then there was Doctor Marcoh, the clear MVP of the episode. He finally put his money where his mouth is and fought against the forces that controlled his life, and boy did he fight.

As far as the cast goes, Marcoh is particularly subdued and subtle. But even still, his personal arc has been very engaging up to this point, and it was fantastic to see him get a sort of redemption for the things he has done. I never would have guessed that he’d be the one to take down Envy.

It was absolutely cathartic to see what happened to Envy this episode. It was also very, very slimy and gross. Seriously, yuck.

From there, man! So many things happened! More Yoki shaming, touching farewells, a haunting ending, and a very exciting post-credits scene. I just… Man, this episode was great!

Keeping in mind that I rate episodes not by objective quality, but by my personal level of enjoyment… I rate episode 43 an 11/10. Fullmetal Alchemist: Brotherhood’s third to date.

See you with more FMA:B later!