life with a disability

How to get rid of any illness

-douche with green tea
-eat an entire jar of coconut oil everyday
-cut gluten,eggs,dairy,MSGs, meats, oxygen, and sugar out of your diet
-never stop doing yoga, you have to do it every second of your life. Sleep in downward dog, shower in warrior position, walk on your hands
-shove kale up your ass

And last, but not least
- just be happy all the time. You know, the only real disability in life is a bad attitude

fox-summers  asked:

hi! I just found your blog and I really love it!! I was wondering if I could get some advice? I'm going on vacation with my fiancé and friends soon. normally I use a cane, but for something like this, I don't know if that'll cut it. I've been thinking about a wheelchair, but a) they're expensive, b) I'm not diagnosed? and c) my parents don't support me enough to talk to them about it, so I'd have no where to keep it. do you know anything else I could use? thank you 💕

Hi! Thanks for the love. Congrats on your engagement, and we hope you have a super fun trip! Unfortunately, we’ve never really been in your situation, so we’re of no help. BUT we’re posting this to our followers, in case anyone wants to help out!

[3 Panel Illustrated Comic Titled “Service Dog” with Service being underlined.

Panel 1 Description: A woman is overhearing a conversation behind her between a family, while shopping for clothes with her service dog. The dog has a harness on it that reads “Do not touch”. Behind her a mother, father, and daughter are having a discussion. The father says “Aw look sweetie, a puppy!” The daughter responds “AWWWWWW”, as she looks at the dog with large excited eyes.

Panel 2 Description: The scene cuts to an areal view behind the parents, while their daughter is looking up at them in excitement. The father looks down at the child and says “I think it’s one of those blind dogs!” The daughter looks up at the mom with big eyes and asks “Can I pet it? PLEASE!!” The mother smiles and says “Yes! I’m sure the lady won’t notice if you pet it.”

Panel 3 Description: The woman with the service dog turns to the family and says “Yes I will, and F.Y.I., I can see and hear you.” The mother quickly ducks down behind a rack of clothes in embarrassment. The father turns his head to look away while muttering to himself “Uh, uh - What’s over here…”. The daughter shrugs in disappointment, with a frown she says “Dang it.”]

Never ever touch a service dog, especially without asking it’s owner for permission first!

Idea submitted by @etahreybased off their story about people invasively wanting to pet their service dog.

chronic illness terminology

health-deprecating: spoonie signature style of humor, necessary to cope with a life of illness, but that makes most healthy people really uncomfortable or respond with a sad face instead of laughing along with you which is really a buzzkill.

netflix and pills: a typical day off/ hang out sesh.

illnesia: when you have an invisible chronic illness and you tell healthy people about it but a week later they develop amnesia that they were ever told. repeat x infinity.

brainfrog: when your brains are so mushy that you can no make words? spell?? think??? ribbit????

grandma candies: this is what I call my chewable antacids, but it can be applied to many medications.

Add your own!

I was talking with an able-bodied person the other day about how it is often best for disabled people to put their worst-face forward during a health assessment and she asked, “Like fake being sicker than you are?” and I said, “No, like, DON’T fake being healthier than you are.”

Because, yeah, sure, you might be having a good day that day and want to show it off, but it could end up making you lose out on services you really need for being ‘too healthy’. Showing our best side is only showing one side and often is showing a side that is unsustainable for us. And then the salt on the wound will be that you have to spend the entire day after the assessment curled up in bed in misery, because you used every ounce of energy you have just making it through the assessment in the first place.

Disabled/Chronically ill people, as a group, are often taught by society to put their best-face forward. To put on our brave-faces. No, our healthy-faces. And not only is that not necessary for us to have to do, but it could end up losing us the help that we really do need.

Life for chronically ill people is hard. Stop and pause and breathe. It’s okay. You are okay. It’s okay to be angry or sad or bitter.

Know you’re not alone. You are loved. You are worthy. Your illness is not you, even if it affects you: you are strong, brave, and deserve good things.

[5 Panel Comic Strip Titled “Body Says No”.

Panel 1: A woman in a wheelchair is sitting at her desk. With a determined face, and her hands at her side, she says “Alright! Time to get all my work done!”. A speech bubble pops up from her wrist that says “A-hem”.

Panel 2: The woman looks down at her hand. Her hand has a face with a worried expression on it, and says “Oooh, sorry. That doesn’t really work for me today.” The woman responds with a shocked look on her face, “Aw, come on!”

Panel 3: The woman turns her attention to her shoulder, who now also has a face. The shoulder says with a tired expression “Yah, I’m feeling really achy today. So it’s a no for me too.” The woman flinches in pain and replies angrily “Seriously?!”

