life will be much better for you


Carnation: Is it really that bad there?

Helios: It’s not the worst… but my two best friends love each other, but can’t be together without getting hurt. And I’m going to be forced to marry some Peach boy that I hardly know. There’s just not much good in my future. 

Carnation: Then you should move back here once you graduate from school. You can stay here until you can get on your feet. 

Helios: You don’t have to do that Mrs. Fairyfloss. 

Carnation: I’m serious Helios. You only have one life, and if it would be better here then you shouldn’t let anything stop you. Mercury, Mel and I will all be here for you. 


I don’t know about you guys. But when PB is letting me down, Voltage is showering me with love. 😍😍😍

Chance Valentine: the cutest marshmallow of all the marshmallows. The one guy who doesn’t want to disappoint you. The one guy who gave you his heart and delivers his promises. Wooooh!!🙌🙌🙌

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If you don't mind, may I ask how you got good at drawing? I'm trying to lean how to draw digitally, buuuut it's becoming a bit of an uphill battle. Amazing artwork, by the way! I love it! :)

first of all, thank you! everything i’m gonna say on this post is rather personal, which means, that’s what works for me. 

While the obvious artist advise is very important (PRACTICE) i think what you practice is just as important.

Draw from life, dont shy away from it cause it’s not as interesting as what u have going in your head. You can make everything you draw interesting- people, environments, objects, movement. It’s about how you approach it. 

Listen, I’m not the type of person that fills hundreds of sketchbooks. Honestly, I wish I was, because I wouldve been much better by now if i had. but I’m more analytical: I look really closely at what I draw before I lay the line on the page (when drawing traditionally, that is. control+z really changes you). The most important thing is to LOOK. you have to spend just as much time looking as you do drawing- it’s a common mistake is to draw what you think you see.

Look at the general shape of a thing before starting to draw it. Get the general line of action (even some environments and objects have it!) and put it on the page, so you have somewhere to start from.

When drawing from your imagination, use a reference!

it’s not cheating.

As for digital art advice: Dont give up. it’s hard getting used to, i know it took me around 2 years to feel remotely comfortable to draw on my tablet (i’ve had it for almost 6 years now). Play around with the settings for pressure and tilt to see what suits you best- i still change it from time to time. Choose a program you’re most comfortable with- not necessarily what most artists use. clean lineart is usually what most artists struggle the most with- I suggest rotating your screen as you draw so you can draw comfortably. i usually make my sketch layer really light (around 10%-15%)- so i can see the lineart fair and well while i draw it=no surprises when you turn off your sketch layer.

hope it helped!

And what’s bothering me is that it doesn’t look like Matt’s behaviour is ever actually going to be addressed. Say what you will about Danny Rand, but he’s called out on his shit all the time. By everyone. Ridiculed and mistreated. Matt, on the other hand, goes about his life celebrated and treasured whatever he does. He all but abandoned the Castle case and didn’t even visit Foggy at the hospital when he was shot at, but now he’s family again to him. He pretty much cheated on Karen but she’s saying he deserves better than herself now. At most, he puts on a sad puppy face for half an hour and all’s forgotten. I don’t want my girl around this person, but they’re cb canon and I’m afraid they’re going to be show canon without any of his faults ever being dealt with. I’m afraid she’s just gonna take him back like nothing happened.

Thank you to everyone that played along today! =]

You have no idea how much fun it was seeing everyone interact and getting to know each of you better! Not to mention the fab fluff and smut that came out of it ;) I’m about to get sappy but y’all best just deal! 

I created my blog at a somewhat low point in my life. You guys are what gets me out of bed and makes me smile when I don’t want to. Your comments and messages make me feel like I’m not alone in this big wide world. Thank you for being part of my family and sticking around this crazy mess I call a blog ;) 

A million thank you’s will never be enough and I can’t express my love for each and every one of you. I’m tagging just a few but there are so many more to include in this list! 

xoxo -Cherry

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They chose this shot for the flashback and it’s one of my favorite Amira scenes. She looked so happy and contented, like that was the happiest moment of her short life and it was all thanks to a certain Afro and his promise of a better future together with her (“ Listen Amira, this time I’m gonna take you to a much better place than lousy ol’ Helheim…”) :’) Favaro remembers Amira in her best moment with her most radiant, most beautiful, purest smile. He still loves her and wonders if he did the right thing then after all those years. The OST for the flashback makes everything 10 times more meaningful and bittersweet ;;;;

