life was simpler

Standing in the doorway of the smith’s workshop, Asharri leaned her weight against the frame with her arms crossed over her chest. As she waited for the man to emerge with a list of supplies he needed to continue his work, she found herself watching the locals going about their daily routines with a simple nod given to any that happened to meet her gaze in passing. Trying not to acknowledge the appeal of a simpler life just as she had always done, Asharri found herself thinking more on pressing matters.

In between her dealings with the Wayward Collective and finishing up her contract of service to Magistrix Brightfall, she found herself spending a little more time on her own assisting Laiyla with her recovery. While the blood knight was still dead-set on her refusal of artificial limb reattachment of goblin-made origins, Asharri did what she could to keep woman occupied while pushing to return to duty in any way that she could. Even if it was only to return to a life of desk duty and menial training regiments. 

A faint clicking sound brought Asharri back from her thoughts and she immediately looked back into the sunlit workshop as the smith approached from another doorway that led into his cozy home. Keeping her weight against the door frame, she patiently waited for the man to bring her the list she had come to collect all the while keeping her gaze locked upon his impressive physique. Looking away proved difficult when it came to Keth’Aelsar who seemed to always lack a shirt in her presence; intentional or not.

“This should do it,” Keth’Aelsar held out the list as he came to stop in front of the smaller woman. “Or is there anything else I can do for you?”

Catching his suggestive tone all too quickly, Asharri felt her cheeks burn and grabbed the list from his hand fast as lightning. Looking it over, she responded shortly and shook her head, “No. This will do it. I will get this to Tovs right away.”

Grinning down at her, Keth’Aelsar pressed a hand against the frame of the doorway right above her head and responded, “I don’t know Ash, the color on your cheeks says otherwise.”

Folding the list in half, Asharri pocketed it and dared to meet his gaze. For a few passing moments she was silent as she worked within herself to resist him. Dealing with the blacksmith was becoming a little more difficult each time and she hated to admit it. In fact, she likely would never admit it. Business was business after all. 

“It’s just a little warm in here,” she replied confidently. “I don’t see how you can stand the heat.”

With a slow shrug, Keth’Aelsar smiled softly and looked back into the workshop for a moment, “I find that it helps to remove my shirt from time to time.” Feeling a little too bold, the smith returned his attention to Asharri and winked, “I wouldn’t be offended in the slightest if you wished to do the same.”

Stiffening up, Asharri could barely believe his confidence this afternoon. It was unlike most others. Perhaps he was becoming a little too comfortable working alongside her a little too quickly. Whatever it was, it seemed to catch her slightly off-guard, even if deep down she rather enjoyed it. 

“I will be taking my leave now, Keth.” Asharri answered, her voice quivering a bit. Slipping under his arm quickly and out into the sunlight, she inclined her head in a professional manner and started off as swiftly as she could. No telling what she would do had she given herself time to consider his suggestion. “A crew will arrive tomorrow morning to pick up the shipment. Farewell.”

With a soft huff, Keth’Aelsar ran a hand through his dark hair and called out after her with a knowing grin, “I hate seeing you go, Ash. Can’t say I do not enjoy watching you leave though!”

In that moment, the smith gained all the satisfaction he needed out of that in watching the tiny woman’s ears droop dramatically as she sauntered off. Sooner or later, she would give in. That was all the hope he needed. 

Bc I woke up smiling and didn’t question it.. Life is good and I’ve finally realized the importance of the spontaneity that comes along with simply listening to your body. Our mind tends to analyze and complicate, but our bodies are accompanied with drive and instinct and life has never been simpler for me.. Good morning beautiful people😚 (at Sedona- Houndmouth)

Seriously we have to abolish gender (which is a social construction and changes depending on culture/society e.g. pink was a masculine color and light blue was a feminine color until XX century).Transgender people wouldn’t be happier and freer in a world were their is no gender? their lives wouldn’t be simpler? In fact wouldn’t everybody’s life’s be simpler? In a world were our actions/aptitude/aesthetic wouldn’t be seen as feminine/masculine instead they were seen just as actions/aptitude/aesthetic and nothing else. A place where people just can do whatever the fuck they want to do (cry, wear a dress, be aggressive, short hair, long hair, pants, no makeup, high heels, be emotional, be assertive) and noone is going to relate that with their sex or expect something from them because of that. Please someone explain me what’s the big problem with that.