Panel 4: The shot angle changes to an above view of her back side. The woman’s butt also chimes in saying “Hey! I’m sore too you know!”

Panel 5. Setting change to the woman’s bedroom, she is lying down in bed. Her sister (also in a wheelchair) is parked beside her, and asks “Didn’t you have a lot to do today?”. The woman responds “…Yes… But my body said no.” while looking irritated.]

Some days our bodies just say no and there’s nothing we can do about it.

Unpopular Spoonie/DP Opinion

Service Animals and those with them should be state-recognized and identified somehow.
Whether it be like driver’s licensing or just a standard photo ID, animals and their owners need to have state registration of a discrete but simple kind.
Mark my Photo ID as “ADA Beneficiary” or “Accompanied by SA” or something. Offer holographic dog tags with registry emblem. Educate people about ADA and Service Animals.
I’m so tired of all the fake registries and people just buying their dog a vest to get to bring them into the mall or wherever.
Taking a badly behaved dog into a place and claiming it is a service dog and cannot be removed because you “need” it reflects badly on the disabled and accompanied community.
Taking a noisy, jumpy, nippy animal into a restaurant and getting huffy when you’re asked to leave because “it’s your right” while you feed your animal table scraps makes real, necessary Service Animals look like glorified pets, and degrades the reputation of the handlers.
Protect the Disabled and Accompanied community from the FEDERAL CRIMINALS committing FRAUD and make Service Animals state-certified.

[Illustration titled “Concerts”. Description: The back view of two girls in wheelchairs parked in handicapped seats, with a crowd of people standing in front of them blocking the view from the stage.]

Our usual view of the stage at concerts. EXCEPT that one time this AWESOME worker cleared the row in front of us so we could actually see!!

Donald Trump Is Going To Kill Me

I thought I was recovered from my drug-induced lupus erythematosus. I hadn’t had ANY symptoms (that couldn’t be easily attributed to my other illnesses) for like a month.

And then motherfucking Trump was elected and now I’ve got a rash on my face, swelling in my knees and ankles, a fever with flushing and hot flashes, and nothing else to pin any of it on. (For those who don’t know, that’s textbook Lupus symptoms.) Not to mention nearly all of my other symptoms of everything else I have are worse. I’m so stressed that my body started attacking itself. I can’t take this.

Meanwhile there are assholes who think I’m exaggerating and overreacting when I say I fear for my wellbeing and I’m desperate to get out of the country. He’s going to drop taxes so much that Social Security Disability Insurance is going to have to be cut from the federal budget along with the health insurance that comes with it. I’ll have no income and no health insurance to cover my 8 doctors and 16 medications that I need to live. And he won’t even try to fix it because he doesn’t give a fuck about disabled people. Need proof?

Donald Trump accused a reporter whom he had mocked of “using his disability to grandstand,” because he honestly thinks those who dare to be disabled in public must just want attention.
As a real estate developer, Trump’s properties have been sued several times for violating the ADA, when you can literally find out how to follow the ADA from Google in 30 minutes or less.
His website’s “issues” section does not provides any information on disability, special education, or relevant health care policy. “Our most vulnerable American citizens who can’t control the fact that they can’t work shouldn’t have to starve to death, die of exposure, or die of treatable diseases,” is not a controversial statement. All Republican presidents before him have supported that statement.
And when he does mention our issues, he writes shit like this in his books: “Then there’s the disability racket. Did you know that one out of every 20 people in America now claims disability? That adds up to $170 billion a year in disability checks. Between 2005 and 2009, it is estimated that $25 billion were eaten up in fraudulent Social Security Disability Insurance filings. On and on, scam after scam it goes; as always, taxpayers are the ones getting stiffed.”

Yeah, he literally thinks me having income and health insurance is a scam to taxpayers. And that’s literally all he has to say when it comes to disability policies. Still think I’m being melodramatic and overreacting? If the stress of this doesn’t literally kill me, Donald Trump will literally kill me.

If you voted for Donald Trump, you did this to me. You triggered a potentially life threatening illness that I was nearly completely recovered from. And now I’m going to take MONTHS trying to recover all over again. You are the reason I will barely be able to get out of bed, let alone leave my home, for this entire holiday season. And in the next 4-8 years, you might become responsible for my death. I hope you fucking know that.

Society acts as if the chronically ill are obligated to tell their medical information to anyone who asks. Even to your own mother. You are not. You are not obligated to tell anyone, everyone, even your own mother. You are not.

[Illustrated GIF of a girl in a wheelchair giving the middle finger, while inside an elevator, as the doors slowly close in front of her. The girl has a half up-half down ponytail hair style, with a sweater and choker necklace. She is smirking with her eyes closed while holding up the middle finger.]

To all those who don’t let disabled people enter elevators first… kindly stop doing that. Thanks!