I hope they give Favaro a chance to fulfill his words to Amira 10 and a half years later :)

I love the berry so much like you don’t understand, I don’t even know how to properly put it into words. He’s so sweet and kind and he sees the best in people. He’s smart but he doesn’t show it often for the sake of not making people feel dumb. He’s such a sweet s/o like, he wouldn’t force me to run or exercise with him, or to wake up early, but I still would. He makes me want to be a better person and to hate myself less. There are times where I literally want to die and the only thought that keeps me going is how would Berry feel if he knew you were saying this? Like, I love him so much it’s taken over my life. I read fanfics or rp or whatever, and every time there’s a fluff scene with the berry, my heart flutters just a bit. And that never happens with anyone ever. Same thing goes for like, seeing cute fanart of him. I actually cried over how cute he looked in a comic one like you don’t even know. There were actual tears and everything.  At one point, I was rping and when his soul cracked a bit, I felt a sting in my chest and I wanted to die, like. I want to give him the world. That’s what he deserves, but I can’t. And I hate myself for it. But him? He’s alright with that. He knows that I’m just trying my best and it’s hard sometimes. He helps as much as he can and tries to motivate and encourage. I don’t deserve that. He’s the greatest person ever and the fact that he could ever possibly love me the same way I love him… It seems impossible.

I wrote this before I had a mental breakdown a few days ago hahaha

Unpopular opinion (this is the last defenders post I SWEAR) *spoilers*

I actually love Danny Rand’s character

Don’t get me wrong, they definitely could have done more with the Iron Fist script to make him way less appropriatey and way more … appreciatey I guess, but … okay I’m not so great with words but hear me out.

Most of his life was spent in a monastery. Danny only knows what the monks taught him. What else would you expect when he just rejoins society out of nowhere? He has so much room for character development and I loooove character development. I think all that matters is that he uses his rich white privilege for good and understand what Luke was trying to say to him in defenders (that he has privilege!)

And as for him being white, Asian Danny rand would have told a completely differ story. Maybe better, maybe worse. But I think it’s important for this white guy to see the power he holds and why

He’s not a bad guy, at least not purposefully. He’s smol and naive and with help (and some better script writing) he can be seen as a much better character.

Now listen. It’s 1am and I don’t really know if this makes sense, or if I just sound like an asshole, I just know that like Danny. And I understand not everyone will like every character, and hey, there might be something I’m just not seeing. I’m just offering another perspective.

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Hi! I just wanted to let you know that yiur blog is great! Your so pretty and I adore your pink hair and aesthetic. Your cat is also very very adorable. Your Sims are so cute as well. I hope things get better for you. I also hope the very best for you in your life from the bottom of my heart. You put a smile in face and I wish you all the happiness! <3

this actually made me tear up omg i don’t even know what to say!! thank you so much bby!! what did i do to deserve the nicest anons in the world ;-;


He ended up attracting Isabella next.  If she couldn’t have the son she damn well was going to have the father, come hell or high water.

Andrei had to ponder whether or not this was bestiality.  

… it is WAYYY too late to contemplate this.

It turns out that Isabella, both a Shy sim and a Hopeless Romantic sim…

Opts for being shy when kissing a sim at the kissing booth.

Well isn’t that just cute af.  She pulls this shit about a kiss but will happily drop trou for…. you know what, never mind.

A shy peck on the lips later and…

They just exchanged this look.  xD

It is VERY much canon that Andrei doesn’t mix his work life with actual romance.  

A kiss at the kissing booth is all she gets.  xD  Bitch better show up for work.

Stop doing that.  :|

The Girl

Pairing: Dean x Reader
Word count: 360
Request: Anonymous. I’m not sure if you guys are doing this anymore, so I’m so very sorry if this is annoying, but if you have time could you do one shot based off of the song “the girl” by City and Color with Dean?

Dear Y/N,

You’re asleep right now, and I gotta go. I’m sitting here, with just a tiny bit of light to write by, and it spills over your peaceful form. Not a care in the world. You deserve so much better than I could ever give you. I wish I could give you the stars, the moon, oceans, and galaxies. You have given up so much for us. You’ll never get the apple pie life, family cookouts, or a big Christmas. You never know if I’m even gonna come home, and if I do, what shape I’ll be in.