[ The8 ] Interruptions

type : oneshot
tags & stuff : just cute mindless fluff c:

It was a known fact that your life would be a lot simpler if you weren’t in love with a boy in a thirteen membered group. Times spent alone together were just about as common as the boys doing their own laundry, which ―like the it sounds― is not very common. 

 So you treasured the days like today, where time alone was not necessarily guaranteed but time together was, and truthfully, that was all you needed. 

 A content sigh escapes your lips, finger gently pressing into the door bell as you tap your foot nervously. Almost immediately it’s answered, the sight of your boyfriend’s smiling face enough to ease the nerves right out of your furiously beating heart. 

 "Hi,“ he smiles, shy and boyish in every way that Minghao was. 


 You reach forwards on your tippy toes to lean in for a kiss on the cheek, pl― 

”_____!“ You jump from your spot, eyes wide at the new voice.

"Ah, Coups oppa,” you blush, embarrassed at the possibility of anyone catching the two of you being so… intimate. “Hello!" 

From your peripheral vision you can see Minghao rub the nape of his neck, ears absolutely flushed as you try to hold back a giggle. 

God, you really missed him. 



The boy’s ears perk up, shuffling towards the kitchen where you stood. 

Jagi? What’s up?" 

Your eyes meet his, nudging your head upwards as you juggle the multiple plates in your hands. "Can you just,” you hitch the plates higher up your arm, “get me the bowl at the top, please?" 

He smiles, "Sure." 

Standing on his tippy toes, he reaches for the highest shelf, effortlessly reaching for bowl. Your eyes light up. Placing the plates on the counter, you reach your hands out. 

"Thanks babe!" 

Just as your hands graze the bowls, he pulls back, eyes teasing as he does so. "Can’t I get a kiss for a reward?" 

"Minghao, your members are just in the living room!" 

"Oh c'mon,” he pouts, “you haven’t kissed me at all the entire time you’ve been here.”   

It takes all your willpower not to melt just there, your hands folded by your chest in an attempt to just restrain yourself. He’s everything cuteness would be if it were a person, cheeks puffed out as his pout remains static on his face. 

Groaning in embarrassment, you lean forward, but the moment your lips are placed against his it’s like all hesitation you once had is thrown out the window. His lips are addictive― much more addictive than you’ve last remembered them to be and god, you’d be a liar if you said that they didn’t feel so good. The kiss is light, and gentle, and everything that Minghao is in his being but there’s a neediness in it that sends shivers down your spine, much different to what you’re used to from the patient boy. 

Before you know it you’re no longer standing on the counter, sat dangerously on the edge of the kitchen counter as his hand holds you carefully between him and the shelf behind you. And it’s soft. But it’s needy. Your head spun in circles as you try your hardest not to just melt because wow, when has he ever kissed you like this? His hands are on your cheek, your arms wrapped around his neck as you struggle to even catch a br― 

“Woah, what smells so goo―" 

You stop. 

Holy crap. 

The maknae’s face drops in realization of what he’s just seen, eyes going shut the moment he comprehends the situation. 

“I didn’t see anything!" 

Blushing, you hop off the kitchen counter, pulling the edges of your sweater down nervously. "Y-you should go talk to him…" 

The hammering in your chest rings through your ears, only speeding up when you can see Minghao’s face equally as flushed as yours. 

"Y-yeah, uh, I will." 

He turns to walk out of the kitchen before you grab him one last time, pecking his cheek quickly before smiling. 

Life might be chaotic with twelve other boys to look after though truthfully, you wouldn’t have it any other way.

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