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Just as a reminder, on this blog I am going to ignore any controversy regarding statements or opinions that JonTron has made unless if it’s REALLY bad, or if someone questions me about it (in a reasonable manner of course). People are people with different opinions on certain aspects and we need to respect that. People are people, and in politics and life in general, rarely is an issue ever black or white.

Alright back to the shitposts

“Damn,” You hear your wife say from the couch. “We haven’t got any pink nail polish.” You smile at her from the doorway. “Is it really that important that your paint your nails pink?” “Yes, it is a matter of life and death.” She says, only partially joking. “Alright, I give in.” You sigh, and hold up the universal sign for ‘one minute’ and head into the attic where you grab a box and come back down.
“Bring nail polish?” “No,” You say, setting the box down. “But I do have a mess of sharpies here.” Her curiosity turns into a smile, and you help her do her nails the way you often did when you were younger, until they’re a nice shade of pink.

May 28

When God has you and holds you, He wants all of you. Every piece. Your heart, your mind, your muscles. Nothing else has a place. Your past has no place here! Your labels have no place here! Your insecurities have no place here! Your identity is in the One who is jealous for you and wants to be your everything, especially because He knows He is the only one who can bring purpose to those parts you give to Him. All that other stuff? Just weighs you down. Doesn’t give you any life. He is everything.


@muddyguts said:  if you’re still doing the character thing could I ask for super punk jirou maybe;;;

what you said: punk

what my boring ass heard: undercut

also this one is better:

(Momo complimented her outfit and she’s dying)

gotta admit, 2016 is a pretty shit year. shit is probably an understatement, more like disaster. but then, lena luthor/supercorp just swooped in and single-handedly save my year. THANK YOU BABY BOO.

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Meant To Be

Some of you probably saw my random ranting about wanting to go back in time. Well I have great news… An update!
It’s proved—Everything happens for a reason.
It might hurt right now, but it will all be worth it.

I think that I had to go through what I went through because that was the only way for me to finally make the decision I’ve always wanted to make, but couldn’t because I’d chicken out due to fear, loneliness, and unsureness.

So that day happened. Oh it was such a horrible horrible incident… Right after, usually I’d try to fix it. But this time, many things happened one after another, and it was impossible for me to even get to it, as if something was keeping me away from it. Once I had the chance to finally fix it, it changed and was no longer attractive nor beneficial to me.

Finally I was able to realize and move on.
Finally I was able to actually stick to the decision I’ve always wanted to make.

Yeah I wish things could’ve been dealt better, but this was the only way for me. Or else I’d go back. I had to be pushed this far and had to be hurt this much to finally move on, and let me tell you…. I feel relieved.
I feel like I can finally breathe again.
I feel like I’m finally free.
I feel like I can finally enjoy life again.

Everything happens for a reason.
It may suck but it’s gonna be alright.
It may take time, but it’s gonna get better. We all make mistakes and what’s important is for us to learn and move on.

Every now and then, things end.
But to every ending, there’s a new beginning.

Don’t let time control you—don’t dwell on the past. Time is just a matter, what you do is what counts. Make. It. Count.

As long as you keep fighting for your happiness, you will be able to find it one day soon. When you find that happiness within you, you will look back at the things you regret and finally be able to say, “It was meant to be.”

One time in class this girl asked ‘what’s fanfiction?’ and me, being the fanfiction expert I am decided to speak up. 'Read the hat fic. Then you’ll understand’ I said.

And that was how I managed to make my enTIRE FUCKING CLASS read the hat fic. I don’t think they see me as the 'sweet innocent smart one’ anymore.

An Honest God

Hi again! Man I should avoid homework more often! Don’t worry,  I’m a bit ahead right now so I can take a break.

For those who haven’t notice or don’t own the Art of the Book of Life, Xibalba’s mouth changes depending on his emotions.

For example: when Xibalba is being sneaky or evil, he has pointed teeth:

When he is honest or nervous, he has square teeth:

And when he is charming, which is actually most of the time, he has no teeth/ slick mouth

I picked the best shots didn’t I? especially the last one! For this analysis, I will be looking at Xibalba’s and La Muerte’s conversation before making the wager.

When we first hear them talking up close, Xibalba complains about ruling a wasteland while La Muerte rules an endless fiesta, finding it not fair, being honest with himself.

He later begs her honestly to trade lands.

While he angrily admits that he hates the Land of the Forgotten, he is also being honest.

Here, he is reacting to La Muerte’s accusation of cheating first he is honest, feeling guilty then tries to turn on the charm:

When Xibalba comes up with the wager, he first acts nervous and a bit desperate but then comes up the idea of another wager he puts on the charming face:

However, at the end we can see some of the square teeth, showing that he is not all that confident in this plan.

So while Xibalba is sneaky with a snake up his sleeve, he is also an honest god when you look hard enough.

Also the animators deserve a large round of applause for animating this big guy so fluidly especially his mouth.

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