While I’m off, driving around the country, saving people- know my heart remains with you. My thoughts drift to you in the quiet of the night while the light of the moon is all that’s there to light my world. My dreams are of the moment I hold you in my arms again.

When you cry over the state I’m in, I shatter a little more inside. You could walk out that door, find someone better, and never look back. If you did, I’d lose my one beacon in this world. I’d be a ship lost at sea, no map, no compass, and no way to shore. Adrift, just trying to survive. You’ve never asked me for anything- no jewelry, no cars, nothing flashy. Not that I could even give you those things. And that’s why, before I leave on every hunt, I sit and I watch you sleep. I write you something else to let you know what you mean to me.

I wish that I could give you the life you deserve. The wedding, the house, and the kids. Fuck, do I ever. You gave up your dreams just to lay by my side at night, to be the reason I don’t drink myself into darkness.

I have to go, sweetheart. Off to chase another monster, in another city, in another state. I’m leaving my heart with you once again. It’s yours for as long as you’ll take it. It’s all I can give you, so keep it safe.

I’ll come home soon. I promise.

I love you.


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A public announcement

I support people who are not cisgendered
I support people who are not heterosexual
I support the LGBT+ community
I support people of colour.

I do not support or condone harassment against those who believe they are better than others simply because they are these things.
You are no better than anyone else because of your sexuality, gender or race and this goes for everyone.

White people are no better than black people.
Black people are no better than white people.
Men are no better than women and women are no better than men.

We are all human, no matter who we love, no matter how much melanin is in our skin.

One race. One planet, we should be united instead of fighting and trying to cause pain to others. We are born unto this world to create, to make life better. Don’t waste this life.

Quick Update

I blinked and missed the 5,000 followers milestone! Thank you all so much for your wonderful questions and dialogues that keeps this blog running, as well as your immense patience and kindness that makes it all worth it! I couldn’t ask for a better blogging experience and I appreciate every last one of you. 

However, this does mean that the number of messages in my inbox has gotten to 70+! I do plan on addressing as many as I can and as quickly as I can manage them, and my inbox is always open. Because life can be busy and I like to try to provide every question with the most thorough answer I can, it may take some time before your question is answered if you have sent one! Again, I thank you all for your incredible patience, great attitudes, and amazing creativity. Keep up the great work you fabulous writers!

<3 Penemue


Happy Birthday, Misha! 🎂🎂🎂🎂🎂Thank you for your inspiring kindness, for sharing your good and your bitter moments. For making the world a better place on a daily basis. Thank you for introducing us to Queen Victoria! Thank you for sharing your life with your kids and inspiring other parents!
Happy Birthday! Have a wonderful day!

I also want to take this opportunity to greet my tumblr friends! It is so much fun to chat with you, you are amazing! Hugs and kisses!😗😗😗 Spread the love!
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It's also ridiculous when people make feminism into so much more than it really is. It's a want for equal opportunity between both genders, not making one better than the other or hating men (although I agree many men are quite repulsive) without reason. I'm a straight white guy, and I'm also proud to be a feminist because everyone deserves an equal chance in life.

Thank you!
It’s not about hating men, It’s about wanting equality between genders.

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Prompt: This may be too detailed to be a prompt and might just count as a shared idea instead. Sterek, established relationship, domestic. Everything is good for Stiles and Derek. Life is happy and without drama/trauma. But Derek is obviously upset/worried about something and Stiles can't figure out why. Derek won't talk about it and when something unexpectedly good happens, he gets more upset instead of less. Finally Stiles gets Derek to open up and admit that (1 of 2)

Derek admits that in his life whenever he has been happy, it has been followed by tragedy and he is just waiting for something awful to happen. His current life is so good and he is so happy that the disaster coming much be HUGE. Stiles understands but tells him that they have had their full lives’ quota of awful and can be happy. You can’t have a rainbow without rain, but sun on a clear day is even better. *hugs*

Oh this is just heartbreaking and lovely all at once! I’m glad you shared this idea! It made my heart happy!

HAAAAAAPPY BIRTHDAY, CHLOE! @gorillaz-imagines
Thank you for being such an incredible friend! Thank you for all the moments, the jokes and art.
You make my life so much happy with your funny personality, I always feel better talking to you. One day, we are going to meet (You, Andrea and me), it’s a promess! I’m already saving money for that 😋 and you guys can’t stop me! Hug you and Andrea is my motivation and goal!
Sorry for not be the best with words, but the thing is: I love you guys with all my heart 💙