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“Our culture will go vegan, transform, and flourish, or it will continue brutalizing animals, humans, and the earth to its self destruction. We are not the only species on this planet, and we cannot continue to usurp the wisdom of the web of life here.”
— Will Tuttle
Photographed by Hof Butenland Farm Sanctuary. (Don’t delete caption)


There’s one thing, okay, that’s happening here, and that’s we all love each other. Okay? Us. Us, this! Caleb, you love Benicio, right? And Karen, you love Billy, and Freckle, you love me, and you also love Benicio, and Benicio also loves me and then it goes on and on like this. Do you guys see what I’m getting at?

The Gay And Wondrous Life Of Caleb Gallo dir. Brian Jordan Alvarez

Why we perceive people who can draw as Gods?

BECAUSE THEY HAVE THE POWER TO DO AND CREATE AT THEIR WILL. Some of them are nice Gods who will hear our prayers. Others, will be punishing Gods who will make us suffer. Some others are like Zeus and all they do is porn stuff…

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Web Stuff

Week Ending July 17th, 2017

  1. 17776 +2
  2. The Adventure Zone +5
  3. Jacksepticeye −1
  4. Daniel Howell −3
  5. Camp Camp +1
  6. AmazingPhil −1
  7. RWBY −3
  8. Critical Role +2
  9. Homestuck −1
  10. Markiplier −1
  11. Thomas Sanders +5
  12. The Gay and Wondrous Life of Caleb Gallo
  13. Eddsworld −2
  14. Game Grumps −1
  15. Anthony Padilla −3
  16. LeafyIsHere
  17. Achievement Hunter −3
  18. The Dolan Twins −1
  19. Cow Chop +1
  20. CrankGameplays −2

The number in italics indicates how many spots a name or title moved up or down from the previous week. The ones in bold weren’t on the list last week.

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